Drumpoet Community 44

Artist: Francis Inferno Orchestra
Title: Amber Express / You’re The One / Dreamtime / Dusty Echoes
Cat No: DPC 044-1 / DPC 044-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Amber Express is the real deal. full respect! Alexander Maier / Excellent production here; enjoyed listening. Can’t wait to mix this in!
Velanche / liking the boogie vibe of you’re the one… great tracks. SHOW-B / full support strong Roual Galloway / love what the guys are doing – great sounding EP – will play and support. thanks for sending. Sasse / Fun with dancing…. Anthony Mansfield / Amber Express is nice thanks! Andre Lodemann / Amber Express is great! Joris Voorn / Oooh yeah! FIO is on fire again..wicked tunes Dirt Crew / was lucky enough to pick these up when i was in melbourne in march! amber express and dreamtime are killers!
Lovebirds / Dig especially Amber Express here, the other tracks are nice as well…..will play this. Thank You. Peter Kruder / dreamtime and . . . →

Compost Black Label 99

Artist: Christian Prommer
Title: Hanging On The DJ Booth / Marimba / Tob, Der Baer
Cat No: CPT 420-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: What a refreshing promo to come across. Excellent sonic tapestry, flourishes where appropriate yet not overstated. A fine selection. Mark Farina / Always great to see Christian Prommer promos, because they are a brand of quality. This is right up my alley of classy, sexy house music. Driving and irresistable. Bravo man! King Britt / Really interesting stuff in here. A1 is my fav. Kruse & Nuernberg / nice and fresh cutz. Smell like summertime is finally here. Nice one! Claude Monnet / Delicious. One of the best offerings from Prommer in a while. Glad it’s with you! Full support! All cuts. Tedd Patterson / Cool stuff! Kraak & Smaak hanging is excellent..thnx v much…will play 4 sure Charles Webster I like Tob Der Baer! Danny Krivit / I love when Mr Prommer goes jazzy Mad Mats / sounds like the good old . . . →

Compost Black Label Series 5

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Black Label Series Vol. 5 – compiled & mixed with love and passion by Thomas Herb
Cat No: CPT 415-2 / CPT 415-3
Format: CD / Download
Releasedate: 21.06.2013


Info: Limited edition hand-numbered gatefold PocketPac

A sophisticated little bastard of a DJ-mix

It’s about time for the fifth instalment of the Compost Black Label Series – unveiling some of the finest cuts in the label’s recent history in a versatile DJ mix crafted by Compost family member Thomas Herb, who built a strong reputation as a DJ when it’s about merging soul-injected house, techno and disco into a musical journey. Featuring winner tunes and remixes by Phreek Plus One, Osunlade, Woolfy, DJ T. or Rainer Trueby, Herb is also highlighting the work of new breed like Emil Seidel, Philipp Stoya and Emilie Nana, who all contributed high-quality tunes on the Black Label within the last year. Playing on top of the game since about one and a half decades, . . . →

Drumpoet Community 43

Artist: Dubinsky / Clapton Dance Party
Title: Mind EP
Cat No: DPC 043-1 / DPC 043-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Tasty biscuits. The Revenge / nice ep..i like all tracks here…Mind is my favourite maybe… Martin Landsky / hard to pick a favourite here. great tracks. SHOW-B / MIND is so beautiful that i had to cry with the 1st listen. thanks chris for that piece of soulful and emotional music! Alexander Maier / really good. Shir Khan / Mind is absolutely great, love the use of the samples! Deetron / Mind is perfect for summer , good job chris! Catz n Dogz / Clapton Dance party is sounding ace! Def try this one out. cheers. Jimpster / usual quality from my favourite deep house label, loving Mind, thank you Tensnake / Very nic ep, especially Clapton Dance Party’s Washout! Sven von Thuelen / Yeah cool stuff thanks Agnes / Cavalier / real nice Mousse T.

Info: Dubinsky is Chris Woodward, an upcoming artist from . . . →

Timo Garcia & Manu Delago – The Hang Track Pt. II Remixes

Artist: Timo Garcia & Manu Delago
Title: The Hang Track Pt. II“ (A Green Meadow Remix) / The Hang Track Pt. II (Space Coast Remix)
Cat No: CPT 423-3
Format: Download
Releasedate: 07.06.2013

Quotes: Wicked music here; thanks! Velanche / Usual quality from Compost, loving the Space Coast remix, thank you Tensnake / The Space Coast Remix for me and all Night Alexander Maier / space coast remix is the one for me here, i’ll try it out. Rui Vargas /Nice Danny Krivit / loving the 1st track loads really brilliant Luke Solomon / Green Meadow remix has a great nu-jazz feel. In the loungey crate you go. Mark Farina / I dig the Space Coast Remix. Thanks! Kasper Bjorke / Great Mood..Like It DJ Pippi (Kebra) / cool spherical mixes! Nuno dos Santos / Beautiful remixes! Fantastic vibe. Will play! Roberto Rodriguez

Info: After the original release of the highly acclaimed Hang Track Pt.II one . . . →

Prommer & Barck – The Machine

Artist: Prommer & Barck
Title: The Machine (Drum and Bass) / I Want You / The Machine (Original) / (PasKal & Urban Absolutes Remix)
Cat No: Derwin 008-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: liking the machine ! Alex Kenning / a really great packege! I still do love the freestyle approach here. all versions have sth stpecial. Trickski / Daniel / Excellent ep. Full support from X-Press 2 !! Diesel / Great sound guys, im dfntly gonna be playing the remix of The Machine out – nice 1 ! Simbad / P&UA smash it again! Dom Servini / Wah Wah 45s / I really like the stripped back mix – but the paskal remix is really good too. Ewan Pearson / i want you is my fav thx Joyce Munizion / These are really cool! Sleazy McQueen / …. and the snake told Eve to take a bite of the “Apple” … Man Machine > Ancient Dreams > New Religion . Christian Pronovost / brilliant I love . . . →

Drumpoet Community 42

Artist: Daniel Kyo feat. Mr. White
Title: All I Want (Original Mix) / All I Want (John Daly Remix) / All I Want (Kayefes Remix) / All I Want (Adriatique Remix)
Download Bonus Tracks: All I Want (Daniel Kyo and the Gekkonidae Remix)
Cat No: DPC 042-1 / DPC 042-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: adriatique mix for me. Shir Khan / Best thing I’ve heard all week. Hard to pick a fav but John’s mix initially is doing it for me. Thanks. The Revenge / Big record – I will go for the original, daly and the adriatique remix. thanks ! Sasse / hey guys, all about the john daly mix in here… thanks! Iron Curtis / i love the original. cool one from daniel. Karotte / John Daly mix is solid gold! Def be playing that one. cheers! Jimpster / John Daly’s remix is beautiful! Sven von Thuelen / Love the Original and the vibe of the Adriatique Mix. The other mixes are cool . . . →