Syrup – Different Flavours

Syrup – Different Flavours
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Title: Different Flavours
Cat No: CPT 070-1
Format: 2 LP

SYRUP is the latest side-project of Munich-based musician and producer collective, which members are true live musicians and studio-actives since more then a decade. They have been jamming and recording together for years as The Poets Of Rhythm and all their main members have produced different projects. The funky boys of this 100% live-disco-formation are also involved in well-known acts such as Beanfield, The Poets Of Rhythm, Germany’s rare groove band No.1 (watch out for their new forthcoming (4.) album on Quannum/Mo´Wax, due later this year), Das Goldene Zeitalter (Max Weissenfeldt), Bassline Members or Space Clique, which has recorded tracks for Bavarian label Spinning Wheel Records.

Syrup are a fantastic, cool and energetic live band. They started their live activities together with Beanfield in April @ Into Somehin’ club in Munich, and later in summer 2000 they are going to play at some festivals, in Roskilde in Denmark for example. The guys are all the time on the road, see our newsletter for their live-dates. The gigs have been very successful!
Syrup come from the Rare Groove School, and they took the occasion to combine their creativity with the tradition of the legendary “Munich Disco Sounds” of the late 70ies and early 80ies – remember Moroder and Munich Machine! The result is a fine blend of discofied old-school Funk, 100% live played with four-to-the-floor beats, Lo-Fi funk, horn-sections and nice guitar licks.

Their first 12inch “Cold Sweat” was seen in many DJ charts by the likes of The Idjut Boys, Faze Action, Yellow Productions, Francois K……… and others.
The mixes by Bassline Members (Jan Krause from Beanfield and housemaster DJ Linus) and Les Gammas are included in this package. The O.C.B. mix is made by Syrup’s own Jan Weissenfeldt and a few guys from Quannum, San Francisco. Jan Weissenfeldt is a very good HipHop DJ, too.
SYRUP…..a tasty pleasure for your ears & your feet! Sticky disco in a modern and very
Compost-ish way!

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