V.A. – Future Sound Of jazz Vol. 6

V.A. – Future Sound Of jazz Vol. 6
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Title: Future Sound Of jazz Vol. 6
Cat No: CPT 060-1
Format: 3 LP

Alex Attias was a member of the defunct Bel Air Project, whose „Jazz With Attitude“-10inch provided one of the best club moments in 1997. Currently he is working under three different pseudonyms: Beatless, Mustang and Catalyst (for Future Talk Rec., France). Moreover his activities as a DJ lead him all over the world and keep him busy all the time. Just take a look at his excellent remixes for 4 Hero, Francisco Aguabella for Ubiquity and all the other stuff under his monikers on labels such as Sirkus, Future Talk, Sonar Kollektiv. This exclusive Midtempo club track continues his profile as one of the best underground producers for pushing the boundaries of club-music and Jazz.

Victor Simonelli
Victor Simonelli’s name is synonymous with the cutting edge of the US Garage and House music scene. Simonelli – along with the likes of Tony Humphries, Masters At Work, Frankie Knuckles and Francois Kervorkian- is one of New York’s finest and most prolific DJs. He used to be one of the early pioneers of the unique NYC underground dance music movement that has now become a phenomenon in its own right and religiously followed by the clubbing generation all over the world. His functions of a producer / re-mixer, song writer, record label owner and highly sought after DJ are just four facets of this multi-talented young man. His discography of production, writing, mixing, remixing and editing credits reads like a “Who’s Who”! (Arthur Baker, Robert Owens, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Bobby Konders, Bowie, Gwen Guthrie, Laurent Garnier, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Chaka Khan and 100 of others…….!)
Victor has spent his entire life committed and devoted to music, making his own inimitable contribution in DJing, production, mixing and song-writing. It is his unique sound of uplifting and spiritual music that has propelled him to the forefront of the Garage and House scene of the 90ies and acknowledged him with the credit of being one of the scene’s leading exponents. This track is a club monster! Play it ‘til the end and you’ll hear the grass growing = the madness of batucada!

Christian Zimmermann
The Asian vibe! This track “Diary Of A Lost Girl” is already on many play-lists. Christian Zimmermann had two tracks on “DIY Serve Chilled”-Vol. 1 and 2 called “Cookoo’s Nest” and “Glade” under the name of Men Of Harlick. Christian also had one track on Different Drummer’s compilation “Son Of Bastard Tracks” by the alter ego Lomax, the track is called “Atlantis”. Any other information about him is hard to get! He’s mysterious! Like a “Diary of A Lost Boy”. All we know is that he’s from England and not Robert Zimmermann!

Wai-Chi is Raoul Walton. Raoul is straight from the Compost family out of Munich! He was born in New York, Manhattan, and played with everybody in the Jazz and Fusion scene over there in the mid-Eighties. Just to mention a few: Michael Urbaniak, Sam Rivers, Dom Um Romao and Kenny Kirkland. In fact – for 20 years now – Raoul has been working as a well-trained and full- professional bass-player from e-bass, slap to setar. Not only in the Jazz field has he recorded dozens of sessions and live-gigs with Doug Wimbish, Keith Le Blanc (Fats Comet Cru, Sugarhill Gang) and others. During the last two years he spent some time in Munich, doing Jazz and Freejazz sessions, recording and playing both studio and live-gigs with Fauna Flash. You can also hear his style on some Trüby Trio tracks. Wai-Chi is his solo-project and maybe you will hear more Wai-Chi tunes on Compost soon! This track is four years old, a very rare 12inch (only 300 copies made), but too good to leave it that way! Gilles Peterson played it several times on his radio show! Wai-Chi teamed up with Rude Teen, a true and talented HipHop-DJ and producer from Munich, who runs the label Pigeon.

