High Heels Breaker – Come Easy EP

High Heels Breaker – Come Easy EP

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Artist: High Heels Breaker
Title: Come Easy EP (incl. Remixes by Dave Aju, David August, Kalabrese)
Cat No: DPC 051-1
Format: 12″ / Download

„Come Easy“ is the first single of the upcoming album by High Heel Breaker. What is „Come Easy“ about?
High Heels Breaker: „I wanted to write a soulful and electronic song with the idea to leave it as empty as possible by using the minimum of music notes and rhythms. Nowadays we are massivly flooded with (social media) data so that I prefer airy and empty music.“

How did the collaboration with singer Sarah Palin come about?
High Heels Breaker: “Zurich’s music scene is not that big. We know each other from the cooperation with swiss rapper Big Zis and met thru my mate Sacha Winkler aka Kalabrese. I called her on a monday morning and asked her, if she’s in and if she could write some lyrics in the following 1-2 months. I sent her the track, she agreed and the following friday the vocals were recorded. During the recording session I got goose bumps, her lyrics about an unwanted breakup is just touching.“

Renowned producers and DJs like Dave Aju (label buddy of Nicolas Jaar), David August and Kalabrese just did remixes for Come Easy. Were they inspired rather from the music or the lyrics?
High Heels Breaker: “I think, the song is good, because music, lyrics and vocals are merging. They probably all felt the universal pain, the reduced instrumentation and of course the soul in it. That’s why they were easily convinced of doing a remix…“

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