Future Sounds Of Jazz 11

Artist: V.A.
Title: Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 11
Cat No: CPT 275-1 / CPT 275-2 / CPT 275-3
Format:  2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: A world without Compost – UNTHINKABLE! Maybe you the listener will not accept the `Future` word in the title as easier as others or that other word, `Jazz` sits along side it. Open your mind is all that Michael (Reinboth, CEO) is saying – embrace the age that we live in as well as respect the past. Paul Gamblin (DJ & Black&Blue Radio Show) / Just a so extraspheric and brilliant sonic mosaic in tones and tunes: for moments extremely humanoid and ready to be exported to planet X. Crystallic perfect jazz for a film of secret agents and affairs of sensual passion. Helene Ramos Galagarza

Info: “Call this what you want – but not Jazz. John Coltrane would turn over in his grave,“ some disappointed customer wrote on Amazon about the Future Sounds Of Jazz series, apparently unaware that the term is . . . →

Future Sound Of Jazz 11 EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: Salome (Joash) / Strictly Instrumental (No Theory) / Jake’s Room (Neil Landstrumm)
Cat No: 273-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: We like the the sound of the lost men. some good house stuff to get a party started. and the artwork is great! Marbert Rocel / This is great music, especially Salome by Joash! If this is the future of Jazz than Jazz still is very young. Crowdpleaser / This is an AWESOME EP! Alex Part / No Theory/Neil Landsrtumm i like it very much! this is innovative Jazz…DJ Pippi / I like the neil landstrumm work, was pretty surprised by it! Steffen Bennemann

Info: “Call this what you want – but not Jazz. John Coltrane would turn over in his grave,“ some disappointed customer wrote on Amazon about the Future Sounds Of Jazz series, unaware that the term has become a synonym with the full spectrum of modern sophisticated club music. No matter if the beats are straight or . . . →

Elaste 2 EP compiled by Tom Wieland

Artist: V.A.
Title: Que Tal America (Two Man Sound) / Glückskugel (Panoptikum) / Nepa Dance Dub (Tony Allen)
Cat No: CPT 266-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: Welcome to the 12” teaser of the second Elaste installment on Compost. Selector in charge is Mr. Tom Wieland of Les Gammas, 7Samurai & Panoptikum production fame who digged a little deeper in  his archives to unearth some lost soulful & spacey gems of the European dance underground of the early 80´s.

Compost Black Label Series 2

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Black Label Series Vol. 2
Cat No: CPT 254-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: great ep! will play and chart.  Catz N Dogz / Great Package! Love It This Sound! Kebra / nice, deep stuff Makossa

Info: Two years ago Compost Records was breaking new grounds with the formation of the Black Label Series. The aim was to put Compost back on the dancefloor map and into the cases of the worlds leading international DJs. The formula was easy: less jazz and soul – more disco and tech house. The outcome wasn’t the “typical” Compost sound anymore which people related with the Munich based label. This was bleepy and creepy, dark and pumping! Distinguishable by its artwork, colour and sound, the Black Label Series turned out to be the perfect imprint to release forward thinking club tracks, DJ tools and sonic experiments. To this day there are 18 releases on the Black Label imprint and each 12” is getting mad love round the globe from . . . →

Freshly Composted 2 – Compost 250

Artist: V.A.
Title: Freshly Composted 2 – Compost 250
Cat No: CPT 250-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: I adore the Carl Craig remix! Killer!!! Tiga / Record of the Month (Moodymann Mix)! Raveline / Soil & Pimp Sessions will make u dance to serious jazz! Warrior energy and poet sensibility! This guys are Jedis of jazz music! Eddy Meets Yannah

Info: Silver wedding: Compost Records celebrates it’s 250th release!!! More than 1.700 songs released, in the business for 13 years and still making mad noise! On our 100th jubilee Gilles Peterson said: “With great pleasure I pronounce Compost the most consistent and forward thinking record label of continental Europe.“ Even 150 catalogue numbers later, there is not the faintest reason for doubting this quote. Just take one look at the impressive list of newcomers on Compost in 2006: Nova Dream Sequence, Alif Tree, Marsmobil, Jean-Paul Bondy, Soil & Pimp Session, Muallem, Shahrokh SoundofK. Names you are going to hear from, word! But during the . . . →

Elaste 1

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 1
Cat No: CPT 239-1 / CPT 239-2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: Italy, 1976: In a luxurious discotheque on the Italian Adriatic coast, every weekend two American DJs called Bob and Tom play records that are just making history in their hometown NYC at the legendary „Loft“. Bob and Tom are resident DJs at the „Baia Degli Angeli“, a gigantic club with various floors, fountains, swimming pools and lots of glitz of the Jet set. After the Baia closes due to a drug raid, Daniele Baldelli, inspired by the „Baia Sound“ starts DJing in a new club called „Cosmic“ in Lazise. Not only he´s beat-mixing Funk, Soul and early Disco – Baldelli´s sytle is unique: songs are mixed perfectly in a superslow tempo of 80-105 BPM. Cosmic is like a wild LSD trip: Afro mixed with German electronics, percussion solos, Bolero . . . →

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Party-Keller 2

Artist: V.A.
Title: Party-Keller 2
Cat No: CPT 227-1 / CPT 227-2
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: An interesting and well-mixed compilation. De:Bug / Like stateside contemporaries Theo Parrish, Danny Krivit, and Joe Claussell, Keller challenges his listeners, spinning curious, even cultish records from the past that are still relevant to present-day clubbers. He favors records with rhythms to die for, especially of the funk, fusion, electro, hip-hop, and post-disco varieties. Every one of the 14 tracks on Partykeller is worthy of mention. All Music Guide

Info: Sons And Daughters! Round two. Just kind of – for being another selection of open minded Funk influenced sounds. This compilation was originally planned as another side project and is a collection of music from folks who made independently and wonderful interpretations from more recent years, being influenced by the first wave of Funk and Soul creators, but spanning it a bit wider than just the temporary Neo-Funk scene. To start with breaking the rules immediately – and to start . . . →

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