Elaste EP 1 – Slow Motion Disco, compiled by DJ Mooner

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste EP 1 – Slow Motion Disco, compiled by DJ Mooner
Cat No: CPT 230-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: This EP is absolute stunning. Can’t wait to hear the whole mix. Love International fits perfect in my sets. Bring it on! DJ Kaos / Damn!… when this stuff was made I wasn’t even born yet!!! Still, it sounds like it could have been made tomorrow… Please do keep nuggets like this coming… Teach!! Edo Salgado / Beautiful collection of groovy glam music. Disco is being for so long the most prolific inspiration on dance music, here it is another essential one…Rui Trintaeum

Info: It’s time for a new style in dance music, I think. Both minimal house and AC/DC riffs over Elektroclash beats make me leave parties. Since two years I slip back in time and get new inspiration from Italy´s 1970′s and 1980′s dance music separated from Italodisco: Afro Cosmic sound, also known as „Balearic“. Here is a preview EP of the forthcoming CD/2×12“ of original . . . →

Compost Black Label Series 1

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Black Label Series Vol. 1
Cat No: CPT 215-2
Format:  CD

Quotes: cause Zeitgeist won’t stop! De:Bug

Info: Releasing the first part of the new Black Label Series in Spring 2005, Compost surprised quite a few people, who never had Compost on their map of clubland. This wasn’t the “typical” Compost sound people related with the Munich based label. This was bleepy, creepy, dark and pumping. Or as Michael Rütten described Black Label 01: “Rough and and ready to rumble”. Or simply just like Tiga said: “Cool!” Compost always had real club tracks on its roster. Remember Move D, Terranova or Procreation (Deetron). With the Black Label, Compost has created an appropriate surrounding. Distinguishable by artwork, colour and sound, it is the perfect imprint to release forward thinking club tracks and sonic experiments. The Black Label is also a platform for fresh new talents (eg. Brahmasonic) as well as for big names (eg. Tyree Cooper Compost will continue to be one of the most . . . →

Freshly Composted – Compost 200

Artist: V.A.
Title: Freshly Composted – Compost 200
Cat No: CPT 200-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Really cool and so „con mucho style“ that you wish back the good ol‘ days of the first ghetto-blaster  De:Bug

Info: Eleven years of releasing quality music resulted in becoming an icon of the independent label scene…..we have to thank great artists like Beanfield, Fauna Flash, Koop, Trüby Trio, Ben Mono, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Felix Laband, General Electrics and all the mind-boggling others who carried the label to it´s glamour with their lovely works, that we are still here and right now celebrating our 200th release! Compost 200 is a delightful overview of what we recently released on 12inch and also a foretaste of the upcoming albums by Alif Tree, Jean-Paul Bondy, Muallem and Ben Mono. Forget the overaged terms like Future Jazz, Downtempo, et cetera. We show you our sound of the 21st century and what we like – including some great mixes by Whignomy Bros., Domu, Justus Köhncke, Laurent Garnier, . . . →

I Like It 2

Artist: V.A.
Title: I Like It – Vol. 2
Cat No: CPT 180-1 / CPT 180-2
Format: 3-LP / CD

Quotes: Remember how your older brother introduced you to the greatest hits of his record collection. Now imagine your older brother being Richard Dorfmeister or Trevor Jackson – Exactly this is happening here. De:Bug / i really like the “i like it” compilation… the idea … and a nice way to listen to your hero’s musical selection Hans-Peter Lindström

Info: I Like it! The second chapter in good music is now on the schedule. After the “first charming and exciting walk through the history of music” (Loop) the next four celebrities and music-connoisseurs open their record collection to present 3 of their most beloved tracks. Again you will find the creme de la creme of 30 years of music, ranging from Indie, Soul, Hip Hop, Ambient, Electro, Jazz to New Wave and Punk – but this time from a different point of view. Bound together by their . . . →

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Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol 10

Artist: V.A.
Title: Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 10
Cat No: CPT 181-1 / CPT 181-2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Quotes: You are at number ten, and you know to expect the unexpected. Compost´s legendary futuristic compilation celebrates ten years of offering something completely different. Alan Brown (Soul Seduction) / A world without Compost – UNTHINKABLE! Maybe you the listener will not accept the `Future` word in the title as easier as others or that other word, `Jazz` sits along side it. Open your mind is all that Michael (Reinboth, CEO) is saying – embrace the age that we live in as well as respect the past. Paul Gamblin (DJ, Black&Blue Radio show) / Just a so extraspheric and brilliant sonic mosaic in tones and tunes: for moments extremely humanoid and ready to be exported to planet X. Crystallic perfect jazz for a film of secret agents and affairs of sensual passion. Helene Ramos Galagarza

Info: Compost Records` legendary compilation series The Future Sounds Of Jazz looks back . . . →

Party-Keller – compiled by Florian Keller

Artist: V.A.
Title: Party-Keller – compiled by Florian Keller
Cat No: CPT 163-1 / CPT 163-2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Quotes: Essential purchase for anyone keen to hear quality modern interpretations off the good groove.  Straight No Chaser

Info: On “Party-Keller – Vol. 1” Florian effortlessly manages to combine some of the grand styles in music history: A mixture of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae and Rare Groove. And just like the concept of the Party-Keller regular Munich-based clubnight hosted by Florian – the tunes on this compilation are not chosen because of their rareness (although most of them are…) but just because of what they do to an open-minded person’s heart and legs. Florian Keller always had his focus on the creative Funk period – but never ignored all those influences that matter for quality music. All the roots for all kinds of Club music doubtlessly generated in the late 60s to the early 80s. The drumpatterns, the basslines, the development and growing use of electronic . . . →

I Like It 1

Artist: V.A.
Title: I Like It – Vol. 1
Cat No: CPT 145-1 / CPT 145-2
Format: 4-LP / CD

Quotes: Buy this Record, If you don’t have a big brother, who shows you his record-collection diamonds. De:Bug

Info: I Like It! Good for you. But who is ‘I’, and what the **** is ‘It. Basically the idea is easy peasy: All ‘4’ love music, but not all music. Namely only music that is worthy of their love. ‘4’ are celebrities and music-connoisseurs not only known to us because of their inimitable characters, but primarily due to their excellent taste of music! These ‘4’ now use ‘I Like It’ to show people what time it is. ‘Cause it’s time to give it all up for good music, no matter what… style! And they like it. Oh yes, they do! They like the cream of the crop, the pick of the bunch ranging from Indie Soul, Hip Hop, Ambient, Electro, Jazz to New Wave and Punk.

With every additional . . . →

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