Various Artists – Glücklich

Various Artists – Glücklich
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Title: Glücklich
Cat No: CPT 004-1
Format: LP

“Glücklich” (means: happy or lucky) with the brazilian-fusion-grooves of good old german jazzmusicians like Klaus Doldinger (the original LP fetch up to 90 Pound/Sterling in England), singer Kitty Winter (the Stuttgart-based singer is very popular in every progressive dancefloor jazz-club around the world), Rainer Pusch or John Thomas. They all gained worldwide reputation as brilliant jazzmusicians. The perfect adaptation of elegant and uplifting brazil-jazz was nuthin’ but “state of the art” for every passionate jazzmusician in Europe, especially in Germany, for example on MPS-Records in the Black Forest. A few tracks are sheer classics in Londons clubsscene as well as in Brasil. Others are rare tracks from obscure bands like The Real Ax Band, which are a typical, free & easy going hippie-community-combo from the seventies, involved in the German Kraut Rock Scene. They are the founders of the legendary “Umsonst & Draußen”-festivals (means: free entry open air) and they are an example of open minded, experimental musicians fusing folk, rock and jazz. The reason why Brazil-Jazz is growin´and growin’ in the modern dancecircles is because this music is the perfect fusion of afro-orientated styles, folk, singer-songwriter-pop with political messages and most important timeless American jazz. All these ingredients are the key-elements of a howler or hybrid called acid jazz, they are quiet more subtle than funk.

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