Koop – Koop Remixes

Koop – Koop Remixes
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Title: Koop Remixes
Cat No: JCR 043-1
Format: 12“

Perceiving jazz as rhythm and form rather than the orthodox idea of jazz being merely improvisation, double Award winners, Swedish duo Koop, Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson, manages to escape the staleness of both, programmed music`s lack of variety and the dead end fixation with clean sound on some contemporary jazz recordings.

The original “Tonight” is musically and emotionally dark. Written within fifteen minutes, it´s a classic European jazz tune. Mikael Sundin in the role of the lonesome lover lamenting on his sadness whilst the chord- progressions tune the whole thing bittersweet. Nicola Conte mixed up the track with a “History Repeating” style beat to remind us heartbreak is never in vain and always has an end.

Cited by legendary radio jazzman Gilles Peterson as one of two songs that really get him happy
(the other one was a tune by someone called Stevie Wonder), “Summer Sun” is the brightest, most euphoric thing we´ve heard in years. On vocasls, Yukimi Nagano who`d been enlisted for the “Waltz For Koop” album (JCR 021-1/-2). “Summer Sun” in Carlito remix by James Wade will melt the heart of every Drum&Bass lover. And eventually shoo wallflowers on the dancefloor. Also check out the “Summer Sun” remixes 12” on JCR 022-1 including remixes of Markus Enochson and Dorfmeister.

“Waltz For Koop” is one of those tunes that will make any season feel like summertime, the strings painting vast skies and oceans across this beautiful, sparsely decorated soundscape, with Cecilia Stalin’s zero gravity vocal delivery complementing perfectly. DJ Patife adds exclusive Drum&Bass which will catch you tapping your foot uncontrollably.

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