Baal – Metamorph EP

Baal – Metamorph EP

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Artist: Baal
Title: Metamorph EP
Cat No: M-AUT 002-1
Format: 12″ / Download

The ambivalent, Hebrew word “BAAL” is a hint to the spiritual background of the two Munich artists Matthias Dräxler and Matthias Schüll. The direct translation of “BAAL” is “Lord”. The term is used to address God in the Bible but can also refer to false gods or demons. It is up to the listener whether they want to focus on the dark power of the devil or the epic glory of God in the music of BAAL.

Their first EP “METAMORPH” on Musica Autonomica is named after metamorphic rocks, which arise from the transformation of existing rock types in a process called metamorphism, literally “change in form”. The choice of name refers to the artists’ drastic self-transformation regarding their style of music under huge psychological pressure. The EP demonstrates the dualism of this new synthesis: The first track “GENESIS” describes the creation of a new artistic entity and a new universe of sound, while “JERICHO” shows the extent of the force and will required to break established mind structures and destroy the existing in order to make new creation possible.

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