Knowtoryus – Bomberclad Joint

Knowtoryus – Bomberclad Joint
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Title: Bomberclad Joint
Cat No: CPT 006-1
Format: 12″

Peace, introducing Knowtoryus. First of all the meaning of the name. Out for equality world wide renown, hardcore righteous rap super heroes, on a mission to save the universe by edutaining the babies….out for spreading the news of hiphop-culture, black conciousness, black power and the issues of street culture. The style of music is not very easy or difficult to define. For now we call it HipHop with a Ragga-flavour and abstract elements! The group has been together for one year. Based in Germany (Nürnberg / München) the players are Free Justice, Cee Justice, Now B and DJ Jazzz. Representing with two english-style rappers, one ragga-muffin soldier (Now B) and one of the best HipHop-DJs in Germany. DJ Jazzz comes from a musical family. He has played saxophone ten years in an orchestra and his father played guitar in different proffessional bands and The Regensburg Synfonie Orchestra. Jazzz was 1994 / 95 Bavarian DJ-Champion. The message in the music is freedom, justice, and equality. Our goal is to bridge the gap between europeans and black US-culture, because we know(toryus) about both sides. People have to understand how we – Blacks, Native Americans and others of color – feel (about slavery or rassism). Whites have to understand how they are responsible for wounds that have yet to be healed.” We think, that youth worldwide, especially European youth, must understand Europe’ s violent colonial history and built a new. We don’ t feel, that you or you can learn this by listening to RAP, but it helps. It is communication. This is the basic of understanding, of freedom, justice and equality.

Our goal in music is also become Knowtoryus world wide, at the same time, building up our enterprise, new breeds, to also let the people know that we are open minded to any kind of good quality music, we are striving to add on and make the hiphop-community bigger and brighter in our area and all over… Introducing Free Justice. One English MC from Paramount California. Formerly of G.S.P. (Ghetto Style Poets). He released a solo cut on “Ultimatum”-LP, from the group King Size Terror. Also guest rapping on two other tracks. Early in 1994 also performing live throughout USA, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Introducing Cee Justice, one of the English style MCs from Belle Glades Florida. Formerly of a group called C.K.S. Express, a potentially successful rap group. In a special way push towards music making by his father, Albert W. Crosbie. Introducing Now B with the real musical vibe. Its from the foundation. Its there. He was also with G.S.P. kicking facts on wax, before they created Knowtoryus. Now B is passionate. He is giving the raw vibe and the ragga muffin styles. Knowtoryus handling social issues over phat grooves! Sometimes they’ re jazzy sometimes raw, street and serious! Of course, the groups insightful humor and positivity shines through. Knowtoryus has also a professional backing band.

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