Compost Black Label 97

Artist: Cocolores
Title: Take Your Shirt Off / Keep On Running
Cat No: CPT 416-1
Format: 12″ / Download
Releasedate: 22.03.2013

Quotes: Nice one! Jesse Rose / I love Cocolores stye, melodic but effective house music Tensnake /  Really like that! Anja Schneider (Mobilee) /  Take Your Shirt Off !!! Karmon /  Cocolicious! I’ll take the shirts of the guys. Mhh… Adana Twins /  “Keep on Running” is so deep I had to put on my scuba gear just to hear it. Lovely. Mark Farina / keep on running is doooope !!! Joyce Muniz / Digging this tune as a nice transition for my sets…. King Britt / Watch out for Cocolores! Take your shorts off! Will play, Doctor Dru / Solid stuff Makossa / I love running! Sleazy McQueen / Nice! Richard Dorfmeister / keep on running for me André Lodemann / Keep on running for me Alexander Maier / PURE SEX STYLES. LOVE TO MY HOMIES. Shir Khan / Like the tracks, Danny Krivit / Big . . . →

Compost Black Label 95

Artist: Emilie Nana
Title: Like You (Original) / September 10th / Like You (I-Robots Reconstruction)
Download Bonus Tracks: Like You (I-Robots Instrumental Reconstruction)
Cat No: CPT 412-1 / CPT 412-3
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: I-Robots made a great job! Agoria/ I like the deepness of September 10th Loco Dice / Both the original and I Robots mixes are great. Ewan Pearson / REALLY DIGGIN THIS RELEASE!! Kasper Bjoerke Cool Danny Krivit / Loving the I-Robots mixes. Great production. Big support. Ashley Beedle / the i-robots builds well in epic ways Roual Galloway / Oh wow! This is super super great Luke Solomon / Great tracks! Robert Owens / Enjoying Like You .. will play tonight at club and radio next week. Stuart Patterson / Aaaaaaaaaamaaaaazing Reconstruction mixes by I-Robots ….!!! CHARTIN / PLAYIN, Strong release! Simbad / WTF!? rad… Sleazy McQueen / Lovely tunes! Can’t wait for the album! Roberto Rodriguez / Manolo / Like You Is My Mix..Great Bass Line!!!
DJ Pippi / Kebra . . . →

Compost Black Label 94

Artist: V.A.
Title: Ransd (Philipp Stoya) / Club Chateau (Lukas Bohlender) / Overloaded (Martin Brodin)
Cat No: CPT 411-1
Format: 12″ / Download
Releasedate: Vinyl / 22.02.2013

Quotes: P.Stoya ‘s track is phatt! Bohlender for the ladies Sven Väth / oh yes, wonky as hell but i love it Solomon / That is indeed an interesting release…I think “Club Chateau” could be the one for me but the Martin Brodin shuffle seems quite interesting to check out as well… Rainer Trueby / The Stoya track is a killer!!! The other tracks are great too! Cool mini comp! Kasper Bjorke / Nice split Ep from Compost, loving Rands and Club Chateau also Tensnake / Club Château is nice! Andre Lodemann / Club Chateau is a real Beauty! Love it! Alexander Maier / Ransd is nice ! Richard Dorfmeister / i’m a sucker for this shuffle stuff. overload is a TUNE Malente / Nice Danny Krivit / Club Chateau is the one for me. Thanks Marco Ressmann / Stoya standing out! Franksen / Cool collection of tracks! Will try them . . . →

