ROBINN – Multiphonia

Artist: ROBINN
Title: Multiphonia
Cat No: CPT 425-2
Format: CD / Download
Releasedate: Sep. 2013

Info: Multiphonia is the debut album from Compost’s new signing Robinn, AKA Tom Le French. Warm synths, off kilter jazz
percussion and touching melodies escort the listener through the album. Adding to the audio delight is Nathaniel
Pearn, also known as Natural Self from Brighton label Tru Thoughts, who provides thoughtfully felt and timed
Tracks like “Hall Of Mirrors” have a timeless quality. Never predictable and always
thought provoking, tracks like this do not come around often. Descending
basslines, subtle keys and layered vocals make for a delightful treat to the ears.
Meanwhile, “Hawaiian Wedding” creates an interesting change in the LPs
direction, with moody overtones and more aggressive drum stabs, but all the while
maintaining the sleek and slick demeanour that we see throughout the album.
The album rounds off the listener’s journey with ‘False’ an epic dubbed out . . . →

Compost Black Label 103

Artist: Marbert Rocel
Title: ACause Of Lovin (Marek Hemman Remix) / Lax Sax (Philipp Stoya Remix) / The Temple (Pantera Krause Remix) / Cause Of Loving (Talski Remix)
Download Bonus Tracks: I Wanna (Heitzberg Theorem Remix) / I Wanna (Heitzberg Theorem Club Edit) / The Temple (Pete Bandit Jason Shae Pianomix)
Cat No: CPT 424-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: The Temple yes !!!! Agoria l Great Theorem remix! Joris Voorn l Nice remixes !!! heitzberg , philipp , panthera top !!! Daniel Bortz l Nice remixes…need a few more listen to know which one I prefer. Fred Everything l Some really cool remixes here. Noir l This pack is insane … I Wanna (Heitzberg Theorem Club Edit) is from ather planet , love it! DJ Yellow l Some wonderful stuff on here x Luke Solomun l That panthera krause remix is butter!.. Till von Sein l Love the sound of both the original and the Krayse remix. Great package all round and willl be getting . . . →

Siff Licious – Fisten

Artist: Siff Licious
Title: Fisten (Original) | Fisten (Philipp Stoya Remix)
Cat No: Glenn Dancer
Format: 12″ / Download
Releasedate: 06.Sep. 2013

Quotes: gooood times! Anthony Mansfield | super Christian Prommer | I-Robots approved!!!! Will chart and play it! Thanks! I-Robots | Thanks for the music! Luciano | thanks for the music! Maceo Plex | great p.stoya rx Makossa | mr stoya getting into the groove. SHOW-B | Cool remix by Philip! Lovely vibe! Deep and haunting! Nuno dos Santos | phillip stoya rmx is great nice acid line! reboot | cool track Robert Owens | Solid and groovy tunes; will support. Velanche

Info:Rough dirty house with an edge and humor.
GLENN DANCER is the new mus(i)cal haven for all those, who might be cultivated to a dirty kind of humor
and a proper portion filth in sound. Glenn Dancer is a den by the harbour for the rude and rough fellas,
Glenn Dancer is the pressuring and flogging sound. Glenn Dancer is, . . . →

Compost Disco 08

Artist: Evol Ai
Title: Dar K Disco (Original) l Dar K Disco (Sleazy McQueen Remix) l Dar K Disco (Ilya Santana Disco Fury Remix) l Te Qi
Cat No: Codis 008-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Cool Ilya Santana Disco Fury Remix Round Table Knights | Awesome Sleazy McQ remix! Kasper Bjørke | Like the ilya santana mix. Shir Khan | Great disco pack Tensnake | Really like AA1! Reminds me of Idjut Boys. Daniel Brandt (Brandt Brauer Frick) | Really digging the Santana remix, proper Salsoul vibes! Timo Garcia | mc queen remix for me. Agoria | Love the Ilya Santana Disco Fury Remix! Danny Krivit | Love It. Full Support DJ Pippi / Kebra | Love Dar K Disco Original Great FX on the guitar. The Mixes are great as well Peter Kruder | Feel the original the most here… Dairmount | excellent release! Claude Monnet | Cool! Kraak & Smaak | The shoes are polished and with sound the night can’t go wrong . . . →

Read More: Compost Disco 08

Compost Black Label 105

Artist: DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures
Title: No One Gets Left Behind (Original Mix) l As Goes The Sun(Simon Garcia’s Headhunter Remix) l No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix)
Download Bonus Tracks: As Goes The Sun (Original Mix) l No One Gets Left Behind (Tiago Fragateiro Remix) l No One Gets Left Behind (Flowers And The Sea Creatures’s Mental Beauty Remix) l No One Gets Left Behind (Guy J Remake)
Cat No: CPT 427-1
Available in our Webshop: 06.09.2013
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Well I am biased but I love this – always love Graham’s voice and the music here is great
too. Good work chaps! Ewan Pearson | Konstantin’s remix for me but I smell an edit coming for this one Fred Everything | Nice! Joris Voorn | The pack is a monster!!!!!! Konstantin Sibold Remix is the one here for me but original and the other mix are also realy, raelly good! One of my favorite promos . . . →

Compost Black Label 102

Artist: Heitzberg Theorem
Title: System Flegmann / Kosciusko / Gamma Waves Taste Nice / Cellardoor
Cat No: CPT 422-1
Format: 12″ / Download


Info: Some call it post-dubstep, some techy deep house… We call it pure club bangers with a mysterious
touch! Munich residents Heitzberg Theorem delivering heavy basses topped with trippy vocals, just
sounding like future!

When Tobi and Bastian first met they didn’t really like each other. They basically never talked. Why? Years later
nobody knows for sure. Working together didn’t make things easier. However one day, when they were forced to
spend their lunch together they did talk: as it turned out both were pretty surprised how much alike they felt when
it came to music. So they decided to team up and produce a couple of tracks. Bastian (born and raised in Ulm)
has a straight forward musical background: he’s an educated Audio Engineer and a Bachelor of Recording Arts.
As Bastian, Tobi started . . . →

CBLS 216 – Compost Black Label Sessions Radio hosted by SHOW-B & Thomas Herb

Hey lovely people,

another hot and sunny summer week and time to deliver our new show!
Starting out smoothly we go into a little more ruff direction with a slight old school twist – hope you like!



CBLS 216 – Tracklisting:

01. Sasse – Flushing Meadows – STBB
02. Mario Basanov – Slip Away (SHOW-B Remix) – Mood Music
03. Mr. V – Jus Dance (Cosmic Ritual Dub) – Vega
04. Heitzberg Theorem – Gamma Waves Taste Nice – Compost Black
05. Jesse Perez – Interracial Booty Calls – Jackathon Jams
06. The Bucketheads – The Bomb (Bonus Beats) – Henry Street
07. Boo Williams – Fear God (I Will Sing To The Lord) – Formaldehyd
08. WK7 – Higher Power (Hardcorde Pck Mix) – Power House
09. Smallpeople – Ninja Restaurant – Running Back
10. Eddy Amador – House Music . . . →