Drumpoet Community 18

Artist: Ray Okpara
Title: Swimming To The Moon EP
Cat No: DPC 018-1
Format: 12″ / Download


Info: 1978 born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, he spent his childhood in his father’s homeland Nigeria, in order to return to Germany at the age of nine years due to the at that time dramatic economical and political situation in the west African state. Hope for imminent return was not confirmed, but Ray and his family got rapid entrance to the local society. He leads his musical roots back to the underground Hip Hop of the west coast. That’s where he got to know his partner since many years Johnny D.. Impressed by the different electronic music styles, along their journeys in the night life, the first UK Garage records of his roomie at that time drew his interest on djing. The fascination and variety of House music led to a style change early in his career. First very vocal-loaded, later he focused more on  the deep, soulful and at the same . . . →

Drumpoet Community 17

Artist: Willie Graff & Tuccillo
Title: Sun Goes Down EP
Cat No: DPC 017-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Bang is cool! When the sun goes down is cooler. probably the one i will work into the set. Mr.White / Very nice house release, I really like both tracks, for sure I will play it Luna City Express / I always liked Willie’s few productions so far and as well like what Tuccillo does. This makes no exception. Will play the tracks. Ralf Gum / Very compliments two tracks a real trip!!! Phreek Plus One

Info: Willie Graff is back with his second release on Drumpoet and this time with Tuccillo. He’s the resident DJ of Cielo and plays also throughout the world. He spends his summers in Ibiza where he is deejaying regularly. His productions with various partners like Jerome Sydenham, Pippi or Tuccillo gained him an excellent reputation. „When the sun goes down“ – a touching piece, slowly building with an atmospheric darkness to turn into an irresistible groove. This track has been played already . . . →

Drumpoet Community 16

Artist: Langenberg
Title: Judgement Day EP
Cat No: DPC 016-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Langenberg, has a nice smooth, deep, minimal vibe going on Robert Owens / Another stunning and brilliant EP from my friend Langenberg. Both sides are fu**in great and will stay in my case for maybe ever! What more can you expect. Nothing I guess. Top notch!!! Dplay / I love „Judgement Day – it  moves from the deep driving sound subtely into  real soul catching chords but retains a right stomp…excellent!! „Bleachin’“ is like a late night love song. ideal for the summer and very hypnotic. Love both tunes and would play them out at clubs and festivals… Real growers too!! Danielle Moore

Info: We have a really special time and it seems that the last few 12“es on Drumpoet created a big buzz on dancefloors around the globe – we are really excited and happy about this. And the story continues with a fresh and promising signing we made through our friend DPlay. Langenberg is another upcoming young . . . →

Drumpoet Community 15

Artist: Quarion
Title: The Workout / Vibrations
Cat No: DPC 015-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Wicked EP – love the bline in Workout. Will play out for sure!! Vibrations is cool too – all round great package. Matt Masters / Drumpoet strikes again! Great sounds as usual – Quarion is always nice… So far i’m liking Vibrations the most! Willie Graff / This sounds excellent, will play and support! DJ Sasse / Quarion ist the ‘ Hot Stuff ‘ ! All Killer, no Filler .. more please!! DJ Kaos / Just like the fantastic dub for Alex Attias recently, which will become a Compost Records CLASSIC!! It’s the Vibration that got me here. in the box! Very own and very fine sound. Keep on keepin on. Michael Rütten

Info: Welcome along to the latest release of Zurich based label Drumpoet Community. This release features a new mindblowing 12“ by Quarion. Already with his first single he created a big buzz among DJs like Âme, Dixon, Derrick May and Laurent Garnier to name just a few. Releases . . . →

Drumpoet Community 14

Artist: Manuel Tur & Dplay
Title: Deviate / Mild Pitch
Cat No: DPC 014-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: this is dope! esp the b side James Friedman / sounds great, i’m into the bside a lot too! Sian / Deviate is a nice groover, I like. Tobi (Moonbootica) / Sounds amazing!! Lovin his deepness. Manuel is one to watch out. Osamu M yes quiet a cool release. will def play “mild pitch” and chart if Alex Attias He! eh! Nice release! Manuel Tur pure Deep Style! it seems than wild pitch is coming back! yes! Fabrice Lig Aka Soul Designer (Third Ear)

Info: Yeah, the boys from Essen Germany are back with 2 delightful tracks of stunning deepness. Manuel Tur who’s also known for his works on Freerange Records belongs to Germany’s promising Talents when it comes to House music. With his recent Remixes for Nick Holder for NRK, Milton Jackson as well as for Random Factor, he gained an excellent reputation. With his partner DPlay who is a great House DJ . . . →

Drumpoet Community 12 EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: Quiet Before The Storm (Quarion Remix) / Coming Soon (Soultourist) / Heard:Unhurt (The Lost Men) / Movin’ On (Kawabata)
Cat No: DPC 012-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Great deepness here… can’t really tear them apart.. all on the level deepness filed under proper house music.. Tim Faberge / This is sounding really good. the kind of stuff that sounds great down the club ,in the car or at home. I look forward to hearing the full compilation, it’s the kind of stuff i love to hear early evening or early morning. This ep sounds lovely, showcasing the super talents of the drumpoet community… house music that is slick and soulful. Tristan / ABSOLUTE fantastic release!!!!! totally my thing.. exactly the music I wanna hear and I wanna play..probably my favorite label right now.. seriously..thanx again… Reynold

Info: Welcome along to the first Drumpoet compilation entitled „Drumpoems Verse 1“. The drumpoet.comMUNITY was founded 2005 in Zurich to remusicalize the cold and sometimes boring schemes . . . →

Drumpoet Community 12

Artist : V.A.
Title: Drumpoet Community presents - Drumpoems Verse 1
Cat No: DPC 012-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Congratulation Guys!!!! Love it! and play constantly! Loco Dice / Drumpoetry! Gimme, gimme… Crowdpleaser / Its a big one no doubt – I need this release in my life Will Saul / I’m loving it! Drumpoet is “the shit” from Switzerland… super! DJ Naughty / Congratulations on the Drumpoet Label… jolly good! Todd Terje

Info: Welcome to ‘Drumpoems Verse 1’, a selection of tracks created by Zurich’s Drumpoet Community and compiled by label head-honchos Alex Dallas and Ron Shiller.  Drawing heavily on the Alpine backdrop of their home city and its relaxed vibe, the artists have assembled a selection of exclusive tracks and one-off edits to reflect the rhythm of Zurich and it’s cosmopolitan feel. Coming from the Compost stable and founded in 2005, the Drumpoet Community’s initial aim was to remusicalise the cold and sometimes boring schemes of clubland, bringing sunshine and emotion back to the dancefloor.  Essentially it’s music . . . →