Kalabrese – Remixes EP (Matthew Herbert, Acid Pauli, Frank Wiedemann, Canson)

Artist: Kalabrese
Title: Remixes EP (Matthew Herbert, Acid Pauli, Frank Wiedemann, Canson)
Cat No: Rump 004-1
Format: 12” / Download

In may 2013 the long-awaited second album by zurich resident production master kalabrese was released and inspired again the dance community. an unique musical piece made for independent sensitive dancers and listeners. now, a remix ep is released with re-interpretations from the album. and the handpicked producers got down to work just as respectful and musically passionate, all appreciating the „rumpel magic“.
matthew ‘indemnity’ herbert runs against the storm with his „desperate man“ version and sparks a rolling fire of distortion synthesizers and blazing pads and voices. a peak-time bomb becoming also a whisky song à la tom waits as later the night gets.
martin gretschmann aka acid pauli remains slenderly, takes away the euphoria of „wanzka“’s afro and rotates about some synthesizer-modules and a groove as dry as dust, the afterhour isn´t far away…
âme’s frank wiedemann masterly unrolls the dub and . . . →

Kalabrese / Jimi Jules – Hello Asshole / Kafi Lied

Artist: Kalabrese / Jimi Jules
Title: Hello Asshole / Kafi Lied
Cat No: Rump 003-1
Format: 12”

rumpelmusig, the new label from rumpelmaster kalabrese goes into the next round and continues from where it stopped with the longplayer „independent dancer“, namely songwriting, where the singer legitimately is part of, where the groove declares its love to the melody and the singing. somehow dancepop, just following the own rules. „hello asshole“ comes with a crispy swinging groove, which is almost a breakbeat and the sounddesign sweeps splendidly. and then this compelling guitar riff appears and together with the voice and a bold synthi-line, it lifts us to new heights; right where you just drift away, big number, somehow stoned, but still kicking. jimi jules is a true musician, who prefers recording everything by hand, just like kalabrese, and sings himself, when he’s in the right mood and has something to say. currently he’s busy recording his debut album, trying to express himself and refining his . . . →

Kalabrese – Independent Dancer

Artist: Kalabrese
Title: Independent Dancer
Cat No: RUMP 002-1 / RUMP 002-2
Format: 2-LP incl. CD Cardboard / CD / Download

Quotes: so many great tracks on this album — full support of course Laurent Garnier / rumpeldisco at his best!!!! Outsatanding project : truly one of 2013 most interesting album so far … Áme / Puhh. Ist die Platte super. Beim ersten Durchhören finde ich Wanzka am Besten. Könnte aber auch jedes andere Stück mit Sternchen versehen. A sea of amazing music! Well done! Juergen Jazzanova / Chefsache! Grosser Respect Sasha, ! Jackmate / Actually, don’t need to prelisten to it. Kalabrese made one of my favaourite albums and tunes of the last 10 years so. Tensnake / always been a kalabrese fan… and I’m so looking forward to give these tracks a proper listen on the balcony tonight…thank you! Iron Curtis / totally loving this. Shir Khan / super album! from Wareika with love* Wareika / Loving the fresh, wonky, leftfield nature of this . . . →