Prommer & Barck – Friends At Work EP (Remixes)

Artist: Prommer & Barck
Title: Friends At Work EP Remixes
Cat No: DERWIN 009-3
Format: Download

Luke Solomion’s remix is great! Axel Boman | Very nice! Mario Basanov | Really like this ep — will play for sure. Laurent Garnier | Nice set of remixes. Liking Luke’s Relief vibe as well Skwerl Mix. Fred Everything | Nice remix from Luke, was expecting some acidic stuff, and then this sweet stuff. Tensnake | Luke’s remix of The Machine is great – yet another superb version – I don’t have to take it out of the wallet for months now! Like the Model remix of Everything a lot too. Ewan Pearson | Excellent! Simon Garcia | Everything (Skwerl Remix) is great! Danny Krivit | Dope deep sounds here with the Skwerl Mix. Perfect for the deeper dance floors. Classic vibe. Mark Farina | Another ace Luke Solomon remix and also gonna be playing the wonderfully deep skwerl mix of Everything. Stuart Patterson | All about the . . . →

Prommer & Barck – The Machine

Artist: Prommer & Barck
Title: The Machine (Drum and Bass) / I Want You / The Machine (Original) / (PasKal & Urban Absolutes Remix)
Cat No: Derwin 008-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: liking the machine ! Alex Kenning / a really great packege! I still do love the freestyle approach here. all versions have sth stpecial. Trickski / Daniel / Excellent ep. Full support from X-Press 2 !! Diesel / Great sound guys, im dfntly gonna be playing the remix of The Machine out – nice 1 ! Simbad / P&UA smash it again! Dom Servini / Wah Wah 45s / I really like the stripped back mix – but the paskal remix is really good too. Ewan Pearson / i want you is my fav thx Joyce Munizion / These are really cool! Sleazy McQueen / …. and the snake told Eve to take a bite of the “Apple” … Man Machine > Ancient Dreams > New Religion . Christian Pronovost / brilliant I love . . . →

Prommer & Barck - Sleeping Beauty Remixes

Artist: Prommer & Barck
Title: Sleeping Beauty (Timo Maas and Santos Remix)  / Sleeping Beauty (Master-H Raw Vision Remix) / Sleeping Beauty (Broken Reform Remix)
Cat No: Derwin 007-3
Format: Download

Quotes: broken reform remix is the one for me Andre Lodemann / Nice jams; Master H’s mix is nice! DJ Deep / Broken Reform remix is great! Ewan Pearson / the rmx from timo & santos is nice. will try. Karotte / Timo Maas & Santos Mix Its Huge & Ful Of Groove..Love It Thaks For The Good Sound Guys Kebra / last 2 mixes are nice Magda / really like this label. have been playing every release. Shir Khan / Very deep Progressive House track.. 
Loving the Tomo Mass and Santos remix Alex aka Soulist / Awesome remix package! I like all the versions. Great job  Coyu / love the track, timo maas & santos rmx, great / Robert Owens / nice package. will play each track .
thanx. Toni Rios

Info: Here is the second remix package for Prommer & Barck.

After the . . . →

Eva Be feat. Ladi6 – Confusion Of A Lady

Artist: Eva Be feat. Ladi6
Title: Confusion Of A Lady
Cat No: Derwin006-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: I’m really feeling Alex & Rampa’s mixes on this proper tune – nice one! / Nice Release. It prooves that confusions can lead to something great. v. Knoblauch (Jazzanova) / nice tracks Magda / the alex barck remix is the one for me! Marlow (Moon Harbour Records) / the winner is: RAMPA! super fine… Rainer Trueby / RAMPAS Mix kicks me. Will play this one out and at Radio Fritz. Superb Alex Barck Remix! Deetron / RAMPA Remis is brilliant  Laurent Garnier / Great stuff … Think the Rampa mix is my fav here. Much love. The Revenge

Info: Be like Berlin. Eva Be embodies the sound of that city like no other artist. Effortless, she elegantly moves between genres like Dub, House or any other urban electronic style. The “First Lady of Dub, House & Electro”, that’s what she’s called by true Berliners. And she . . . →

Zangalewa Vs. Prommer & Barck – Zangalewa (Waka Waka)

Zangalewa vs. Prommer & BarckArtist: Zangalewa vs. Prommer & Barck
Title: Zangalewa (Waka Waka) (Vocal Mix) / Zangalewa (Waka Waka) (Dub)
Cat No: Derwin 005
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Thanx. Will test it. Dixon /  Will Be ROKKIN this! Karizma / both mixes are great! Melon / Wow. amazing track! Nicolas Matar / love it .. big up Christain and Alex .. MA FOOM BEY INDEED!  Stuart Patterson / Nice and moody groove with world riddims all around, diggin’! Velanche

Info: Waka Waka! Who doesn’t know these famous words of the worldwide number one hit.

Here is our version of the well known african traditional, using the original „Waka Waka“ chorus, sampled with full permisson in two infectious mixes by Christian Prommer & Alex Barck. This huge hit based on „Zangalewa“, an traditional African song adapted by a Makossa group from Cameroon called Golden Sounds. First released in 1986, the song became such a hit for Golden Sounds, that they changed their name to Zangalewa. The song pays tribute to african Skirmishers (a.k.a Tirailleurs) during World War II . . . →

Prommer & Barck – Journey / The Barking Grizzle Remixes

Prommer & BarckArtist: Prommer & Barck
Title: Journey (KiNK Remix) / The Barking Grizzle (Detroit-Berlin) (Norman & Jerome Sydenham Remix) / The Barking Grizzle (San Soda Remix)
Cat No: Derwin 003-1 / Derwin 003-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: great remix package! Dplay / hey there, thanks for sending this! KiNK’s rdub-mix is the one for me… krafty beats and wishful melodies…. nice one! Iron Curtis / the new rmx of barking grizzle is great. and i like the kink dub. Karotte / yes yes yesssssss and YESSSS Laurent Garnier / amazing track Magda / all mixes are fire and i will play this weekend thank you Milton Jackson / love everything these guyus make..this is no exception! Osunlade / KINK Remix is dope! Big up to my boy Norman for his first remix too! Shir Khan / These remixes and quality….can’t put it any other way at the moment. All doing justice to the originals in great ways. Full support! Thanks alot… Velanche

Info: Taking the next level, the infectious grooves and fiercely beauteousness of the highly acclaimed Prommer & Barck album „Alex & The Grizzly“ are mesmerized . . . →

Quintus Project – Night Flight

Quintus ProjectArtist: Quintus Project
Title: Night Flight (Psychemagik Remix) / Night Flight (Lexx Edit) / Night Flight (Original)
Cat No: Derwin004-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Original is perfect emotive music. Soft but intense ! I:Cube / Very good little discovery…good edits too! Rainer Tueby / Fantastic tune! Got goose bumps.  The Psychemagik guys and Lexx do a great job as well with the mixes! Roberto Rodriguez / beautiful Lexx Edit! LOVE D Play / Top Lexx Edit .. sweet laidback groves.. great music! Dirt Crew / Love the Psychemagik RMX. The Lexx Mix is also good. The Original is pure listening bliss. Great discovery. Peter Kruder / Wonderful music … keep it up. The Revenge / So happy to receive this! The original version is a real trip…superb! Willie Graff

Info: The original „Night Flight“ is one of Alex Barck’s (Jazzanova / A&R @ Derwin Rec.) latest discoveries. Alex found this little masterpiece by Quintus Project in a second hand shop and we simply had to re-release this beautiful shimmering piece of balearic soft-tune. The . . . →