Compost Black Label 83

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Emil Seidel „Tumbling“ / Emil Seidel „Raw Dayz“ / Deo & Z-Man „Glad To Be Mad“ / Philipp Stoya „Triohu“
Cat No: CPT 391-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Emil Seide “Tumbling” is a subliminal HIT! But also the psychedelic and mystic “Triohu” from Philipp Stoya and the Deo & Z-Man track are really nice. Thanks for this GREAT release. 5/5  – Jakob Seidensticker (Wareika) / Top-notch beats and tunes; some really fine talent here. Dope! Velanche / Great e.p, Deo and Z-Man is THE track for me, superb! Fabrice Lig / Loving the release! Beautiful house music! Roberto Rodriguez / Emil Seidel is a real talent. Cool exposure here. Stoyas Triohu is also heavy. Michael Ruetten / nice one! like emils raw dayz a lot!  Jackmate / The only one I really love here is the Deo & Z-Man which is oddball enough and dramatic enough to hold my interest. Bill Brewster / Lovely EP this one! Really into all the tracks here but especially like the vibes . . . →

Compost Black Label 84

Artist: Joash
Title: Don’t Fear It, Fight It (Arto Mwambe Remix) / Salome (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) / Climb feat. Aaron David Frith (Coyu Remix Vocal Version) / The Simple Things (Till Von Sein – 61 Jam)
Cat No: CPT 381-1
Format: 12″ / Donwload

Quotes: will try the nuno rmx. Thanks Solomun / yes! great package! Arto Mwambe + Coyu are the faves Andre Lodemann / really cool tracks on it. Cant decide which is my fav for now but wanna play a lot ! Thxxx Anja Schneider / Lovely Arto Mwambe remix! Deetron / Arto Mwambe never fail! really stong package here and lots of top quality stuff but Arto always inject something extra special in their productions so that’ll be my pick for playing out. nice one! Jimpster / Nice remix package! Mwambe and Kong/Santos remixes are my favs! Joris Voorn / more remixes than ants in my pants. . . . very good overall, sometimes surprising like funk d’void’s broken breakbeat treatment. three stars . . . →

Compost Black Label 82

Artist: Rainer Trueby
Title: Jeck / Welcome To Our World (Marcus Worgull Dub) / Welcome To Our World
Cat No: CPT 385-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Jeck is great but Welcome to our world is truly amazing, love it! Deetron / full support killa track `’k’ Karizma / really good one again from mr. trueby. also the rmx from marcus is cool. full support. Karotte / Welcome to our World is BAD AZZ Thanks Loco Dice / cool tune Magda / wonderful music!!originalŽs + marcus remix!thanks Mathias Kaden / love the original.. marcus’ percussion is super tight.. and welciome to our world has that afternoon in san fran feel Mr.White / fuckiing amazing!!! haoppy to have this digitally..the entire ep is dope! Osunlade / Playing Jeck since Trooobs send it to me so time ago. Great Tune. Also like Mr. Worgulls version. Welcome to my World is a nice surpise and will be featured in my Sets. Muchos Gracias. Peter Kruder / loving the jazzy vibe of “welcome to our . . . →

Compost Black Label 81

Artist: K-Bonus & Negghead
Title: Harmonizing incl. Acid Mondays Remix
Cat No: CPT 383-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Harmonizing Part 2 is lovely! yeah, i can get on that one for sure. nice. Jimpster / Acid Mondays version for me. Good stuff! Ewan Pearson / my favourite compost in a long time. great stuff !  Rui Vargas / Love the Acid mix — will play everywhere Laurent Garnier / nice vibe..lovely rhythms Osunlade / pt1 original for me Andre Lodemann / Big up K’Bonus ! the last 2 are da ones 4 me, playin chartin Simbad

Info: What a punch. Idiosyncratic house music with a subtil disco submission. Crunchy, wirily, powerful, rising deep and as George Clinton used to say: “Standing on the verge and getting on and on and on…” / “Follow your mind and your ass will follow”. Or was that other way round. Initially this coop was born on Ibiza. K’bonus from Antwerp was invited to come and play with Nightmares On Wax and his Wax On Records crew in Ibiza, where Negghead . . . →

Compost Black Label 80

Artist: Phreek Plus One
Title: Passion feat. Mr. White (DJ T. Remix) / Passion feat. Mr. White  (Toby Tobias Remix Version 2) / Passion feat. Mr. White  (Original)
Cat No: CPT 379-1 / CPT 379-3
Format: 12″ / Downlaod

Quotes: DJ T is crazy back on form right now and this remix of Passion is a sure fire summer bomb!  (I heard Solomun play it and immediately had to find out what that crazy ‘Controller’ vocal was. The Phreek Plus One guys have been solid for years now so they deserve a hit!) Ralph Lawson / Wonderful peace of music! Loving it all thje way. Roberto Rodriguez / Very nice song! Mr White’s vocals are great. So far Toby Tobias’ mix is the one for me…Quality sounds all around though. Willie Graff / Some great tracks here. Support! Magda / . . . →

Compost Black Label 79

Artist: TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos
Title: After Dark, My Sweet Remixes by Joash
Cat No: CPT 378-3
Format: Downlaod
Quotes: Joash Remix is superb, some images come to my head, excellent! Really like the “Something Happened”‘ instrumental Fabrice Lig / i love the album. the instrumentals now are also good. Karotte / Really like the Joash Remix Robert Luis / thanks alot for sending this. that joash remix is a brave remix take! – never heard anything like that on compost in the past 14 years… besides that, the “birthday” instrumental is nice. Iron Curtis / Great remix by Joash ! Great instrumentals guys dis is dope Simbad / great The album was one of my favourite of 2010, so I’m happy to have these new versions will review! Rambaud Ludovic /

Info:In an ocean of formulaic techno, preset house music and festival one hit wonders TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos eleven track debut album “After Dark, My Sweet” (with remarkable artwork by Amsterdam graffiti hero Delta) . . . →

Compost Black Label 78

Artist: Robert Owens
Title: ART Remix EP Part 2
Cat No: CPT 377-3
Format: Download

Quotes: Gotta be the Snuff Crew mixes … meaty! The Revenge / Love the snuff crew mixes, nice work… Jacques Renault / Runaway (DFA) /  Si-Tew mix is lovely for radio action… Charles Webster / The Christo Disco Rinse Mix is the one!! Deepness!!!!Dom Servini / Rating: 5/5 GREAT!! Sascha Dive / beautiful music Sascha Funke / Excellent. Will play! Abe Duque / just an great deep soulful track – love it! Len Faki /Rating: 5/5 Impressive ≈ excellent piece .. thank you for sharing this with me! Keith Worthy / always wonderfull to hear tracks with mister Owens Lovin it Mixmaster Morris / Already got this album, some excellent stuff, will be playing it at nubient the next few months …. Laurent Garnier

Info: Compost Black Label offers further remixes of the supreme discipline. It contains remixes by Christo, Snuff Crew, Niedermeier & Whitehead, Si-Tew, Matthias Heilbronn & Joeski and John Gazoo.

Pure deep house! Christo joins the ranks after his debut Single “The Trust Is Gone” on . . . →