Quarion – Sunday Night EP

Artist: Quarion
Title: Sunday Night EP
Cat No: DPC 049-1
Format: 12” / Download

Quarion is back with an awesome release. This man needs no introduction to connaisseurs,
running the excellent Retreat “vinyl only” label and providing mindblowing music since more
then 10 years. He deserves nothing more than respect for his uncompromising way! As one of
the DPC originators he was always shaping the sound of the label. With this 12″ he represents
his versatile attitude. Sunday Night was inspired by the legendary Panorama Bar, a track
which is spreading equally the vibe of forward-thinking feelings in connection with classic
house vibes. On “Mr. Smith Does Acid” he gives us a driving example of how a slow acid-
disco tune can sound. It’s brilliant to see how this blessed guy breaks out. With “Falling Down”
he presents a truly modern example of a Deep House track with twisted elements in a slightly
British way. . . . →

The OhOhOh’s – Wu / Unsafe Music BL # 112 incl. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz Remix

Artist: The OhOhOh’s
Title: Wu / Unsafe Music BL # 112 incl. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz Remix
Cat No: CPT 440-1
Format: 12” / Download

Wait wait, till the two rollover melodies emerging. An extraordinary hybrid of twisted beats and live music, and great remixes by Einzelkind, Si-Tew, Space Coast. Check also the Björk-like vocal track “Unsafe Music”. Terrific!

We welcome The OhOhOhs on Compost Black Label with their unique disco-driven indietronic analogue outfit. The package comes with a lush techy remix by Einzelkind & Robin Scholz, developing a wicked playfulness. Space Coast delivering an epic synth-packed disco version of the original. Si Tew’s remix decorates the smooth “Unsafe Music” with decent production skills, both percussive and bassy in an eclectic way.

A wild premier theater party kicked it all off. Using an old organ sitting at front of the theater and drums left over from a play, Flo and Flo became The OhOhOhs and asked themselves the crucial question, „What do . . . →

Christian Prommer – Wonders Of The World feat. Thomas Hien (Digital Only)

Artist: Christian Prommer
Title: Wonders Of The World feat. Thomas Hien
Cat No: CPT 447-3
Format: Download

After the highly acclaimed Black Label #109 12inch, the “Friends EP”, with the huge Dinky remixes, that just came out as teaser for Christian Prommer’s album “ÜberMood”, here are the radio versions for “Wonders Of The World” feat. Thomas Hien with remixes by Marc Dold, ComixXx and Catz ‘n Dogz.

On Wonders Of The World, Christian Prommer teamed up with longtime friend and singer / songwriter Thomas Hien. The LA based bavarian musician co-wrote and sung the beautiful folk influenced song.
An outright newcomer is Berlin based ComixXx, who has already put out 12”s on Room With A View as a coproduction with Marlow and on Konsequenz and some remixes on Sonarkollektiv and Wasabi.

The cherry on top is a deep and driving dance floor rework from the polish deephouse maestros Catz `n Dogz. They took time out their super busy touring schedule to give this . . . →

Christian Prommer – ÜberMood (CD)

Artist: Christian Prommer
Title: ÜberMood
Cat No: CPT 430-2
Format: CD / Download

Christian Prommer releases his first solo album “ÜberMood” on Compost Black Label in March 2014. ÜberMood is a very personal travel of Christian Prommer into his roots. Having collaborators with most of his projects for the last two decades, he now debuts with his first solo album: ÜberMood.

These 16 songs are a reflection on his musical journey for the past 12 month.
ÜberMood says it all. You need the german Übermut (may be translated as cockiness or devilment) as an artist to go the extra mile out of your comfort zone to tap into new territory. And the mood or atmosphere is something that defines your voice as an artist. This record was written and produced all over the world on the many travels that Christian Prommer took to concerts, studio sessions and DJ shows. Improvisation is the main mantra of Christian Prommers creative process. Playing with the various . . . →

Christian Prommer – Compost Black Label #109 (12″)

Artist: Christian Prommer
Title: Compost Black Label #109
Cat No: CPT 437-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Christian Prommer is back with a awesome herald for his upcoming first solo album „ÜberMood“ which will be out in March this year! Featuring collaborations with long term labelmates Beanfield and Roland Appel. The Friends At Work EP! And we are more than happy to throw in some serious remix pressure with Dinky’s vibrant rework for „Duckwalk“!
Unbelievable but true, „Duckwalk“ marks Christian Prommers first studio collaboration with Beanfields Jan Krause! Tripping 70s synths and futuristic beats in combination with classical voices and a crisp production are laying the ground for this truly amazing midtempo tune.
No wonder „Duckwalk“ caught the attention of Dinky when we asked her to contribute a remix. We were very enthusiastic about Dinky’s „Dimension D“ album on Visionquest last year – and the way she is recently fusing songwriting, indie- and pop influences with clubmusic in a touching, fresh way. This . . . →

AFMB – A Forest Mighty Black (3-LP)

Artist: AFMB
Title: A Forest Mighty Black (3-LP)
Cat No: DPC 047-1
Format: 3-LP / Download

It’s been a while, 17 years, to be precise since Bernd Kunz, also known as AFMB, released an album. After its release in 1997, A Forest Mighty Black’s “Mellowdramatic”, became a trip-hop classic. It followed several 12“s that Kunz released on Compost Records, including Compost’s 001, “Fresh In My Mind“. “Mellowdramatic” included tracks like “Rebirth“ and “Everything“ and highlighted Kunz’s love for the melancholic shades of music.

In the years that followed, Kunz quietly drifted away from his trip-hop roots and during this time he moved from the Black Forest capital Freiburg to Zurich, Switzerland, where he got more in touch with house music again (before his trip-hop days he was an avid acid house and garage addict). After meeting Drumpoet’s label boss Alex Dallas and his “Earthbound“ buddy Alex Gustafson at the cities’ most famous house club “Zukunft“, it was clear what had to be done – . . . →

Ensemble Du Verre – The Light Gets In (CD)

Artist: Ensemble Du Verre
Title: The Light Gets In (CD)
Cat No: CPT 435-2
Format: CD / Download

Ensemble Du Verre (E.D.V.) was founded by the composer, producer and musician Sönke Düwer in 2003. Since then, a number of albums and EPs did see the light of day, including a “CD of the Year” of Art Online and the “Prize of German Record Critics” in 2008.
Musical independence, diversity and stylistic boundlessness are basic elements in Ensemble Du Verre’s music. Jazz, Dubstep, House and Breakbeat merge and create the unique E.D.V. sound, like on the new album “The Light Gets In”, which perfectly represents personal expression and creative potential of producer and multi-instrumentalist Sönke Düwer. He is a thoroughbred musician with a lot of live experience. Ensemble Du Verre starting their Tour in winter 2013/14.
“The Light Gets In” is a homogeneous collection of songs, performed by the debut singer Shirin Al- Mousa. She sings on all of the 11 songs, as well as . . . →