Genf Pakula – Choices EP

Artist: Genf Pakula
Title: Choices EP
Cat No: CODIS 010-1
Format: 12”

Post Yacht Rock Kraut Disco Prog Pop. More is More.

GENF PAKULA give an update and a new context to elements of many different worlds – including some long banned bad taste territories. Grounded in late nineties post-rock, neo-kraut and indie-house they draw from the smooth sounds, lush harmonies and vocal elements of late-seventies yacht rock, constantly inspired by – and aspiring to – the celebratory grooves and skillful string-and-horn arrangements of disco.
Emulating legends in DIY mode – GENF PAKULA are truly overreaching. Which is the idea. From an easy listening cruise along the seaside promenade tracks accelerate into the soundtrack ambience of 70ies paranoid political thrillers and breathless chases through long corridors of looped machinery breaking through to the cosmic neo-disco-dancefloor. With a tendency for kraut-rock jams, an awareness for contemporary electronic clubmusic, risky allusions to fusion and tacky orchestra pop, and roots in soul, punk and indie, all . . . →

The Blaxploited Orchestra – The Pursuit EP

Artist: The Blaxploited Orchestra
Title: The Pursuit EP
Cat No: CODIS 009-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Remix of The Pursuit sounds great. Noir | I like Greatest Hits the best! Danny Krivit | wow… really nice stuff in here. The Pursuit is out of this world. Great release. Kruse & Nuernberg | Some sweet stuff here. | Fred Everything | Super!!! Michel Cleis | So so good! Mario Basanov Nice !! Richard Dorfmeister | Lovely oldschool vibes, nice one Joyce Muniz | Love it! Round Table Knights | I like Until the day, nice one. acques Renault / Runaway | GREAT EP! FULL SUPPORT! Kasper Bjørke | Felling the funk!!! Greatest hits, and Pursuit rmx will do me fine!! Doc Martin | Cool stuff, wil go down well on our radisohow! Kraak & Smaak | Fantastic !! Catz `N Dogz | Brilliant EP Luke Solomon | Top Top EP … and the remix is brilliant DJ Yellow | until the day = hotness Justin Miller (DFA)

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Compost Disco 08

Artist: Evol Ai
Title: Dar K Disco (Original) l Dar K Disco (Sleazy McQueen Remix) l Dar K Disco (Ilya Santana Disco Fury Remix) l Te Qi
Cat No: Codis 008-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Cool Ilya Santana Disco Fury Remix Round Table Knights | Awesome Sleazy McQ remix! Kasper Bjørke | Like the ilya santana mix. Shir Khan | Great disco pack Tensnake | Really like AA1! Reminds me of Idjut Boys. Daniel Brandt (Brandt Brauer Frick) | Really digging the Santana remix, proper Salsoul vibes! Timo Garcia | mc queen remix for me. Agoria | Love the Ilya Santana Disco Fury Remix! Danny Krivit | Love It. Full Support DJ Pippi / Kebra | Love Dar K Disco Original Great FX on the guitar. The Mixes are great as well Peter Kruder | Feel the original the most here… Dairmount | excellent release! Claude Monnet | Cool! Kraak & Smaak | The shoes are polished and with sound the night can’t go wrong . . . →

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Compost Disco 07

Artist: El Freakadell
Title: I Got You – Remixes & Instrumentals
Cat No: Codis 007-3
Format: Download

Quotes: i like the house instr. Andre Lodemann / Absolutely loving the Mudegg mixes! Good stuff!! Roberto Rodriguez / this is immense! Sleazy McQueen / Great Mixes…Cool Vibe DJ Pippi (Kebra) / nice discotrack Karotte / HOUSE VOX DUB !!!!! Michael Ruetten / lovely disco version ! Richard Dorfmeister / the disco and house cuts are bot well crafted tunes Roual Galloway / Cool package here, the disco mix is my favorite. Thanks for sending.. Rui Vargas / wow, what amazing EP! Nicolas Mata
Info: After we received such great feedback, together with instrumental requests of the original versions of El Freakadell’s “I Got You”, we present the disco stomper instrumentals plus a vibrant remix by Mudegg and a soulful reinterpretation by Fromwood.

El Freakadell is the new project founded by Enzo Elia (Baleraric Gabba Sound System) and Roskow Kretschmann (X-Jazzanova, Sygaire, Kosma, Mudegg). . . . →

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Compost Disco 06

Artist: El Freakadell
Title: I Got You (Original Disco Version) / I Got You (House Version)
Cat No: Codis 006-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Present day disco! Nice! Josh Wink / great disco and house version. love it. Karotte / Absolutly Support…Love Disco Vibe….Original Disco Version Its My Mix Kebra / i like freakadells, with herbs and onions and salad and a bit of housequake. selfmade usually . . . Michael Ruetten / both cuts cut the mustard Roual Galloway / House version is wicked!! SCOPE / Both versions are ace; the ingredients are all in the right doses of vocals, beats, and soulful production. Excellent! Velanche / Really cool!!! Love the house version, full support Andres Aguirre / I prefer the house version. the disco version is a little busy for me x Danielle Moore / The house version is fine but definitely the mix on this release is the original Disco Version, supper uplifting disco vibes which will move any crowd with soul Kiko Navarro

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Compost Disco 05

Compost Disco 05Artist: Joash
Title: Mission (Chocolate Garage Prod. Oldschool Mix) / Bleed (Sportloto Soviet Mix) / Don’t Feat It, Fight It (Woolfy Remix)
Cat No: Codis 005-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Looking forward to play out Woolfy’s Mix. Jürgen von Knoblauch / cool rmx. ep.. woolfy are back!!!! chocolate garage is great as well!!! full support!!! map.ache (Kann Records) / glad to have it on vinyl…nice raw old-school feel Chocolate & Sportloto for me…Rainer Trueby / super release !!! Richard Dorfmeister / this is fantastic. I’ll play all three tracks. Sleazy McQueen

Info: This is rolling funky, sexy and beautiful sundown music!  Oldschool Rap in a sultrily modern boogie way, edited and Joash’s strings heavenly disco-fied by a Cologne based soul-, boogie-  and garage house connoisseur Chocolate Garage Productions, a true soul bon vivant, who is digging, colecting this whole music hemisphere since the early Eighties.

Russian native Sportloto, who already presented several remixes for Compost, recently the amazing slick one for Phreek Plus One „Passion“ . . . →

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Compost Disco 04

Compost Disco 04Artist: John Gazoo
Title: Midnight Runner
Cat No: Codis 004-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: nice ep Andre Lodemann / sweat! yeah! I like it a lot! Trickski) / this is really good, the pent up energy of the second version is really great. Sleazy McQueen / Love the Second Version. Nicely executed hot disco. Big support. Ashley Beedle / vintage version is discolicious Dj Sneak / nice oldschool vibe Karotte / Thank you for the music Luciano / Fun trax! Making me shake in my chair… Nice sound and feel to the whole project.Will play thieese with love. Thank you Willie Graff

Info: John Gazoo’s 2nd 12” is falling again graciously in our Compost Disco cosmos. His previous top tune «What Happened» was so well appreciated by so many DJs, lot of them still playin that tune again and again. So we are proud to presenting his new disco smash here. «Midnight Runner» oozes soul, funkyness and the wahwah infected undisputed truth of the Seventies. Also «Next One in Dark» is a cool stunning . . . →

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