Coldfeet – Pussyfoot

Coldfeet – Pussyfoot

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Title: Pussyfoot
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Format: 12“

COLDFEET consists of two members; LORI FINE and WATUSI. LORI, the daughter of an American Clinical Psychologist father and Japanese “KOTO” Player mother, writes most of the music and lyrics, while WATUSI, a Japanese bass player / producer, does most the programming and arrangements. The combination of these two artists creates the unique and original world of COLDFEET.

LORI, vocalist and songwriter, was born in Oregon. She grew up listening to all kinds of music in a music-loving family, and got involved in bands during her school years. After graduation she started to work on her music career, making her living as a part-time model. She spent her days composing songs, travelling to visit family in Hiroshima and New York. WATUSI, on the other hand, had been playing as a member of the legendary live Drum’n’Bass band, MUSHROOM HEAD in the dawn of the underground Drum’n’Bass scene in Tokyo. He became very interested in Trip-Hop from Bristol and what most impressed him were tracks like “Universal Love” by 4 HERO and “Inner City Life” by GOLDIE, which led him to want to produce Drum’n’Bass tracks with a female vocalist. At the same time, based at Rinky Dink Studio in Tokyo, he had produced many domestic/international artists as a producer/arranger. This work brought him to New York frequently, where he was introduced to LORI by a mutual friend. It didn’t take long until they started working together.

At the studio in Tokyo, they started making demos, and by the end of 1996, they had finished three tracks, “Pussyfoot”, “Jailbait”, and “Plastic Emotion”. The tracks got good reactions from musicians and DJs, which made LORI decide to move to and base herself in Tokyo. WATUSI established his label, Brickwall, to release COLDFEET’s own products. But it took six months to put out 1000 copies because he had to take care of everything such as manufacturing and distribution. Finally in December 1997, the 4-track 12″ vinyl “COLDFEET” by WATUSI featuring LORI FINE was released, which led them further: the world-level quality of “COLDFEET” got great reactions and, in the beginning of 1998, led them to sign with Office One/Sony Music as COLDFEET for world-wide distribution. Making their own imprint, Brickwall Records, at Office One/Sony Music, COLDFEET has just started to target the international market.

With their incredible creativity, they produced about 20 original tracks. In March 1998, they flew to New York to finish their first major 5-track EP, “Pussyfoot”. This EP includes the cover version of “Blue Velvet” as their tribute to David Lynch, whose films have inspired them. At the same time, they also produced a Drum’n’Bass remix featuring LORI’s vocals of a track from the British Drum’n’Bass label, Hospital. This remix is featured in the Hospital Remix Album, “Plastic Surgery”, out in April 1998, along with mixes by YASUHARU KONISHI, FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE, SILENT POETS, etc. Contributing “Pussyfoot” to the Drum’n’Bass classic compilation, “FUTURE SOUL 002” in May, COLDFEET made a glorious debut followed by a short live tour in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. The songs performed live were “Pussyfoot”, “All For Myself”, “Ripple”, and “Scoff At The Hype”, leaving the audience stunned and speechless from an innovative aura radiating from the stage, that no one had ever seen in the Drum’n’Bass scene.

Trüby Trio are Rainer Trüby, Christian Prommer and Roland Appel. They are well-known for their uplifting jazzy club-style, DJ-sets and remixes for a.o. Yasushi Ide, Mr. Gone, Nitin Sawney and Peace Orchestra. Christian and Roland are also known for their project called Fauna Flash, which is one of the most respected German Drum & Bass-projects. Rainer Trüby is not only an international-known DJ, but he has also compiled the compilation series “Glücklich” and “Future Sounds Of Jazz”-Vol. 6 (Compost Records). Rainer was nominated as a best German DJ in 1999 for German Dance Awards. Also “Glücklich” and “Future Sounds Of Jazz” were nominated as best compilation series.

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