Compost Black Label 93

Artist: SHOW-B
Title: Sax ‘N’ MPC / Sax ‘N’ MPC (SHOW-B & Thomas Herb Edit) / Jammin (Huxley Remix) / My MPC ‘N’ Me
Cat No: CPT410-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: very nice ep… my favourite is the showb & thomas herb edt, but i like all tracks here…solid release… Martin Landsky / very nice release!!! Timo Maas / the black edit is very nice !!!and i also like “my mpc n me “tune !!! cheerz from augsburg Daniel Bortz / sweet action !!! Mr.White / loving this loads Luke Solomon / huxley remix for me, i’ll play it for sure Rui Vargas / another amazing Show-b record. will be played by us! Catz n Dogz / Sax ‘N’ MPC is sex for me! Steve Bug / SAX original is excellent — will play a lot Laurent Garnier / Jammin is the one for me.. really great track! Dirt Crew / Huxley . . . →

Compost Black Label 96

Artist: Rey & Kjavik
Title: Hwmym / Joker / Aceback
Cat No: CPT413-3
Format: Download

Quotes: All tracks are very nice! Full support! Ralph Lawson / “Hwmym” is at the omega level of hotness, which is just about as high as you can get. Saddle up a pony and give your spurs a kick. Mark Farina / Nice 3 tracker. will try them out all. Alexander Maier / Like the fun apporach of the guys! Malente / Dope, dope, dope. love it! Trickski (Daniel) / Nice collection of deep and groovy house goodness Velanche / Loving the vibes! Raw and cool. Roberto Rodriguez / Manolo / Hymym is the pick for me  Roual Galloway / Cool Sample Vox …Cool Vibe DJ Pippi / Kebra / 1&2 are ace! Phonique / Nice! DJ Aroma / great peaktime material. thank you! will play DJ Friction (Bodymovin) / always goood! keep it coming  Johnwaynes

Info: Rey & Kjavik keep the heavy basslines rolling. Three dancefloor bangers, just straight peaktime business, flavoured with some catchy vocal samples.

Rey & Kjavik is the brainchild of Magnús . . . →

Compost Black Label 92

Artist: Rainer Trueby
Title: Welcome To Our World (Dima Studitsky Remix) / Welcome To Our World (Session Victim Remix) / Jeck (Sello Remix)
Download Bonus Tracks: Jeck (Chocolate Garage Productions Remix)
Cat No: CPT408-1
Format: 12″ / Download
Releasedate Digital: 07.12.2012

Quotes: one of the best remix packages this year. will play them all for sure! Alexander Maier / Dima Studitsky is nice Andre Lodemann / great Anja Schneider / wicked,  Sam Bailey / I like this… Danny Krivit / dima mix is v cool..also CGP mix is nice..will play 4 sure…thnx Charles Webster / Nice diverse remix package, all sounding solid, esp feeling the Sello mix.. Dave Aju / Loving the Session Victim rmx! Killer version of a favourite track. Dom Servini / Off the deep end, snorkel included. Lovely bubbles from the depths. Mark Farina / now this comin over like a little surprise. welcome to our world , again. great remixes! Michael Ruetten / really nice package, enjoying the session victim remix Milton Jackson / Session Victim rmx is my pick here! Awesome! . . . →

Compost Black Label 91

Artist: Rey & Kjavik
Title: 29 Soul / Lost
Cat No: CPT406-3
Format: Download

Quotes: Yeah! this is cool. Sleazy McQueen / Totally love rey & kjavik. Shir Khan / Quite obviously 29soul will work just fine on the dancefloors. SHOW-B / Nice! Malente / Big ascending riffs on 29 Soul sounding so good … Ewan Pearson / Deep, quirky and lush, in the crate you go, 4am here we come. Mark Farina / Great vibe on both tracks Robert Owens / Both tracks are nice…always like the vibe of their tracks…lost is my favourite here… Martin Landsky / Wow, really like 29 Soul a lot. Sort of reminds me of New York mid-90s. Very groovy and deep and really fucking DRAMATIC something that is sadly lacking in most house music nowadays. Lost also very good. Bill Brewster / Lost all night long! Full Support! Alexander Maier / Both very srtong track ! In the box ! Christian Pronovost (Lost Heroes) / 29 soul is damn cool Franksen

Info: Rey & Kjavik . . . →