Martin Peter – Enough Of This ?!

Martin Peter – Enough Of This ?!

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Artist: Martin Peter
Title: Enough Of This ?!
Cat No: ANGST004-1
Format: LP

What is the average 12 year-old kid doing in the middle of the 80s? Collecting Metal, Punk, Industrial and Wave records, visiting all the former legends in concert and trying not to be like a virgin…

And what is this average kid called Martin Peter doing some years later when smilies and the TB-303 are increasingly contaminating the planet? Exactly, Martin forms a live-pa along with a friend under the name of FILTER, which results in a wild bunch of Acid, Breakz and Techno and he´s still listening to Hardcore, Indie, Metal, Punk and Crossover. And after improving his studio skills with his mechanical friends ATARI and AKAI, he starts to release on different labels (like 77Rec or Exun Rec) different styles of electronic music… and is still a Hardcore and Metal fan…

Nowadays this former kid is the average thirty year-old Hardcore and Metal fan who was DJing the last decade at venues like Nature One, Loveparade, Street Parade, in many clubs like Watergate, Erste Liga, Flokati, Posthof Linz, Die Registratur etc, had releases on Compost-Records/ Exun-Rec/Anti-Pop/Devoted Tunes…BUT NOW…there´s one “very important” thing new on the list:

This guy is using a guitar….but no fucking electroclash!!!!! Instead his new studio baby “Enough Of This?!” on the new division of Compost Angora Steel, is a home-recorded piece of Punk / Metal / Indie / with just enough electronica to kick ass in the new millennium.

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