Four Ears – Kurwa Galactica

Four Ears – Kurwa Galactica

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Four Ears
Title: Kurwa Galactica
Cat No: CPT 019-1
Format: 2 LP

Four Ears are Bym Stempka and Curt Nolte, both children of Berlins underground-scene! Bym has had great influence on Germany’s music-history. He was the founder of Flucht Nach Vorn (well known New Wave Underground outfit from the early eighties!) Since 1984 he has been dj-ing in Berlin’s famous clubs like ChaCha, Metropol, Glückstein, Tresor, Globus, WMF and many others. Bym is one of Germany’s most respected underground hiphop, drum & bass DJs. From 1981 until 1983 he played the bass for Toten Piloten (dead pilots) an underground band, with two other well known and impressive German techno-house-pionieres „Spaceteddy“ Dr. Motte and Jonzon. In1988 Bym wrote and produced four singles under the pseudonym 2 Kut together with John Caffrey and Nainz Watts for Virgin. Between 1985 and 1990 he was a member of Mad Romeo (Phonogram Rec.) Under this pseudonym he has done several remixes! (Tony Cook, Froon, a.o.) From 1988 until 1994 he worked together with Colin Favor, Tim Westwood, Bam Bam, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and others.
Next to his work with Four Ears, Curt Nolte has also created the following film-soundtracks: „Zeitgeister (Regie Barbara Teufel/1991), „Die Insel“ (Folke Kerkhoff, 1992), „Ein Haus Stellt Sich Vor“ (1994), „Berndt In Brooklyn“ (Evelyn Rüsseler, 1994) and „Männer In Öl“ (Barbara Teufel, 1996). His latest project together with his Four Ears-fellow Bym was „Dragon for East West“. They also recorded an album „There’s A Trumpet In My Soul“ (CD/LP) and a 12inch „Original Dragon Music“. Curt Nolte is the technological-mastermind behind Four Ears, he has studied Culture Science & Art. In the early, wilder days of the 8Os he was singing and playing guitar and sax in different groups like Bermuda Dreieck (New Wave) and Jalta & Die Teilung Europas (Punk). In the mid-80s he worked as a music-journalist and as synthesizer-keyboard specialist in some experimental groups. Curt Nolte was also part of strange and futuristic multimedia-happenings and big spectacles like „West Wurst“ with author Felicitas Hoppe.

Four Ears Remix-EP: remixes by Bassline Generation, one of Germany’s most present old school drum & bass/jungle act, Fauna Flash Compost’s own drum & bass outfit and of course a very good live PA group as well! Peshay and Flytronix are cool!!!

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