YOKTO – Compost Black Label # 114

Artist: YOKTO
Title: Compost Black Label # 114
Cat No: CPT 446-1
Format: 12″ / Download

With stunning drifty grooves, YOKTO kick off their debut 12’’ on Compost Black, a proper gem of state of the art house music! Two For Wood is already supported and charted by Kristian from Âme and Marcus Worgull!

Hello together,
we are Jürgen Graf and Christian Nainggolan.
Together we are YOKTO. Both of us have a long standing interest in electronic music in general and electronic dance music in particular. The studio of YOKTO is sited in my home in the countryside close to the french border in Saarland (Germany). We meet up regularly on Fridays in order to get our tracks done and having a good time.

The geographic location of the studio has advantages for us. On the one hand, we can fully concentrate on our work and are not distracted. On the other hand, we enjoy the culinarily delicacies from our french neighbors, . . . →

High Heels Breaker – Come Easy EP (incl. Remixes by Dave Aju, David August, Kalabrese)

Artist: High Heels Breaker
Title: Come Easy EP
Cat No: DPC 051-1
Format: 12” / Download

„Come Easy“ is the first single of the upcoming album by High Heel Breaker. What is „Come Easy“ about?
High Heels Breaker: „I wanted to write a soulful and electronic song with the idea to leave it as empty as possible by using the minimum of music notes and rhythms. Nowadays we are massivly flooded with (social media) data so that I prefer airy and empty music.“
How did the collaboration with singer Sarah Palin come about?
High Heels Breaker: “Zurich’s music scene is not that big. We know each other from the cooperation with swiss rapper Big Zis and met thru my mate Sacha Winkler aka Kalabrese. I called her on a monday morning and asked her, if she’s in and if she could write some lyrics in the following 1-2 months. I sent her the track, she agreed and the following friday the vocals were . . . →

TJ Kong feat. Ovasoul7 – Compost Black Label # 111

Artist: TJ Kong feat. Ovasoul7
Title: Compost Black Label # 111
Cat No: CPT 434-1
Format: 12” / Download

Breathing classic deep house. This is deep house at its best. Including tip top remixes by Filippo Moscatello (perhaps his best remix ever!) and Russian wunderkind Dima Studitsky. Kinda accident: The Prescription Mix is 9:09 min. and the FNM Stripped Mix is 8:08 min., we are not sure, if planned or not, but maybe it’s worth waiting for a 3:03 min. version!

In the past, dutchman TJ Kong usually appeared together with his production partner in crime Nuno Dos Santos. They already released several Black Label 12inches and the album „After Dark, My Sweet“ in 2010. Now, TJ Kong is back with his very own „Sweet Sweet Lovin’“, which features the sensitive soulful vocals of Ovasoul7. This exceptional singer lent his voice already to the works of Deetron, Motorcitysoul, DJ Spinna and Slope.

In 2013, TJ Kong, in coop with Eric De Man, . . . →

Kalabrese / Jimi Jules – Hello Asshole / Kafi Lied

Artist: Kalabrese / Jimi Jules
Title: Hello Asshole / Kafi Lied
Cat No: Rump 003-1
Format: 12”

rumpelmusig, the new label from rumpelmaster kalabrese goes into the next round and continues from where it stopped with the longplayer „independent dancer“, namely songwriting, where the singer legitimately is part of, where the groove declares its love to the melody and the singing. somehow dancepop, just following the own rules. „hello asshole“ comes with a crispy swinging groove, which is almost a breakbeat and the sounddesign sweeps splendidly. and then this compelling guitar riff appears and together with the voice and a bold synthi-line, it lifts us to new heights; right where you just drift away, big number, somehow stoned, but still kicking. jimi jules is a true musician, who prefers recording everything by hand, just like kalabrese, and sings himself, when he’s in the right mood and has something to say. currently he’s busy recording his debut album, trying to express himself and refining his . . . →

V.A. Bet.e & Stef / DJ Schwa – Compost Black Label # 113

Artist: V.A. Bet.e & Stef / DJ Schwa
Title: Compost Black Label # 113
Cat No: CPT 444-1
Format: 10” / Download

The Nicola Conte Dubstrumental is so great, a grower and real winner, the perfect old school nu school house vibe. Early support by Moodymann, Gilles Peterson, Rainer Trüby and the whole Compost crew. First 10inch on Compost Black Label !

Bet.e & Stef took the country by storm over a decade ago with their pop meets jazz, bossa-nova and latin stylings. Remarkably, they earned a Gold record in Canada with their self-released first album, “Jazz Bossa Nova”. A deal with Japan’s Toshiba-EMI soon followed, along with interest from every major record label in Canada. This JUNO-nominated duo from Montréal, Québec chose to partner with Universal Music Canada, achieving Platinum with their second album, “Day By Day.” Both milestones were even more remarkable given their global, multilingual sound was a far cry from the pop music du jour. Numerous sold-out performances at the . . . →

Quarion – Sunday Night EP

Artist: Quarion
Title: Sunday Night EP
Cat No: DPC 049-1
Format: 12” / Download

Quarion is back with an awesome release. This man needs no introduction to connaisseurs,
running the excellent Retreat “vinyl only” label and providing mindblowing music since more
then 10 years. He deserves nothing more than respect for his uncompromising way! As one of
the DPC originators he was always shaping the sound of the label. With this 12″ he represents
his versatile attitude. Sunday Night was inspired by the legendary Panorama Bar, a track
which is spreading equally the vibe of forward-thinking feelings in connection with classic
house vibes. On “Mr. Smith Does Acid” he gives us a driving example of how a slow acid-
disco tune can sound. It’s brilliant to see how this blessed guy breaks out. With “Falling Down”
he presents a truly modern example of a Deep House track with twisted elements in a slightly
British way. . . . →

The OhOhOh’s – Wu / Unsafe Music BL # 112 incl. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz Remix

Artist: The OhOhOh’s
Title: Wu / Unsafe Music BL # 112 incl. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz Remix
Cat No: CPT 440-1
Format: 12” / Download

Wait wait, till the two rollover melodies emerging. An extraordinary hybrid of twisted beats and live music, and great remixes by Einzelkind, Si-Tew, Space Coast. Check also the Björk-like vocal track “Unsafe Music”. Terrific!

We welcome The OhOhOhs on Compost Black Label with their unique disco-driven indietronic analogue outfit. The package comes with a lush techy remix by Einzelkind & Robin Scholz, developing a wicked playfulness. Space Coast delivering an epic synth-packed disco version of the original. Si Tew’s remix decorates the smooth “Unsafe Music” with decent production skills, both percussive and bassy in an eclectic way.

A wild premier theater party kicked it all off. Using an old organ sitting at front of the theater and drums left over from a play, Flo and Flo became The OhOhOhs and asked themselves the crucial question, „What do . . . →