V.A. – I Like It Vol. 1

V.A. – I Like It Vol. 1
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Artist: V.A.
Title: I Like It – Vol. 1
Cat No: CPT 145-1
Format: 4-LP

I Like It! Good for you. But who is ‘I’, and what the **** is ‘It’? Basically the idea is easy peasy: All ‘4’ love music, but not all music. Namely only music that is worthy of their love. ‘4’ are celebrities and music-connoisseurs not only known to us because of their inimitable characters, but primarily due to their excellent taste of music! These ‘4’ now use ‘I Like It’ to show people what time it is. ‘Cause it’s time to give it all up for good music, no matter what… style! And they like it. Oh yes, they do! They like the cream of the crop, the pick of the bunch ranging from Indie Soul, Hip Hop, Ambient, Electro, Jazz to New Wave and Punk.
With every additional volume of ‘I Like It’, 4 new celebrities come together only to give away their 4 favourite favourites. All in all sixteen tracks detached from zeitgeist, genre or the feeling having to please the listener carve out their own place on these compilations. This is music made from sweat, tears and heart’s blood. Music that doesn’t necessarily have to kick, but may. The very pieces of music that cause goosebumps, make you reminisce about the old times or allude to the new. And this is neither a ‘headz-thing’, nor some kind of stylewar. It is simply music for head, booody and heart, compiled by 4 people that mean something to us.
Honestly, it is not our intention to invalidate DJ-mix-compilations, but we do admit to have become rather fed up with them, and thus we originated our 4×4-concept. This means we chose to do without a fixed steady pace and the typical bridging of time gaps. All 4 selectors are open to choose whether they want to present their 4 favourite tracks separated from another or ‘in the mix’.
And keep your eyes open for upcoming selectors alongside our 4 pioneers on Vol.1, because we united personalities from all different kinds of scenes (fashion, art etc), in order to give a broad spectrum of experts the possibility to promote their alltime favourites. International VIPs may have to share their place on the album with relatively unknown music-connoisseurs, fore there is too much musical expertise and good taste out there that has to be kept alive. We cannot allow pure namedropping to hinder us from preserving such great love for music! In addition, certain rare titels can now be licensed and re-released by these more unknown artists. Under normal circumstances they would probably not have found a label for this cause, since their names might just not sound famous enough. With ‘I Like It’ we now give disregarded pieces of music the publicity they deserve!
Favourite songs are probably one of the most intimate things at all, thus we decided to acquaint you with our selectors at first by asking them to fill out the following questionnaire. And by the way, the questionnaire will be punched on four cards (one card per selector), which will be enclosed in every CD and LP, in order to give you the opportunity, after having collected a few volumes of ‘I Like It’, to play a coldsweatin’ round of cards!
Our 4 openers on Vol.1 are DJ Hell, the famous gigolo from Munich, austrian wonderboy Peter Kruder, recordguru Michael Reinboth (who, by the way, is an old time friend of DJ Hell, with whom he started off Djing in Munich’s Grössenwahn as one of the first to play techno and house!) and Theo Thönnessen, who is part of the ‘Into Somethin’-DJ-Team and owner of the homonymous recordstore.

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