United Future Organization
The cosmopolitan artist-collective U.F.O. with the headquarters in Tokyo has always been working with open ears and an open mind. For U.F.O. Jazz is the meaning of life, a philosophical orientation and a method to express their thoughts. U.F.O.’s “The Planet Plan” is a killer-crime-track , a melodic and playful version of the “Mission Impossible”-theme. This special dub version by the Paris Yellow Productions guys has never been released before. When we were listening to it half year ago we thought “wow” – why has this great track never come out? Maybe it was one of those moments, when the producers were ahead of there time. This track perfectly fits with the recent stuff by King Britt, Soul Dharma, Scuba, Jazzanova. Strong cool and calm beats-working thang.

Fauna Flash
Fauna Flash are Christian Prommer and Roland Appel. Both have played drums in different band projects. In 1992 they started doing live drum sets to house and tribal music at raves and in clubs. From 1994 on they started gathering studio experience. Together with Rainer Trüby they formed the Compost project Trüby Trio. Roland and Christian’s tracks have always been influenced by jazz, boogie and 80s-fusion. Although they are specialised on Drum & Bass with futuristic beats and loops, you can still hear where their roots are. Since their first release on Compost in 1995 Fauna Flash have become the first German drum & bass outfit to get props from the Metalheadz posse like Grooverider and Fabio, who played their dubs on their BBC 1 radio show „One In The Jungle“! Brian G and Roni Size dropped this track as the “best drum & bass track made outside UK”. Peshay picked up “At The Movies” for a release on his own label Elements, but – to tell the story shortly: it was another dark side of the business, the label was dropped, because Peshay was in trouble with his own things (MoWax et cetera) and Elements dissolved. Nevertheless here it is – one of the best tunes by Fauna Flash. If you like you can regularly listen to the Fauna Flash radio show every Thursday on Evosonic radio (all over Europe on cable radio).

Restless Soul
Restless Soul is restless Phil Asher, full time DJ, producer, remixer, label-runner and next to Gilles Peteson, Patrick Forge, Dr. Bob Jones and Norman Jay one of the true soulful London guys straight from the beginning. If you take a look at the list of labels he is working for or is co-running, you might get more information about this charming man: People Records, Estereo, Soletronic Records, DIY or Chilli Funk. Busy mate! He made his first record eight years ago, his latest remixes were for Ubiquity and Talking Loud. “The Son Of Ra Ra” is a quirky tasteful tune, a Latin tinged housy ride.

Earthbound is a Zürich-based producer & DJ-team consisting of former Natural High Productions-members Alex Gustafson and Alex Dallas. As Natural High Productions with their former partner Robi Insinna Dallas and Gustafson released a 12inch called “Timebomb” on Compost Records, as well as a remix of Fauna Flash’s „Kiss“. They run the open-minded “nu*stepz”- and “pure pressure”-club nights in Zurich. Over the last years you could find legends like Peshay, 4Hero, Roni Size, Photek, James Lavelle, Gilles Peterson, Attica Blues, Psychonauts, Rainer Trüby, Jazzanova, Kruder&Dorfmeister, Doc Scott, LTJ Bukem, Ninja Tune, DJ Cam and many others on their guest-lists. After the split with Robbi Insinna they started their own Straight Ahead-label for open minded music lovers. A co-operation with Compost is in the pipeline! Trying to push the boundaries between abstract beats, HipHop, Techno, Jazz and Drum & Bass, and to represent the Swiss-Beat-Movement, they have just released a fine compilation called “One Step Ahead” with tracks by themselves, Attica Blues, Hidden Agenda, Tosca and others. Maybe you’ll know their “Reggie’s Escape” from FSOJ Vol.5. “I See The Sun” is an elusive, emotive, exclusive track, gentle and sweet!

