Taran – Mod And Mini And Spaceage

Taran – Mod And Mini And Spaceage
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Title: Mod And Mini And Spaceage
Cat No: CPT 026-1
Format: 2 LP

How to describe the music of TARAN? Lo-fi-tech-jazz-ambient with an ukranian flavour? Eclectic eastern europe soul with a distinctive melancholic feeling? Eastern Europe Soul would also be a good title! TARAN works, burns up and chills in Kiev, the Ukraine capital. „Mod And Mini And Spaceage“ is his first solo-LP release after a variety of underground tape releases too numerous to list.
In 1983 Taran pasted together his first tape loop, from the „Xtabay“ by Uma Sumac, stolen from the collection of his BeBop-freak father. Shortly afterwards he discovered a similarity between the album covers of „Exotica“ and „Thobbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits“ , causing him to plug his vibe bravely into a distortion box.

In 1986 he graduated from the Kiev Art College and appeared on stage jamming with Eliott Sharp, showing no mercy for the audience’s ears. In 1988 he joined the Ukrainian Academy Of Art, got up after a heart attack and headed a strange electro-acoustic chamber band „Sugar-White Death“, laying bare the Hearts Of Darkness of the Ketamin Junkies and Post Chernobyl Psychos. The rest of his verbal energy went into the production of Lo-Fi-videos.

In 1992 Taran finally started to pay attention to the HipHop groovies, destroying ultimately his father’s record collection and releasing the project „The Tenth Victim“. At the same time he was co-producing for the German cult-indie-label „What’s So Funny About…“ the first CD-Sampler of underground -experimental Ukrainian bands. In connection with this project Taran appeared at the 1993 Pop-Komm festival in Cologne, where he was deeply disillusioned by the massive misconcetions he discovered about the indie-scne in the Ukraine.

1994 saw him involved in a variety of club projects in Kiew, Warsaw and Odessa, mostly roaming through the multimedia jungle. In late 1995 he codirected the first Ukrainian big rave (Torba Sound) and as a guest of the Dutch Institute Of Tactical Media, started work on „Mod And Mini And Space Age“. n 1996 aran signed to Compost Records in Munich, and still riding down the „Down Escalator Of Opportunity“ in the capital of his nation…..

Taran is the first underground artists from the Ukraine, who got a record deal in the west. This seems to be not so important, but if you can imagine, how they are lived in the past, how they tried to organize their first raves, without any money, with the contrariety and contradiction of the gouvernment and mafia. , and if you can imagine, that the Ukrainian underground don’t have the opportunities to buy or borough such Technics-turntables, sound-systems, and all that equipment for making and playing the music they like. They build up their own things, machines, computers, virtual realities ……..anyway, if you like to know more about the Russia-/ Ukrainien underground-music, parties and art- and multimedia-scene, don’t hesitate to call Compost or Taran for an interview. He can tell you strange, unbelievable, lovely stories about the rave-scene, the music, mafia and of course the status quo in the east……

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