V.A. – Future Sound Of Jazz Vol. 3

V.A. – Future Sound Of Jazz Vol. 3
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Title: Future Sound Of Jazz Vol. 3
Cat No: CPT 030-2
Format: 2-CD

MAX 404
Moody jazzy remix of his more triphop-version on Future Sound Of Jazz Vol. II. From dutch progressive Eevo Lute Muzique. Max 404 is Erwin Van Moll, who creates leftfield techno like Ritchie Hawtin, Dave Angel or Carl Craig, but often you hear also influences from Eno, Massive, MoWax or Morricone. Check his CD „Love & Mathematics“.

RAC is Chris Duckenfield and Richard Benson from Sheffield. They started DJing at the age of 16 until in 1991 they convinced the famos FOM-studios in their hometown with their blagging technique to release their first single „National Breakdown“. They have since changed to Warp and released eight records.
Muzik: „RAC has delivered a series of EPs which have consistently been ahead of their times. Experimenting with breakbeat-science and electro-ish rhythms long before they became fashionable, his stylised staccato beats and percussive hooks have built a loyal following and made him something of a trainspotter’s hero.“
Select: „…hence Rac’s post-intelligent techno, to be filled alongside Autechre and Aphex’s grumpier moments. There’s the hissing and clanking of Sheffield’s industrial heritage, plus the occasional keyboard to brighten otherwise gloomy soundscapes.“

Move D
Move D is David Moufang , head and owner of Source Records, Heidelberg (RO 70; Rob Gordon Project; Reagenz) Move D’s intricately woven collage of computerised soul lo-tech pick-pocking drum machine-swing with space shuttle-sounds is unique and brilliant! Move D Sound is too funky to be ambient and to ambient to be just another sublimal techno outfit. MixMag described Move D music as following: „This is the soundtrack for sci-fi films of your dreams, the sound of Derrick May making music at zero gravity or Mr. Fingers recording on a water bed full of strawberries.“ „Hurt Me“ is exclusively made for The Future Sound Of Jazz-Vol. III – Compilation. Move D acclaimed international cultstatus through the track „Amazing Discovieres“ and the album „Kunstoff“. David has also recorded an EP for Warp.

While this has certainly been a year of surprises for Clear, nothing could have prepared us (Clear) for the tapes sent through from the deepest corners of Devon, England from the two gentleman know only as Metamatics. While we will have to wait until the beginning of next year to hear their first production on Clear, ‘Skunk Me’ is taken from their debut album to be released on Clear later in 1997. About the artists themselves, we know very little, other than their seemingly inexhaustible passion for music, sighting their influences as far apart as Holger Czukay & John Foxx. Other projects will include ‘Beatsamatic Vol !’, as part of the Clear-Beats series and remixes for Clatterbox and Noodles, both on Clear.

These two guys are hyped and indemand! They are based in Munich and they have released in 1995 and 1996 – unbelievable – six LPs and one single on the Den Haag cultish label Bunker, runned and owned by Unit Moebius. The main problem for Funkstörung was, that Unit Moebius was waiting too long to release their 6 LP’s…. get rid of. In the meantime Funkstörung had much much more good material and strange songs to offer, and they didn’t want to wait. So in the meantime they decided to install their own label „Musik Aus Strom“. Their heavy duty electro-techno output gained very good reactions, especially in the UK underground circles like Warp, Skam and Rephlex. In the beginning of 1997 there will be releases by Funkstörung vs. Gescom (= Autechre) on Skam Records and a cooperation between Funkstörung and Freeform (Warp) on their own label Musik Aus Strom. There will be also a Funkstörung EP on Compost Records in spring ’97. Watch out!

Cool Blu
Cool Blu is the collaboration between Jan Salisbury and the legendary Austin Reynols – the man with a golden touch. The original downbeat mix is one for the chill-out massive. As its name suggests, the vibe is cool, fresh, spacious and relaxed.

