Marsmobil & Hobby – Gold

Marsmobil & Hobby – Gold

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Stricly limited edition 12“ of 180 copies, stamped and stickered, comes also with a poster or flyer of the „Gold“ theater performance inside.

A beautiful Kraut-Yacht-Rock-Psychedelic-Jazz-Groove alchemy epos with guitar, percussion, analogue synths, flute, sitar, bass, organ all and everything played by genius Roberto Di Gioia.

Gold is the metal of the gods. Pure, elementary and innocent. The music are written for and based on a theater performance called „Gold“ by the avantgarde theater group „Hunger & Seide“. Everything here was performed by Marsmobil’s legendary mastermind Roberto Di Gioia (Hobby, Marsmobil, Max Herre Band, Udo Lindenberg, Klaus Doldinger’s Passport and many many more). The multi instrumentalist, song writer, award winning jazz musician and interpreter Roberto Di Gioia worked also on productions or live performances with Amé, Peter Kruder, Hell (Gigolo), Wigald Boning, Beanfield, Console, Notwist, Helge Schneider, Trüby Trio, Christian Prommer and many many more.

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Artist: Marsmobil / Hobby
Title: Gold
Cat No: Gold 2014
Format: 12“

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