V.A. – Lytic Cocktail

V.A. – Lytic Cocktail
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Title: Lytic Cocktail
Cat No: CPT 025-1
Format: 3 LP

„Lytic Cocktail“ is a medical term for an anti-amphetamine-blocker! It is an individual special-mixed cocktail for people, who got acute problems with drugs, pain, ache, grieves, techno, boring dope-beats or illnatured things like the whole raving society! „Lytic Cocktail makes you soft, mo cool and clear! Ask Dr. Octagon or Dr. Rockit!

A Forest Mighty Black: From Freiburg in the Black Forest. Members are Bernd Kunz, Rainer Trüby and singer Kitty K. Their three 12“-inch-singles got massive props from all around the globe! A.F.M.B. are a live band as well – with Fender Rhodes, horns, drums, bass, computers and of course Kitty K’s lovely vocals! One of their band-highlights was their appearance at the Phönix Festival, England 1995. Blues’n Soul: „Their infectious blend of jazz, Brazilian and other illicit grooves are inevitable“ James Lavelle in Straight No Chaser.“True klub rockin’ pressure!“ Vibe-Magazine: „The best release to date from Munich’d finest preserves their fascination with all this Latin but ditches the retro cultural piracy in favour of creating something that’s purely contemporary.“ They have just finished their remixes for the international „Friends From Rio“-Project on Far Out Recordings.

M.C.D.: Mad Club Disease! Project by multi-instrument-player Jonas D. Wagner from Hamburg. Frontpage Magazine compared this single to the freestyle-sound of Carl Craig. Electronic-Percussion-Brazil-House-Trip or what?

Beanfield: Studioproject from Compost studio-mastermind Jan Krause und Compost A&R Michael Reinboth. This is a special downbeat-remix of „Charles“ by Jan Krause! Jazid Magazine (UK): “Maybe you hear influences from Eno, Massive, MoWax or Moby, but you should better take this as one beautiful groovy-dreaming sexmachine!“ Straight No Chaser (UK): „Compost crop up on occasions – your man Reinboth and Jan Krause (the pair aka Beanfield) were responsible for the legendary and incredible rare „Red Bull“ Remix of MC Solaar’s „Nouveau Western“ and this summer Compost looks all set to capitalise on their lead with a heap of tracks“. Watch out for new beans with Patrick Pulsinger and Turntable Terranova remixes!

Four Ears: Frontpage 6/96: „Hidden behind „Four Ears“ you discover a DJ from Berlin, Bym, who has been there from the beginning, and the sound specialist Curt Nolte. You can hear the pleasure they have working together on every track of the double-vinyl. TripHop and Drum&Bass tracks which seem to have no ancestors, they rather go there way unconcerned. Too many elements to discibe in here, but in every case „Four Ears“ is one of this years’ most important releases from the german Freestyle Underground. An extremly cool and important record.“ (Bleed)

Fauna Flash: This name rules! Flashlight project from Christian Prommer and Roland Appel. Inteligent drum & bass & triphop outfit from Munich. They are a fantastic and energetic analogue-computer live-act, too. Richard Dorfmeister reviewed this 12“inch in Style & The Family Tunes Magazine: „…best drum & bass outfit outside of the inside UK-scene!“

Turntable Terranova: Berlins famous Djs Fetisch & Kaos (international popular grafity-writer and designer) are forerunners for new soundcapes, scores and abstract electro-headz-stuff! Muzik (UK) wrote: „…..sheer, metallic, futuristic side of electro and jungle lending it an alien, almost industrial edge which is as frightening as it is devastating. Breaks from the far side of Mars.“

Blimp: Cult track on many floors. Project from Sebastian Niessen – first class intelligent analogue-producer. Worked as sound-engineer for about 20 years. Moved to N.Y.C. in 1984 to work in computer graphics and film-soundtracks (Coen Brothers „Arizona Junior“ /“Barton Fink“). Currently living in Munich. Working as instrument designer and synth consultant for some very established acts from Düsseldorf and elsewhere. Member of Global Electronic NetWerk (G.E.N. – on Mille Plateau). Frequent live gigs with Air Liquide, Khan, Walker.

Knowtoryus: Moody dope beats for hanging around-stoned MCs. Music for Red Light District Clubs! This is one out of two Kruder & Dorfmeister Session-Mixes for this dope and dangerous Knowtoryus-track! Jazid (UK): „K&D get more than a look in on the track and deliver the goods in the form of a bizarre and bassy chant-along!“ Urb-Magazine USA on this: „Dope On Plastic!“ Knowtoryus are an US-Rap-Cru, currently living large around Nürnberg!

Fon-Kin: The Bavarian Forest are alive with the sound of the head-phonk! Quoted under the „top ten singles of the year“ in Blues & Soul’s Dance Jazz-Selection. Fon-Kin are a project from Stefan Baumgarter, Harald Zankl and Robert Vogt. Under the style of M.O.V.E. Production they are producing HipHop (Black Knowledge appears on Soulciety and Mad-Fam’lee appears on Groove Attack). Muzik (UK): „Germany’s answer to MoWax, Munich’s Compost label, is developing into the finest continental bastion of future jazz. A Monty Alexander cover, Fon-Kin own mixes take the track down to a Latino Ballroom, then off to a psychedelic acid jazz shack, while Fauna Flash tweak it to triphop perfection with mutant feedback and shuffled melodies.“

Taran: Taran works, rave and chills in Kiev, the Ukraine capitol. 1986 graduated from the Kiev Art School as a multimedia-specialist, multi-instrument-player and designer. He plays several gigs with Elliot Sharp. 1988 he joined the Ukranian Academy Of Art! 1992 he was co-producing for the German cult label „What’s So Funny About…“ the first CD-sampler of underground-experimental Ukrainian bands. Since then he is roaming through the multimedia-jungle in Kiev, Warsaw and Odessa. 1995 he co-directed the first Ukranian big rave (Torba Sound). 1996 he signed to Compost. His music is best describable as „eclectic eastern europe soul“, or „lo-fi-tech-ambient-jazz“ with distinctive melancholic feeling in it. His first album on Compost „Mod And Midi And Spaceage“ is out in September ‘96.

Moodorama: Previously unreleased! Brand new signing for Compost! Mastermind behind this anthemic but strange mixture of classical sounds, strings and illicit funky drummer-groove is Martin Sennebogen. He is one of the best German HipHop-DJs (Bavarian Champion) and of course turntable-wizzard of rap-outfit Knowtoryus. This track will be out later this year with stunning vocals and totally different mixes!

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