An expert percussionist, keyboard player, flautist and specialist in Egyptian and other North African and Middle Eastern music, Garsaaidi is the integral part of the Egyptian dance music scene- whether authenic or club oriented. Having toured with Natacha Atlas (Transglobal Underground), Hossam Ramzy and Brian Transeux; he is much in demand for sessions and gigs for TV, radio and film, and regularly accompanies dancers for workshops and shows.
In his Faaahi Groove EP, which is released on the Orange Egg label, he lays down percussion streams, haunting laments from a ‘nay’ (an Egyptian reed flute), and sympathetic keys, which combine to form an inspirational collection of atmospherics which are then magically mixed by Orange Egg’s Lascelles.
Straight No Chaser: „Beats and the bizarre clash once again as dirty clay connectios flow funkily between some etheral chord action. All that’s left and all that’s right in London in ‘96“.
Music Week: „However, that will grab dancers with their very bouncing breakbeats. The first one in particular, ‘Frank Zaffa’, will run and run and, no doubt, feature on more than one chill-out compilation album and would one day have been called a Balearic classic.“

Daniel Ibbotson
Daniel’s dedication can clearly be heard on his first EP, where this track is taken from. ,An extremely competent release of 4 tracks – ‘The Bends’ / ‘Split Into Fractions’ / ‘Insomnia (part1)’ / ‘7 Future Wonders’. He concentrates hard whilst in the studio and applies himself in a most interesting and original fashion. Once he sets his mind to achieving something, there is no stopping him; this is the most evident in his grasp of beats and the way in which he confidently uses the sounds and samples at his disposal.
On top of all this, he is working on upcoming releases as one half of „Skew & Wrap“ for Language Records and Pi Recordings.
The Wire;Okt/96: „More electro squiggles meet Aphex scribbles from Clear. Part of electro’s charm is it’s nativity about technology, but the loopy mock-innocent reinterpretations by the likes of Jake Slazenger (Mike Paradinas) pushes the childishness into too-cute-too-live territory inhabited by pre-pubecent film stars with pudding bowl hair cuts.“

Gescom = Autechre (Warp). Sean Booth and Rob Brown are true innovators of experimental music! With two Autechre LPs on Warp they are gained cult status in the UK-underground. Not everything they did appears on Warp. Two years ago, they founded their own label Skam, which is much more experimental, rough and perhaps a little bit stranger, or more innovative than their Autechre releases on Warp. Gescom music is described as „hybrid electronic music between Detroit, Electro, TripHop, or in other terms: an untouchable unique mixture of Rephlex, MoWax, Sähkö, Plus 8.“

Mike Paradinas
Mike Paradinas is Mr. Lo-Fi-Superstar. Here are the list of pseudonyms and labels: µ-ziq (Rephlex), Jake Slazenger (Clear/Warp), Kid Spatula (Reflective), Tuscan Raider (Clear), Mike (from Mike and Rich on Rephlex), Smooth Helmet (with Luke Vibert for Freezone Compilation SSR) and Gary Mosheles (SSR). This man is a genius! Nuff said! Except: „Shponk“ is exclusively made for FSOJ III!

Taran works, raves and chills in Kiev, the Ukraine capital. 1986 graduated from the Kiev Art School as a multimedia-specialist, multi-instrument-player and designer. He has played several gigs with Elliot Sharp. 1988 he joined the Ukrainian Academy of Art! 1992 he was co-producing for the german cult label „What’s So Funny About…“ the first Cd-sampler of Ukrainian bands. Since then he is roaming through the multimedia-jungle in Kiev, Warsaw and Odessa. 1995 he co-directed the first Ukrainian big rave (Torba Sound). 1996 he signed to Compost. His music is best describalbe as „eclectic eastern europe soul“, or „lo-fi-tech-ambient-jazz“ with distinctive melancholic feeling in it.

Fauna Flash
Winner of the name alone! Flashlight project from Christian Pommer and Roland Appel. Intelligent drum & bass & TripHop outfit from Munich. They are fantastic and energetic analogue-computer live-act, too. Richard Dorfmeister reviewed a 12’’ in ‘Style & The Family Tune“-Magazine: „…best drum & bass outfit outside of the inside UK-scene!“

London Electricity
London Electricity are an alternate combination of Pondlife (Pete Nice Trio), the Goose, and LandMass, Their name arose after a visit to the L.E. studio by an enginer come to install extra power to the mixing desk. Pondlife was so taken with the man’s work jacket, he tried to buy it from him before he left, but the engineer refused. Having just mixed the track „Sister Stalking“, the group adopted the engineer’s company hallmark, in tribute. Behind L.E. are the same guys who are responsible for the Galactic Disco Records stuff and for Hospital (Les Larons Lunaires). Future Homosapiens, Playmates und Orkestra Galactica are their pseudonyms for the disco stuff on Galactic Disco Records.

