Fauna Flash – Confusion

Fauna Flash – Confusion
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Fauna Flash
Title: Confusion
Cat No: CPT 101-1
Format: 2 LP

1. „Mother Nature“ dZihan + Kamien Remix
dZihan & Kamien are the new Downtempo Kings from Vienna. Like many others walking in the footsteps of Vienna’s Kruder & Dorfmeister-likewise-sound, they are the ones to spot. Their releases on their own label Couch Records are mostly delightful downbeat gems. The Fauna boys recently contributed a remix for dZihan & Kamien’s Remix Album and now dZihan & Kamien deliver the answer. With music as smart and polished as this track you can’t go wrong, get ready to relax and let the vibes surround you.

2. „Question“ Stereotyp “Booty Call” Remix (* only on 12” & CD)
Stereotyp who acclaimed big respect in the dance underground scene for his recent releases on G-Stone Records did a great remix of the Fauna track “Question”. Stereotyp defined his very own downbeat style, which is deeply influenced by darker Detroit-like sounds. Like hardly any other producer at the moment he understands to create this very tense atmosphere and combine it with pure groovyness. His remix for the Faunas has all these qualities – it’s something truly special, not to be missed. The Faunas are very pleased with this mix and they will do a payback remix for one of the tracks of Stereotyp’s forthcoming album.

3. „Tel Aviv“ Stephane A. Main Pass
Stephane Attias, head of Chic Records and brother of West-London fame Alex Attias, comes up with a truly pleasing version of “Tel Aviv”. The track is very deep and includes some jazzy elements, so this is a perfect Downtempo House track.

4. „Tel Aviv“ Peter Kruder’s Bum Rush The Discoteque Remix (* only on 12” & CD)
Fauna friend and partner Peter Kruder picked the track „Tel Aviv“ for individual rework. Peter Kruder who already worked with the Fauna boys under the name of Voom : Voom (so far they released two 12“ on Compost) takes „Tel Aviv“ on a funky like hell disco electro stomper trip. The beats might start rather familiar but as soon as this distinctive distorted sound comes into the track you’ll know the score. Peter does it 80’s likewise. Forget everything else, this sound rules – now.

5. „Ten“ Pole Remix
The Fauna boys are good friend with Pole for many years now. Back in the time when Pole worked at Dubplate & Mastering, he was the engineer of Fauna Flash. He is a companion since the very beginning of Fauna’s musical career, and the boys deeply appreciate his work.
Today Pole is a highly respected international well-known “Electronica” producer from Berlin – his remix …a stunning tune. The track was already featured on the CD Version of the Compost 100 compilation.

6. „Free“ Salvador Group Remix
Salvador Group are one of the most talented newcomers from Germany in the leftfield dance area. When you listen to this track you might think of Carl Craig and The Cinematic Orchestra, but this is miles away from simply copying styles. This is unique and very very good. Check out their first 12” on Compost (CPT 092).

7. „Ten“ Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix
When the Faunas were on tour in Japan they agreed on a remix trade with Kyoto Jazz Massive. As a payback for their remix, Fauna Flash made a remix for Hajime Yoshizawa’s track “Endless Bow”, which is out on Kyoto Jazz Massive’s own label Especial Records.
Japan’s Kyoto Jazz Massive once again prove that they are able to put out tracks on a constant top quality level. Typically the track pleases with plenty of free improvised jazz sounds alongside with great programmed off-beats, but best-done are the perfectly built in vocals. Positive vibes all over.
Kyoto Jazz Massive just released a new 12” on Compost Records (CPT 093), including the new track “Substream” and two Afronaught remixes of “Eclipse”.

8. „Alone Again“ Dixon`s Stripped Down Dub
Dixon, long time Jazzanova friend and producer of the very successful DJ-Mix series “Off Limits”, gets down for some strictly deep house business. Being one of the most famous German House DJs and having his residence at Berlin’s number one club WMF, Dixon knows exactly how to produce music which kicks the dancefloor.

9. „Tel Aviv“ Charlie Dark Remix
Charlie Dark, founding member of Attica Blues, comes up with a superb House version of “Tel Aviv”. The remix shows the rough side of Charlie Dark. The bass is dark and distorted, the atmosphere is very moody and jazz elements sparkle in from time to time – music for all true underground heads. Fauna Flash are very happy to have Charlie Dark amongst their remix artists as they are both big fans of Charlie’s musical work.

10. „Mother Nature“ Blue Foundation Remix
Blue Foundation asked to do a remix of “Mother Nature” and they came up with a superb mixture of Sugar’s vocals and their own rap-vocals. A true hip hop atmosphere and a twisted bassline give this version the right vibes.
Blue Foundation recently released their debut album on April Records. Nice downbeat and Hip Hop !!

Fauna Flash’s remix business includes mixes for Hidden Agenda’s track “Low Jazz Fidget” out on Straight Ahead, then for Hajime Yoshizawa and the track “Endless Bow” out on Japan’s Especial Records, for Klaus Doldinger’s Passport and the track “Ju Ju Man” out on Warner Records, then a remix for The Underwolves’ track “Shaken” out on JCR, and finally for Wei-Chi’s track “Don’t Know”, Pigeon Records. A different version of this track already was on the Compost 100 compilation. Furthermore the Faunas contributed an exclusive track called “Coast To Coast” to the latest “Freezone Vol.7” compilation, out on SSR Records, Belgium. Fauna`s second project, the Trüby Trio (together with DJ Rainer Trüby) did remixes for Bebel Gilberto’s track “Sem Conteceao” out on Crammed Disc, then for Kazufumi Myazawa’s track “Tango For Evita And Che Gevara” out on Warner Japan, also for Passport and the track “Fairy Tale”, Warner Records, and “High Jazz” with its original on the Trüby Trio DJ-Kicks Mix CD (Studio 7). The remix called “High Jazz VIP” is available on Compost Records, CPT 116-1 / CPT 117-1). In November 2003 the Trüby Trio remix of Minimal Compacts “Shouts And Kisses” (Cramped Records)

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