Rima – This World – Ltd. Picture Disc

Rima – This World – Ltd. Picture Disc

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Title: This World – Ltd. Picture Disc
Cat No: JCR 045-1
Format: 12“

Voila, first single of Rima´s forthcoming debut album by the same name, “This World” softly kicks in. JCR`s latest addition are due to release their first epic in sunny May this year featuring contributions from high-acclaimed artists and vocalists such as Ian O`Brien, Julie Dexter, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Kaidi Tatham and Nicola Kramer among others. The “This World” song is part of the album cooperation with Nicola as you have surely been wondering whom this wonderful voice belongs to.

Domu who´s been playing out for around 10 years had started out at early warehouse parties at the height of the Jungle/Drum&Bass era. He´d been at Reinforced Records in the middle 90`s releasing early tunes known as “Static Imprints”, renamed into “Sonar Circle”. Later he took great like in the world of Jazz-Funk and Fusion and has ever since remixed notorious artists such as 4Hero, Jazzanova, Koop, Viktor Duplaix, King Britt or Sequel. Italian Volcov started djing in the late 80`s, evolving from Hip Hop to House to Detroit Techno. He first formed Italian Drum&Bass label Sonica and in 1998 Archive Label, a favourite among eclectic Djs worldwide whereas 2001 has seen the
birth of Neroli Productions. Enrico uses the synonym Isoul8 for housey projects as well as cooperating with Paradox for Archive. He´s been remixing SK Radicals, Modaji, Big Bang and many others. Domu and Volcov met due to their Reinforced connections and have been making up tunes together since then.

Domu and Volcov have been documenting each of their 15 album tracks and according to Domu
“This World” is “a track that explores the thought that we cannot possibly be the only race in this
huge, huge universe, and that if there was a god, why would he create so much for so few … .”

Musically “This World” comes across all laid-back and peaceful. A straight solid beat sidels through
the whole track, flutes softly burst through the background. What could go wrong with Mark De
Clive-Lowe who´s also co-written fourth track, “Real Love”, on keyboards and Kaidi Tatham
doing percussion ? Nicola`s clear vocals,softly aspirated, evoke a loungy late-evening flair.

Even without Nicola`s entrancing voice, “This World”´s a bomb from which the instrumental version can tell. Slight breakbeat action on the 2000 Black Excursion mix which is of course 4Hero ! And if we wouldn´t be surprised enough the boys laid hands on their own track “Real Love”, Rima Rmx, and, yes, turned their “sexy techno ballad” (Domu) into a slick 2Step/R&B number sung by Colonel Red. Astonishing.

Delta, one of Europeans pioneering graffiti artists, designed the complete artwork (12”. album and picture disc). Delta is famous for his self-developed complex and three-dimensional style. He already worked on many highly acclaimed projects as he contributed work for expos in Tokyo and Eindhoven as well as for several companies, fashion shops and clubs. Delta is also one third of design group DEFUMO (www.defumo.org) aka Delta, Futura and Mode2. New York’s Futura is probably the most famous graphic designer coming from a graffiti background To name a few of his works, he did several artworks for Mo Wax, especially the artwork for the UNKLE album brought him wide recognition, and in the last year he designed a clothing range in corporation with Levis Japan. Mode2 already worked with Jean-Baptiste Mondino, one of the leading photographers of the last 20 years, and defined his own niche in and outside of the Hip Hop community.

“This World” will also be available in a nice and exclusive limited edition picture disc. Further information about Rima is due to follow in their full length album bio which is soon to come.

Why not lingering a while, escaping for this world into Rima`s bittersweet audio version.

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