Fauna Flash – Fusion

Fauna Flash – Fusion
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Fauna Flash
Title: Fusion
Cat No: CPT 090-1
Format: 2 LP

Ever since the release of their debut album “Aquarius”, a record which at that time was a milestone in the German Drum’n Bass development, Fauna Flash have been extremely busy. “Aquarius” was highly acclaimed by international press and DJs, and especially in the motherland of Drum’n Bass, England. So Fauna Flash proved that there are good Drum’n Bass productions coming from outside the island of Great Britain. Nevertheless the two producers behind Fauna Flash, Munich-based Roland Appel and Christian founded the formation Trüby Trio together with DJ Rainer Trüby from Freiburg and they launched the project Voom:Voom (the first EP is out on Compost now and called “Baby Baby”, another one will follow in the 2004) together with Peter Kruder from Vienna. They also had plenty of remix requests, view remix listing for detail. Furthermore they spent a lot of time with touring the world: USA, Canada, Germany, Portugal, England, Italy, Benelux, Israel etc… and of course they worked harder than ever to complete their second longplayer “ConFusion” (CPT 101). These days the boys are busily working on their third album which is going to be released in 2004.

Some well-known insiders, who have already listened to the album, claim that this is the BEST Compost artist-longplayer so far in the history of the label.
The producer-duo describes “Fusion” as logical progression in Drum’n Bass with all its different opportunities to express the genre and fuse it with other genres (House, Dub, Jazz, Latin, Brazil, Hip Hop or Soul music) as the name of the album implies. All these elements together form a completely new integrated whole, an identity influenced by Drum’n Bass and urban leftfield club music. The red line is “Fusion”, but “Fusion” is more. The name stands for flexibility, deepness, old and new influences, for state of the art big city music with plenty of drums, breaks, groove and harmony. This is not surprising as both producers are professional musicians (they are both drummer); people who have already seen them live know the score.

Almost similar to a Fauna Flash DJ – Set, the record draws a tremendous curve – it sends you on a journey through all sorts of moods – but in the end it all results in one harmonic picture. Thanks to this eclectic blend, tracks of the album are played by DJs from different fields in dance music as for example Gilles Peterson (Talking Loud), who already played some tracks on his worldwide radio show, Rainer Trüby (Trüby Trio, Compost), Peshay (Blue Island), Tom Middleton (Global Communication, Cosmos), Karl Injex, Michael Rütten, Kruder & Dorfmeister and Kyoto Jazz Massive.

“Fusion” in the Fauna studio: Guest musicians and artists include the one and only Sugar B from Vienna (“Mother Nature”), the House-Diva Deidry Jones from USA („Free“ / „Ten“), the Aphrodelics, the piano player Michael Metke and the saxophone player Johannes Enders. And of course there is old Fauna Flash companion Raoul Walton from N.Y.C. on bass.

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