Brahmasonic / Keisuke Suzuki – Black Label #06

Brahmasonic / Keisuke Suzuki – Black Label #06

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Artist: Brahmasonic / Keisuke Suzuki
Title: Kholi Number / Water Samba
Cat No: CPT 206-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Black Label #6 – Asia is making impact on Compost
Release number six on Compost’s still young imprint, Black Label, brings you two new talents from Asia. To be exact: India and Japan.

The latest instalment of the Black Label series starts with “Kholi Number”. “Kholi” is Hindi and describes a room used for a special Indian dance, the so-called “Murja”. “Murja” is a narrative form of dancing, which itself is wide spread throughout Asia. Whether you dance narrative or just for fun, “Kholi Number” is truly a track that is made for dancing. Murja, literally translated, means “rhythmic footwork”. And that’s what your feet will do, when your ears tell them to move to this jazzy, oriental monster track. “Kholi Number” is a track that relies heavily on trippy sounds and reminds of the glory days, when MoWax and TripHop still were fresh.
Nikhil Ghia or Brahmasonic has a degree in liberal arts from the Ohio Wesley as well as a master degree in Business from the Bryant College, but was born and raised in India. Under the name Brahmasonic he has recently finished his first album, which is an extraordinary fusion between Indian Classical music, Jazz and modern electronic sounds. “Kholi Number” is his frist comercial release.

On the flipside comes “Water Samba” is trippy experience somewhere between Jazz and Hip Hop. It begins with a clumsy Samba beat and ends with a phat sub bass. Techjazz at its best! Definitely a ride to enjoy. Keisuke was born in 1976 in Iwata, Japan not far from Osaka. His mother was a piano teacher so he had contact with music from very early days on. In the early 1990’s Keisuke became infected with Hip Hop which led to his own Hip Hop crew. Ku-Ru-Ma-Ra-I-O-N soon became somewhat like local heroes in the Osaka area. Keisuke was doing the beats, his brother and friends rapped. Soon Keisuke also became interested in Abstract Hip Hop and electronic music.and while his crew did cease to exist in 2000, Keisuke was still doing abstract, electronic tracks. In 2002 he finally moved to Tokyo to intensify his musical output.

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