DJ Enne – Black Label #10

DJ Enne – Black Label #10

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Black Label #10 – DJ Enne brings you the Cosmic Disco sound

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Artist: DJ Enne
Title: Lazise / Desenzano (Vocal Mix) / Desenzano (Instrumental Mix)
Cat No: CPT 220-1
Format: 12″

It’s the Italian Adria coast, it’s summer and it’s 1976. Two native New Yorkers called Tom and Bob are playing and mixing a blend of Funk, Soul and Breaks at a discoteque called “Baia degli Angeli”. A sound that soon will be called Disco… But at this time nobody, especially in Europe, is aware that a muscial revolution is going to roll across the world. It’s the sound of the now legendary Loft parties, hosted by David Manusco, which should later be know as the birthplace of Disco music. But let’s put aside NYC music history and get back to Italy in the Mid-Seventies.
Two young Italian DJs, Daniele Baldelli and Claudio Rispoli get introduced to the American DJ duo and into their DJ technique. After the departure of Tom and Bob, they take over and begin to develop their own funky, spacy sound. Especially when Baldelli takes over the “Cosmic” disco in Lazise, at the Lago di Garda, the special sound Daniele plays, gets a name: Cosmic, a specific European form of Disco music.The rest is history. Cosmic Disco developes and spreads throughout Northern Italy, Austria and finally Southern Bavaria and becomes one the major underground scenes of the early 80s.
It was in 1982/83, when DJ Enne had contact with the Cosmic sound or Afrofunky as it was also called at that time. While clubbing in his hometown Innsbruck he was hit by the Cosmic disco sound and began to DJ a mixture of Brazil, Funk, Independent… let’s just say: Cosmic. He has never stopped since and is now one of Southern Germany’s most prolific DJs. Hailing from Munich he is hosting residencies around Europe and is also a busy producer and remixer. His “Lago di Garda Experience” comes straight in reference to his musical roots. It’s afro funky cosmic sound…

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