DJ Dara
New York finest and best known drum & bass and freestyle DJ. He is running a regular Smi☺le clubnight in big apple. He is also working on a project together with Time Zone, which was a sideproject in the early eighties of cult-figure Africa Bambaataa. Now they revived Time Zone Vs. Dj Dara. DJ Dara has several releases on Smile Communications.

Pete Nice Trio
The Pete Nice Trio are Pondlife, Crisp and Kokoshka, scheming together for esoteric, warped drum and bass compositions to lively-up the junglistic out-patients. Their debut release „Harp Of Gold“ was the first to be discharged from Hospital, the home to a variety of damaged individuals and consortiums. It set the scene for a refreshing angle on the jazz drum & bass direction. The trio’s releases have been described by The Face magazine as „the low-key lounge squad of the jungley cicuit deliver a chunk of blissful breakbeats, successfully meeting syncopated percussion and jazzy bass with the sort of smoky melodies that spell crossover potential.“

Beanfield is a studio-project from Munich, a brainchild of Michael Reinboth & Jan Krause. Michael Reinboth is founder, head and A&R of Compost Records, and DJ since 1980. Together with Jan Krause (trained studio engineer for 10 years with his own studio, member, producer and bassplayer of one of the worlds most famous rare groove bands ‘The Poets Of Rhythm’) they have arranged, produced and mixed several LPs and 12’’-inches for Compost: Four Ears, Knowtoryus (HipHop), DJLinus, Kristo, Fon-Kin, The Family Tree and much more…
Beside this – their remixes for Tosca, Kosma, MC Solaar, Eric „IQ“ Gray, Timbalada, Mighty Dub Cats, Knowtoryus or Fon-Kin plus other projects are international acclaimed.
Beanfield is the name of 10qm part of the moon, that you can buy from ISSC (International Space Selling Corporation) for probable usage in about thirty years.

Turntable Terranova
Berlins famous DJs Fetisch & Kaos (international popular grafity-writer and designer) are forerunners for new soundscapes, scores and abstract electro-headz-stuff!
Muzik (UK) wrorte: „…sheer, metallic, futuristic side of electro and jungle lending it an alien, almost industrial edge which is as frightening as it is devastating. Breaks from the far side of Mars.

Chicks With Dicks
Chicks With Dicks is one of a dozen projects from Biochip C, the popular pseudonym of multitalent Martin Damm. He releases several Electro-EPs, progressive DetroitTechno and Freestyle on various labels. Most of his tracks are released on Force Inc. In 1995 he founded his own label Anodyne and took part in the Future Sound Produvtions. Biochip C. is frequently on tour with live gigs, e.g. he has been several times in Chicage, Detroit and at big raves (Energy/Zürich; Loveparade/Berlin; Union Move/Munich) and good clubs around mid-europe. Yet, he has over 20 releases.

Four Ears
Frontpage 6/96: „Hidden behind „Four Ears“ you discover a DJ from Berlin, Bym, who has been there from the beginning, and the sound specialist Curt Nolte. You can hear the pleasure they have working together on every track of the double-vinyl. TripHop and Drum&Bass tracks which seem to have no ancestors, they rather go their way unconcerned. Too many elements to describe in here, but in every case „Four Ears“ is one of this years’ most important releases from the german Freestyle Underground. An extremely cool and important record.“ (Bleed)

Jimpster, aka Jamie Odell, is a twenty three year old musician residing in Manchester. As a keyboard player he is currently studying contemporary Jazz at University and is experimenting with a number of different projects which include live drum’n’bass as well as jazz and fusion outfits. With this solo production he shows respect for musical pigeonholing by combining a mixture of styles and grooves, samples and live sounds. The end result being a solid, funk fuelled blast which will work equally well on the dance floor as on the walkman.
„Playtime“ draws influence from Herbie Hancock and Harvey Mason, wiggin’ out in a downtempo jazz-funk-fusion. In october Jimpster’s release „martian arts“ rated single of the month in „Muzik“

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