Musically speaking, Modaji exists within the 4th dimension, poised between the future/retro jazz style of Innerzone Orchestra, Chick Corea, Nu Yorical Soul and Weather Report. Modaji’s cult track „Outboard Jeopardy“ brought him a massive world wide respect and has since been praised by Gilles Peterson, Derrick May, Carl Craig or King Britt – just to name a few! Modaji has recently completed remixes for artists and labels such as U.F.O., Jazzanova, Yellow Productions and Ubiquity. His unique blend of bass-driven tracks with percussive elements, soaring sci-fi strings , emotive keyboards soloing and deceptive rhythm patterns conspire to create the project by the young Dominique Jacobson to one of the 21st century future Jazz masters.

Ian O’Brien
Ian got interested in music at the early age of 14 when a friend introduced him to the sound of fusion masters such as Weather Report and Herbie Hancock. He took up guitar and keyboards at 16 and went to college in his home town of Southend to study music. Around this time he got interested in electronic music after having discovered the music of Underground Resistance and the other Detroit techno artists of the time.
Ian first made a name as a producer with his first single “Memory Tree” in 1995, receiving heavy support from Kiss FM’s Colin Dale and Colin Faver. It was followed by a string of 12” singles on cult UK underground labels including Ferox, 4th Wave, Clear , Mo’ Wax and Pacific. His debut album “Desert Scores” was released in Feb. 1997 on Ferox, to the critical acclaim of DJ’s such as Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge. From this he went on to do remix and production work for number of totally different artists such as Lisa Stansfield, Monday Michiru and Belgian pop stars Telex. He has collaborated on material with some of the best electronic artists on the scene – incl. Carl Craig and Kirk Degiorgio amongst others. His long-awaited second album “Gigantic Days” was released on UK Peacefrog Records in April 1999. Most recently he completed a series of commissioned compositions for a hit Japanese Manga Anime (“Cowboy Bepop”) due to be aired on satellite TV later this year. Ian O’Brien’s forthcoming projects include more music for Peacefrog and further collaborations on Kirk Degiorgio’s “Offworld Ensemble” project for Island. Also forthcoming.is a compilation made by Ian O’Brien for Logic Rec. UK with tracks by Les Gammas, Classen Collective and Jazzanova. This is the second appearance on Future Sounds Of Jazz for Ian (“Dayride” on Vol. 4)

It seems that to turn down the speed is their principle. They halve the RPMs. In their hands water turns to gold. Kruder & Dorfmeister, the DJ-duo from Vienna, Austria, need no presentation. Tosca is Richard Dorfmeister’s side-project with Rubert Huber.
Tosca has already released tracks like „Fuck Dub“ (with a dozen of heavy remixes), an album called „Opera“, and a Dorfmeister-mixed remix-CD of all the „Fuck Dub“ and “Chocolate Elvis” remixes. The Austrian downbeat-specialists have recently done a remix for Sofa Surfers and a track for Earth Bound’s label Straight Ahead. Boozoo Bajou are from Nürnberg (see Glücklich Vol. III) and they are totally unique! Maybe they are the some of the most talented and most sought after producers in the nu-dub-reggae meets mambo and bossa field. For Tosca it’s the second appearance on Future Sounds Of Jazz (listen “Ocean Beat” on Vol. 4).

Spinning Wheel (vinyl bonus track)
The headquarters of Spinning Wheel is in their record store, deep down in Lower Bavaria, in Pfarrkirchen. In the store you get records from the areas of Jazz, Funk & Soul, Latin, Easy Listening of the 60ies and 70ies, Drum&Bass, HipHop, TripHop, and House. The name “spinning wheel” basically means “trying together”. It describes the philosophy of combining different roots of Black Music and creating a new style. With musical interests based on the rebirth of Rare Groove and the birth of HipHop in the late 80ies, they finally also discovered Jazz music. Spinning Wheel also is a DJ-team. DJs Marcus Hacker and Reinhard Wimmer started DJing in 1995, and they have not only regular club nights in Lower Bavaria but have also DJed in most major German cities. Since February 1999 Reinhard and Marcus have a weekly radio show on Radio Evosonic. Spinning Wheel also is a record label, which has released a. o. the series called “POP Boutique” with three volumes of sophisticated tunes from the 60ies and 70ies.

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