Rima – This World

Rima – This World

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Title: This World
Cat No: JCR 039-1
Format: 2 LP

JCR’s latest addition to their fine artist pool is Rima who release their highly anticipated debut album, that features contributions from acclaimed artists and vocalists such as Ian O’Brien, Julie Dexter, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Kaidi Tatham, Nicola Kramer amongst others.

Rima is a new project held by Domu and Volcov.

Domu has been playing out for around 10 years from the age of 14,the styles and venues have been varied. The early years were mostly warehouse parties, which then progressed into playing at legal venues such as The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes, at the height of the Jungle/Drum&Bass era. Moving into producing was inevitable, so as Dj’ing took a back seat for a couple of years in ’94, making music was the priority (as well as being at school). As the production improved, contact was made with Reinforced Records, a long respected label, and some early tunes were released in ’96/97, first as Static Imprints, then as Sonar Circle. Also around this time, work began with friends from school in a band called the “Collective Unconscious”, who still now contribute to Sonar/Domu projects. This new perspective opened up another world from the familiarities of Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass – the spectrum of Jazz-Funk and Fusion became relevant. DJ work now began to crop up from the recognition of these productions with Reinforced, a list of 12″ releases, remixes and compilation inclusions steadily increasing. Domu was created from the ashes of the experimentation that can be heard on “Radius”, the first L.P from Sonar Circle, which could now fuse all these elements far more easily than was possible within the restrictions of the Drum and Bass mainframe. After his album on Reinforced and singles and contributions for labels like 2000 Black, Visions, Neroli, Spinning Wheel, Bitasweet and Skin Deep, he has released his debut Domu album “Up + Down” for Archive. Dominic has also worked with Seiji and Mark de Clive-Lowe on a project called Kudu for Bitasweet as well as keeping creating forward thinking drum’n bass under the Sonar Circle moniker. His remixing skills are becoming more and more in demand nowadays, as he already reworked music by the likes of 4 Hero, Jazzanova, King Britt and Cinematic Orchestra!
As Dj Domu played at many fine places including: WMF (Berlin), Club Boogaloo (Pfarrkirchen), Into Something (Munich), Rootdown (Freiburg), Loop (Tokyo), De:nile (Kagoshima), Kontrapunkt (Zagreb), Kerma (Helsinki), Mercati Generali (Sicilly), Pergola (Milan), Co-op (London), Plastic People (London), Cargo (London), The Big Chill (Wiltshire), Jazz Cafe (London), Fabric (London), The Jazz Rooms (Brighton)

Besides Rima other pseudonyms where Domu is involved include Kudu, Realside, Zoltar, Yotoko and possibly a million more…

Volcov was born In Verona (Italy) in 1973 and lived in Milan from 1992 to 1997, moved to London in November 1997 until November 1999 and finally returned to Verona – for the moment. He started Djing in 1988 with Hip Hop, but turned rapidly to House (early Mr. Fingers, Nu Groove) and Detroit Techno (Derrick May, Carl Craig). DJed in small clubs in Verona forming a crew called Psyche Group, then again in Milan (spinning eclectic and drum’n bass). Volcov soon formed Italian drum’n bass label Sonica with Frank Siccardi from publishing company Di Più in June 1997 and organized a regular Sonica night at the Pergola Club (Milan). During these club nights, he introduced to Italy guests like Photek and played in live P.A.’s with Paradox (Reinforced and various other UK labels). Sonica got recognition from the whole deep drum’n bass scene community and Volcov’s singles were regular features in Fabio’s show on Radio One (BBC).
Then, in the summer of 1998, again with the backing of Di Più, Enrico created the Archive label as a real need to express his musical influences and interests. The label quickly became a favourite of all the best eclectic DJ’s worldwide. January 2001 has seen the birth of another label: Neroli Productions. Neroli is a more housey-tracky label as well as the home of all his activities (merchandise, productions, projects).
As producer Volcov also works under the Isoul8 name for more housey projects as well as collaborating with Paradox for Archive, 2000 Black and other labels. He also keeps delivering stylish dancefloor remixes for various labels and artists worldwide (F. Valentine, SK Radicals, Modaji, Big Bang…). From 1999 Archive has been running a monthly session at the Pergola Club with artists and friends of the label. Also Enrico has also been djing regularly in various clubs worldwide, most notably: Liquid Room, Tokyo (2000 Black party), Loop, Tokyo (Archive tour), Into Something, Munich (Compost), Bogaloo, Pfarchirken (Spinning Wheel), Raw Fusion, Stockholm, Meierei, Wien (Sunshine), COOP, London, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Clinic, Zurich (Straight Ahead), Fragil, Lisbon, Kontrapunkt, Zagreb

Domu and Volcov met thanks to their Reinforced connections and Domu soon joined Volcov’s Archive label with the highly acclaimed “Mandaloria”. Together they have already released original music on Versatile, Papa and COOP vol.2, as well as remixed Vikter Duplaix, Koop and Nutmeg (Dego). The RIMA concept was born after many DJ gigs and sessions listening together to Fusion-Brazilian legends (Azymuth, Airto & Flora,..), Detroit techno and classic soul. The name means “rhyme” in Italian and is also an Headhunters track loved by both…

Delta, one of Europeans pioneering graffiti artists, designed the complete artwork (12”, album and picture disc). Delta is famous for his self-developed complex and three-dimensional style. He already worked on many highly acclaimed projects as he contributed work for expos in Tokyo and Eindhoven as well as for several companies, fashion shops and clubs. Delta is also one third of design group DEFUMO (www.defumo.org) aka Delta, Futura and Mode2. New York’s Futura is probably the most famous graphic designer coming from a graffiti background To name a few of his works, he did several artworks for Mo Wax, especially the artwork for the UNKLE album brought him wide recognition, and in the last year he designed a clothing range in corporation with Levis Japan. Mode2 already worked with Jean-Baptiste Mondino, one of the leading photographers of the last 20 years, and defined his own niche in and outside of the Hip Hop community.

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