V.A. – I Like It Vol. 2

V.A. – I Like It Vol. 2
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I Like it! The second chapter in good music is now on the schedule. After the "first charming and exciting walk through the history of music" (Loop) the next four celebrities and music-connoisseurs open their record collection to present 3 of their most beloved tracks. "Remember how your older brother introduced you to the greatest hits of his record collection? Now imagine your older brother being Richard Dorfmeister or Trevor Jackson – Exactly this is happening here" (De:Bug).

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Artist: V.A.
Title: I Like It – Vol. 2
Cat No: CPT 180-1
Format: 3 LP

Again you will find the creme de la creme of 30 years of music, ranging from Indie, Soul, Hip Hop, Ambient, Electro, Jazz to New Wave and Punk – but this time from a different point of view.
Bound together by their commitment in music you will find international known VIP’s next to not yet as famous DJ’s and record collectors giving away the highlights of their personal selection – a very intimate thing indeed – music soaked in heart and soul with goose bumps guaranteed.
Far from being just another Dj-Mix-Compilation the second Volume of “I Like It” continues the concept of the previous release, giving each artist complete freedom to do whatever he likes with his three tracks.
Since favourite songs are probably one of the most intimate things at all, we will again acquaint you with our new selectors by asking them to fill out the following questionnaire. Like with the first “I Like It”, the questionnaire will also be punched on four cards (one card per selector), which will be enclosed in every CD and LP. Another step closer to the completion of your rockin’ pack of cards.

The well known Trevor Jackson is the first of the four music lovers presenting their precious on “I Like it Vol. 2”. Since years he is taking care of quality music with his own record label Output Records, home of groups like The Rapture, Mu or Lopazz and his famous Playgroup or Underdog projects. Also a gifted graphic designer and created masterpieces like the artwork of the last Soulwax album.
Next you will find the three beloved songs from Berlin based remixer, label owner (~Scape), musician, DJ, mastering engineer (basic channel), promoter, studio owner and producer Stefan Betke aka Pole, known for his dubby releases (Mute, ~scape).
The next triplet of songs are the secret treasures in the collection of one of the most famous Austrian musicians: Richard Dorfmeister – no need to say more.
The final tracks are selected by Trickski (Compost, Sonar Kollektiv, Cabinet), the upcoming DJ-team from Berlin known for their groovy and innovative tracks (“Hormony” on Compost or “SUNSHINE FU*K” on Sonar Kollektiv), remixes (check out their great remix for Alex Attias presents Mustang “10.000 Leagues Deeper” on Compost) and their crazy never-ending sets.
If you find better music for a better price anywhere– buy it…..

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