The Underwolves – Under Your Sky

Artist: The Underwolves
Title: Under Your Sky
Cat No: JCR 015-1 / JCR 015-2
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: This compilation is a highlight … has to be in every record-collection! The GAP

Info: There are a couple of reasons why Ned Kelly and six foot three Professor Stretch decided to call themselves The Underwolves. Both are unusual and, more importantly, are clues to understanding the London – based duo’s unorthodox but compelling music. The first concerns American author Cormac McCarthy, since the pairs 1996 debut single was called “The Crossing”, after the second book in his Border Trilogy. Wolves feature heavily in that particular instalment, as survivors not just scavengers, and a shadowy counterpoint to it’s damaged hero. Secondly, the duo began working together just as the British dance music scene was having it’s horizons abruptly narrowed by the introduction of Criminal Justice Act, which directly targeted parties, raves and any gathering outside licensed premises. Shortly after the now infamous legislation became law in 1994 . . . →

Classen Collective – New Born

Artist: Classen Collective
Title: New Born (Universal Funk Remix) / New Born (Universal Funk Beats) / New Born (Original) / New Born (King Kooba Mix)
Cat No: JCR 012-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Uschi’s done it right 4-U. XLR8R / Soppy, smooth and pretty house that feels purpose built for a hazy afternoon party. …it also gets jazzy with those airy George Benson ‘this is sophisiticated music’ licks. 7 Magazine / This is just pure laid-back sex on a groove. Fluid

Info: After their successful debut E.P. last year Classen Collective are back with another superb 12” introducing singer Corinna Joseph. The track “New Born” , inspired by Uschi’s newly born baby, is once again a highly jazz-influenced house track, which has plenty of vibe, deepness and groove. The Original version includes a nice piano melody, beautiful-warm female vocals by Corinna Joseph, and funky breaks. This is something for the late-night lounge session. The mix by Universal Funk, alias Tonny Svensson, one part of the Classen Collective, is far . . . →

Jazzanova – Remixes 1997-2000

Artist: Jazzanova
Title: Remixes 1997-2000
Cat No: JCR 013-1 / JCR 013-2
Format: 5-LP / 2-CD

Quotes: … they light a musical tinderbox  The Face / the speed jazz kings! Jockey Slut

Info: Jazzanova are a Berlin based producer collective consisting of the Jazzanova DJ-team (Jürgen von Knoblauch, Alexander Barck, and Claas Brieler), the producers of Extended Spirit (Stefan Leisering and Axel Reinemer), and Kosma (Roskoe Kretschmann). Jazzanova had discovered their sonic brotherhood DJing at Berlin’s Delicious Doughnuts Club and hooked up as a team back in 1995. To Jazzanova, music means the search for a common language of international club music, to take in influences from all different cultures and musical styles, to fuse these styles together and get the audience involved in the whole musical spectrum of that fusion. Their love for deep jazz and modern beats has led their music to become a somewhat stunning amalgamation of retro and new sounds that echoes almost all . . . →

Yukihiro Fukotomi – I Am

Artist: Yukihiro Fukotomi
Title: Drifting / I Am / Music Is The Healer / Speak
Cat No: JCR 011-1
Format: 12″


Info: The late 80′s, the period at the dawn of the Japanese domestic dance / club music scene, Tokyo native Yukihiro Fukutomi started his career as a DJ at clubs like “Gold”, “Zoo” and “Cave” in Tokyo. At the same time he started working as a composer, arranger, programmer and producer. Fukutomi was also involved with the programming for Pizzacato 5. After presenting his first solo project, a compilation track titled “Tokyo DJs Only”, he received recognition as a pioneer and creator innovator of house and dance music. As one of only a few artists who is able to handle producing, arranging, composing, programming and remixing in the whole process of music production, he has constantly participated in a number of sessions up until now. From 1991 to 1995, he released three solo albums and got high acclaim for each one in various music circles. In . . . →

NuSpirit Helsinki – Montana Roha Jazz EP

Artist: NuSpirit Helsinki
Title: Love Bossa feat. Eero Koivistoinen / Orson / Seis Por Ocho
Cat No: JCR 010-1
Format: 12″


Info: Nuspirit Helsinki (aka. Nu Sound Collective Helsinki) is a Helsinki based collective of DJ’s, producers and live musicians. The group consists of the core group of five plus numerous musicians living in Helsinki. Thomas K and Ender founded Nuspirit in 1998. Dj Lil’ Tony and keyboard player, Kasio joined the group in the end of the same year. The fifth member of the core group, Eppu joined the team in late 1999. The collective’s musical influences are mainly various kind of black music (jazz/soul/funk) as well as Latin / African flavors. Nuspirit’s goal is to fuse live instrumentation and a wide variety of musical styles to create rich sounds – which can be enjoyed both at home and on the dance floor. Regarding musicians, visitors and musical flavors, the idea is to be as open-minded as possible. The ultimate musical mission for Nuspirit is to . . . →

Best Of Novi Singers

Artist: V.A.
Title: Best Of Novi Singers
Cat No: JCR 006-1
Format: LP

Quotes: There is this epidemic of labeling, everybody labels everybody – seems some people can’t sleep at night without having everything neatly classified. I don’t give a damn if somebody says I sing church music, and somebody says it’s military marches and somebody says it’s nursery  rhymes, and somebody else wonders if it’s jazz. (…) I don’t care what it’s going to get called, I just want it to be good. Bernard Kawka (The Novi Singers)

Info: We first stumbled across the Polish vocal ensemble Novi Singers (New Original Vocal Instruments) several years ago by chance and have been hooked ever since. Their second album “Novis in Wonderland” (1968) might be known to many, for it was released on the German SABA-MPS label. The vast artistic output of the group for the state-owned Polish record label Polskie Nagrania remained a well-kept secret for the Western-European countries and the rest of the world. . . . →

Polish Jazz

Artist: V.A.
Title: Polish Jazz
Cat No: JCR 007-1
Format: LP

Quotes: To be successful, it is no longer enough to play Horace Silver themes. One shouldn’t play material borrowed from records (…) I founded my own quartet and created my music to play what I want to and how I want to. Zbigniew Namyslowski

Info: This is it: the first compilation spotlighting Polish jazz output from the 60′s to the 70′s. Poland has one of the oldest European Jazz traditions. A tradition which has been both highly respected and ignored in the past. The first Sopot Jazz Festival for example, took place in 1956. This event marked the full emergence of jazz from the underground and the music’s first official recognition on a major scale in Poland. At the time jazz was a real subculture, because it did not have any concert audiences and was confined to “jam-sessions” in backrooms and cellars. The political tenor of the time was rather anti-American – cultural imperialism was seen as . . . →

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