Party-Keller 3

Artist: V.A.
Title: Party-Keller 3
Cat No: CPT 355-1 / CPT 355-2 / CPT 355-3
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: Essential purchase for anyone keen to hear quality modern interpretations off the good groove.  Straight No Chaser

Info: The Party-Keller compilation series is a project linked to my constant Munich-based clubnights. After some short journeys to the Japanese Soultage label (Soul Jammin’ Vol.3) and a mix for London-based Breakin Bread (The Party-Keller Mix CD), we have finally reached Vol. 3.

In the late Seventies direct-to-disc albums were quite popular, since they sound great and people spent some serious dough on proper hi-fi equipment in those days. We actually coupling four amazing cuts from three different direct-to-disc albums here: Mickey Erbe’s Orchestra interpretation of the „2001 Theme“ (which I’ve played very often in the early Nineties, I almost forgot how good it is), then two superb Gino Dentie’s interpretations of B.T. Express’ „Express“ and Brass Construction’s „Movin’“, as well as Rahmlee (Michael Davis) from Earth . . . →

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Party-Keller 2

Artist: V.A.
Title: Party-Keller 2
Cat No: CPT 227-1 / CPT 227-2
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: An interesting and well-mixed compilation. De:Bug / Like stateside contemporaries Theo Parrish, Danny Krivit, and Joe Claussell, Keller challenges his listeners, spinning curious, even cultish records from the past that are still relevant to present-day clubbers. He favors records with rhythms to die for, especially of the funk, fusion, electro, hip-hop, and post-disco varieties. Every one of the 14 tracks on Partykeller is worthy of mention. All Music Guide

Info: Sons And Daughters! Round two. Just kind of – for being another selection of open minded Funk influenced sounds. This compilation was originally planned as another side project and is a collection of music from folks who made independently and wonderful interpretations from more recent years, being influenced by the first wave of Funk and Soul creators, but spanning it a bit wider than just the temporary Neo-Funk scene. To start with breaking the rules immediately – and to start . . . →

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Party-Keller – compiled by Florian Keller

Artist: V.A.
Title: Party-Keller – compiled by Florian Keller
Cat No: CPT 163-1 / CPT 163-2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Quotes: Essential purchase for anyone keen to hear quality modern interpretations off the good groove.  Straight No Chaser

Info: On “Party-Keller – Vol. 1” Florian effortlessly manages to combine some of the grand styles in music history: A mixture of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae and Rare Groove. And just like the concept of the Party-Keller regular Munich-based clubnight hosted by Florian – the tunes on this compilation are not chosen because of their rareness (although most of them are…) but just because of what they do to an open-minded person’s heart and legs. Florian Keller always had his focus on the creative Funk period – but never ignored all those influences that matter for quality music. All the roots for all kinds of Club music doubtlessly generated in the late 60s to the early 80s. The drumpatterns, the basslines, the development and growing use of electronic . . . →