AFMB – A Forest Mighty Black (3-LP)

Artist: AFMB
Title: A Forest Mighty Black (3-LP)
Cat No: DPC 047-1
Format: 3-LP / Download

It’s been a while, 17 years, to be precise since Bernd Kunz, also known as AFMB, released an album. After its release in 1997, A Forest Mighty Black’s “Mellowdramatic”, became a trip-hop classic. It followed several 12“s that Kunz released on Compost Records, including Compost’s 001, “Fresh In My Mind“. “Mellowdramatic” included tracks like “Rebirth“ and “Everything“ and highlighted Kunz’s love for the melancholic shades of music.

In the years that followed, Kunz quietly drifted away from his trip-hop roots and during this time he moved from the Black Forest capital Freiburg to Zurich, Switzerland, where he got more in touch with house music again (before his trip-hop days he was an avid acid house and garage addict). After meeting Drumpoet’s label boss Alex Dallas and his “Earthbound“ buddy Alex Gustafson at the cities’ most famous house club “Zukunft“, it was clear what had to be done – . . . →

Ensemble Du Verre – The Light Gets In (CD)

Artist: Ensemble Du Verre
Title: The Light Gets In (CD)
Cat No: CPT 435-2
Format: CD / Download

Ensemble Du Verre (E.D.V.) was founded by the composer, producer and musician Sönke Düwer in 2003. Since then, a number of albums and EPs did see the light of day, including a “CD of the Year” of Art Online and the “Prize of German Record Critics” in 2008.
Musical independence, diversity and stylistic boundlessness are basic elements in Ensemble Du Verre’s music. Jazz, Dubstep, House and Breakbeat merge and create the unique E.D.V. sound, like on the new album “The Light Gets In”, which perfectly represents personal expression and creative potential of producer and multi-instrumentalist Sönke Düwer. He is a thoroughbred musician with a lot of live experience. Ensemble Du Verre starting their Tour in winter 2013/14.
“The Light Gets In” is a homogeneous collection of songs, performed by the debut singer Shirin Al- Mousa. She sings on all of the 11 songs, as well as . . . →

Genf Pakula – Choices EP

Artist: Genf Pakula
Title: Choices EP
Cat No: CODIS 010-1
Format: 2 LP / CD

Post Yacht Rock Kraut Disco Prog Pop. More is More.

GENF PAKULA give an update and a new context to elements of many different worlds – including some long banned bad taste territories. Grounded in late nineties post-rock, neo-kraut and indie-house they draw from the smooth sounds, lush harmonies and vocal elements of late-seventies yacht rock, constantly inspired by – and aspiring to – the celebratory grooves and skillful string-and-horn arrangements of disco.
Emulating legends in DIY mode – GENF PAKULA are truly overreaching. Which is the idea. From an easy listening cruise along the seaside promenade tracks accelerate into the soundtrack ambience of 70ies paranoid political thrillers and breathless chases through long corridors of looped machinery breaking through to the cosmic neo-disco-dancefloor. With a tendency for kraut-rock jams, an awareness for contemporary electronic clubmusic, risky allusions to fusion and tacky orchestra pop, and roots in soul, punk . . . →

Rey & Kjavik – Compost Black Label #110

Artist: Rey & Kjavic
Title: Compost Black Label #110
Cat No: CPT 443-3
Format: Download

The duo Rey & Kjavik have fueled their vibrant house and impeccable success once more. Here they injecting their brand to proper funky proto-house and undulating raving moments, sure to play a good part in hedonistic clubland. The guys focus more and more on themselves as writer and performer of their own vocals. Like you can hear on the last productions, they have mission, a relentless mission!

Rey & Kjavik is the brainchild of Magnús Rey and Ísak Kjavik. Two guys from the middle of fuckin’ nowhere, well from the middle of a big European city, which – both city and who they are – shall keepin on something in the dark. But the guys are more than an insider’s tipp after releases on top notch labels like Compost Black Label, KaterMukke, Exploited, Get Physical and their own BY awake imprint. Their latest remixes for Claire’s super smash “Games” . . . →

Compost Tech House Selection – Dirty Cache

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Tech House Selection – Dirty Cache
Cat No: CPT 441-3
Format: Download

After one and a half decade and more than 400 releases, Compost Records bundles some of their finest tunes as Various Artists digital download compilation albums. The variety and full spectrum of Compost’s repertoire has never or rarely been presented in form of a musical genre compilation. These releases will be compiled or DJ-mixed by Compost’s artists and are available as digital downloads, except in some rare cases very very limited as 500 CDs.
House-music was always a big part of the Compost catalogue. This already resulted in two ‘House- compilations (Compost House Selection Vol. 1 & 2).
For this particular house selection, Rupert & Mennert, dove into the darker side of the catalogue. They searched for tracks that contained the minimalistic elements of ‘Techno’ mixed with the more soulful parts of ‘House’.
To create a platform for this type of music, Compost founder Michael . . . →

Elaste Vol. 4

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 4
Cat No: CPT 439-1/2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Welcome to the fourth chapter of the ELASTE series!

In this compilation I am progressing a style I am inaugurating: Vintage Futurism.
The best metaphor for this genre is Charanjit Singh’s 1982 album Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat in which he created a sound which mirrors, but more importantly pre-dates, the first acid house record by five years. It is no novelty record, but truly capturing the hypnotic potential of acid/house music. It became my key track for Elaste Volume 4.
Previous incarnations of Elaste have aimed to catch the spirit of the late 70’s Italian Cosmic Discotheque, a place where the history of DJing was rewritten within this microcosm. For this latest instalment I was most intrigued by weird of-the-time (or ‘out-of’ as the case turned out to be) electronic disco, a vast genre!
Bringing together those progressive avant-garde tracks that were expanding the genres . . . →

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The Black 80s – Compost Black Label #108

Artist: The Black 80s
Title: Compost Black Label #108
Cat No: CPT 433-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Nice to see Hollis back in the game recently. Nice EP once again… Fred Everything | I like it! Mario Basanov | Nice release. Noir | Very nice ! Simbad | This is such a great 12″ !!! Love all the tracks and especially that amazing Rubini Remix. Will play this for sure…. Peter Kruder | Go home makes me wanna stay! Permanent Vacation | Like Go Home! Adana Twins | Go Home is lovely, a really nice mixture of straight-up deep house with some post- punk/Ze-style gear. Nothing Better starts the broken beat revival Bill Brewster | GO HOME is great. Shir Khan | Excellent ! Love Nothing better original & Such a long time, superb tracks. Fabrice Lig | Digging these grooves, funky, broken beatz.. old school and new school together! straight into my dj set! Luca Bacchetti | Damn such a long time is . . . →