Karma – Father Father

Karma – Father Father

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After years of exploring the inner realms of club music and creating several dance hits like the Loft classic “High Priestess” by merging jazz asthetics with breakbeat science, the producer duo Lars Dorsch and Tom Dams – better known as Karma – have set a new course for their third album: pop music with a certain deepness! And “Latenight Daydreaming” is just that: a perfect pop record with an organic instrumentation, folk elements and a jazzy edge. Just listen to “All You Ever Wanted” (feat. Jermone Stokes) on this 12”, a song which combines all those elements and represents the warm and earthy spirit of Karmas latest compositions…
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Artist: Karma
Title: Father, Father (Marcus Worgull Remix) / Are We. (Tony Nwachukwu Remix) / All You Ever Wanted
Cat No: CPT 218-1
Format: 12″ / Download

To keep the dancefloors satisfied, they recruited long time friend Marcus Worgull to do a stunning remix of “Father Father”. Now running the Groove Attack record store and stepping in the footsteps of Lars, who managed the Groove Attack shop for ten years, Worgull made himself a name as one of the best national House DJs in Germany. He stepped to production in 2001 and released his first EP on Lars’ label Spectrum Works. Meanwhile he joined Dixon’s Innervision camp where he released the much praised “Texel EP” last year.

The “Father Father” remix takes you on a hypnotizing trip inside your bleeding soul. Worgull isolates two single lines of Oezlem Cetins soulful sermon and creates a deep and dark dub version with many references to Detroit and old school Chicago. A future classic which shares the same vibes as Henrik Schwarz rework of “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”. On the flipside is a nice reinterpretation of “Are We?” by Tony Nwachukwu (Attica Blues), another friend of the Karma boys, which features Michelle Amadors sweet vocals over a minimalistic Detroit flavoured techno jazz excursion keeping the odd waltz time signature of the original and flipping the tune into an atmospheric future shuffle.

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