SLOUSE – Fishing in Slower Territories – compiled by Rainer Trüby

Artist: V.A.
Title: SLOUSE – Fishing in Slower Territories – compiled by Rainer Trüby
Cat No: CPT 453-1 /-2
Format: LP2 / CD

Slo –mo house at its best, including the rare, sought after Maurice Fulton remix for Alice Smith “Love Endeavor”. Compiled by Rainer Trueby.
We live in hectic, turbulent times. It seems season- and reasonable to slow things bit dow1n. In fact: slow house down to what we calling now: SLOUSE. Implying down to earth club music, with a tapping foot under 116 beats per minute. House music and its many sliding genres have ruled the clubs and charts, well, a special focus on the slo-mo house is well-deserved.
Rainer Trueby become a guarantee for vanguard soulful dance music and club tunes with such special vibe, which he had formidable approved not only as a DJ but also with sucessful compilations like „Glücklich“, „Maiden Voyage“ on Compost, DJ Kicks (K7) or compilations for Nuphonic, King Street, Talkin’ Loud and other . . . →

Rafael Da Cruz – Compost Black Label #118

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: Compost Black Label #118
Cat No: CPT 451-1 /-3
Format: 12” / Download

Rafael Da Cruz’ debut 12“ finally hits the streets, dipping into deeper, gloomier spheres of house. Soaring synths cleverly trim the bed of fat broad baselines. The Black 80s give the original a wicked analogue touch, with a splendid soulful vocal version as bonus track. Cosmic Cowboys and David Hasert supply two impressive remixes that both create a dark, but uniquely vibrant scenery and complete the package.

With a name like that, you should become a leading actor in an Coen-Brothers-Movie, professional soccer player at Benfica Lisbon or head of government with a dictatorial claim for leadership. Eduardo Rafael Da Cruz Ferreira – editor of the magazine FAZEmag – early devoted himself to electronic music. His graceful and melancholic interpretation of deep house he quickly made a name for himself in numerous clubs from Cologne, over Hamburg to Berlin and at festivals like PollerWiesen, RaveOnSnow, Utopia . . . →

Brame – Shades EP

Artist: Brame
Title: Shades EP
Cat No: DPC 050-1
Format: 12”

Brame (Tiarnan Mc Morrow to his parents) is an upcoming young producer from Sligo/Ireland. The 20-year old is on the run to spread his music and we honestly believe that he deserves to be heard. Having lined up EP’s on Saft, Morris Audio and Deep Down Slam as well as his current EP on Dirt Crew with his buddi Halo and remixes for Washerman and many others to come it’s just a matter of time for him to be recognised the way he deserves it. His music is deep, driving and most of all very natural, just the way we love it on Drumpoet. 3 tracks aiming for nothing more than this beloved feeling, that makes you groove. There’s no white noise breakdowns, no trance-elements, no acid-basslines and none of the hip things at all that trainspotters like at the moment. It’s simply timeless classic deep house with an honest attitude.

Thank you . . . →

Christian Prommer – Compost Black Label 117 Remixes 2

Artist: Christian Prommer
Title: Compost Black Label 117 Remixes 2
Cat No: CPT 452-3
Format: Download

After the highly acclaimed Black Label #109 12“, the “Friends EP”, with the huge Dinky remixes, that came out earlier this year as teaser for Christian Prommer’s album “ÜberMood”, here is another remix package with reworks from Alex Niggemann and Sascha Braemer.

Alex Niggemann’s strings of releases and remixes on labels like Get Physical, Tsuba, Supernature, 8bit, his own imprints AEON and Soulfooled and others reaches back to 2005 and showcases the stylistic variety of the 1984 born producer who’s able to handle vocal-heavy house music as well dark’ish techhouse for moving masses.
But still: thinking of terms like “Chicago”, “Detroit”, “mids 90s” and “Techno-House” will never miss the point when it comes to Mr. Niggemann’s timeless, high quality output as these are and have been highly influential in shaping his sound of today.
Same goes for his much appreciated DJ sets which have been taking . . . →

Baal – Metamorph EP

Artist: Baal
Title: Metamorph EP
Cat No: M-AUT 002-1
Format: 12” / Download

The ambivalent, Hebrew word “BAAL” is a hint to the spiritual background of the two Munich artists Matthias Dräxler and Matthias Schüll. The direct translation of “BAAL” is “Lord”. The term is used to address God in the Bible but can also refer to false gods or demons. It is up to the listener whether they want to focus on the dark power of the devil or the epic glory of God in the music of BAAL.

Their first EP “METAMORPH” on Musica Autonomica is named after metamorphic rocks, which arise from the transformation of existing rock types in a process called metamorphism, literally “change in form”. The choice of name refers to the artists’ drastic self-transformation regarding their style of music under huge psychological pressure. The EP demonstrates the dualism of this new synthesis: The first track “GENESIS” describes the creation of a new artistic entity and a new universe . . . →

Shahrokh Dini – Compost Black Label # 116

Artist: Shahrokh Dini
Title: Compost Black Label # 116
Cat No: CPT 449-1
Format: 12” / Download

Shayan is a strong, darkly swinging groover, convincing with a laconic cello theme. The B-side contains two huge deep house monsters! You’ll get lost in hypnotic synth pads and organ funkiness!

After his highly acclaimed album Dripping Point in 2009, his first very own Tacky Dream EP and a nice remix for Marbert Rocel on Compost Black Label, Teheran (Iran) born DJ & producer Shahrokh Dini finally is back with a new 12“. For this EP, he teamed up with production mastermind Jan Krause from Beanfield.
Besides the album and some 12”s on Compost, Shahrokh’s release history is spiced and bottled with lots of good house music on labels like MoodMusic, KID Recordings, BBE, People That Make The Music, Strictly Rhythm, Ministry Of Sound and others.

As DJ, Shahrokh is resident in Karlsruhe’s Mood since more then a decade and recently got a new residency . . . →

Various Artists – Compost Funk Selection (Digital Only)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Compost Funk Selection „Shake It – Bumpin’ Tunes“ Compiled & mixed by Roman Lechner
Cat No: CPT 451-3
Format: Download

After one and a half decade and more than 450 releases, Compost Records bundles some of their finest tunes as Various Artists digital download compilation albums. The variety and full spectrum of Compost’s repertoire has never or rarely been presented in form of a musical genre compilation. These releases will be compiled or DJ-mixed by Compost’s artists and are available as digital downloads, except in some rare cases very very limited as 500 CDs.

About Roman Lechner:
Roman Lechner is a DJ & producer from Munich City. Born in the late 80 ́s and musically raised in the 90 ́s by hiphop, funk, soul and Chicago house music.
He played classic piano & guitar for six years before he discovered his faith for collecting, playing and mixing records. The unique style of Roman’s selecting and mixing skills is influenced by artists like . . . →