Compost Ambient Selection

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Ambient Selection – Sleeping Beauty – Compost Relax Works  – compiled by Minus 8
Cat No: CPT 303-2 / CPT 303-3
Format: CD / Download


Info: After one and a half decade and more than 300 releases, Compost Records bundles some of their finest tunes as Various Artists digital download compilation albums. The variety and full spectrum of Compost’s repertoire has never or rarely been presented in form of a musical genre compilation. These releases will be compiled and DJ-mixed by Compost’s artists and are available as digital downloads. “Sleeping Beauty“ is compiled & mixed by Robert Jan Meyer aka Minus 8, which stands for relaxed, moody slow tempo music. His love for ambient music and the very adequate meaning of his name, made him first choice to compile the Compost Ambient Relax Works. Beside Robert’s work as a solo Artist his productions can be heard on V.A. series such as “Glücklich”, “DJ Kicks”, “Hotel Costes“,”Fashion Week“, „Cafe Del Mar…et cetera. In case of this special compilation . . . →

Compost 300 – Freshly Composted 3

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost 300 – Freshly Composted Vol. 3
Cat No: CPT 300-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Supa Crazy Penis Remix … I need this. Peter Kruder / The Crazy Penis mix is real cool. Mr.White / Love the I-cube remix!!! Right up my street. Pete Herbert / Excellent release, Chloé / I love the TJ Kong and Nuno Dos Santos rmx would love to play it! Martin Eyerer

Info: After 14 years and more than 2.000 released tracks it’s happening. Compost is celebrating it’s little jubilee and there’s nothing yet to compare with. 300 catalog numbers and we’re not piping down, get used to it! With this Jubilee-Compilation Compost bursts all stylistic bounds once again and herewith invites you to a trip to Jazz, Soul, House, Techno, from Pop to Cosmic and the other way round! Just Compost! With “Freshly Composted Vol.3” we offer you a wide-ranging overview of the most important Compost releases in the last few months including 3 exclusive, previously unreleased tracks! Catch . . . →

Elaste EP 2

Artist: Shriekback
Title:  My Spine Is The Bassline / Accretions
Cat No: CPT 259-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: After last years success of DJ Mooners critically acclaimed Cosmic Disco compilation we are willing to give you another round of rare 80s underground dance music. This EP is just a tastemaker to the forthcoming Elaste Vol. 2, compiled by two other maniac record nerds outta Munich: Michael Reinboth and Michael Heinkel. On this EP they turn he spotlight on a crazy underestimated band from the early 80s. unjustly forgotten by the majority. Shriekback was one of the most interesting, consistent and progressive UK new wave formations. Overall they released seven albums and dozens of 12inches,  some of them gained cult status. Englands music bible NME described Shriekback’s music in June ’83 as “England’s synthetic synergy with The Talking Heads”. An other accurate comparison was written in The . . . →

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Elaste 2 – compiled by Tom Wieland

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 2 – compiled by Tom Wieland
Cat No: CPT 280-1 / CPT 280-2 / CPT 280-3
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: In the beginning there was… the Munich Music Machine: when Giorgio Moroder entered the US billboard charts in 1977 with Donna Summers erotic epos titled, “I Feel Love”, a new music style was born. A combination of influences from Motown & Philly Soul to German Electronica & Kraut Rock Giorgio Moroder helped shape a new sound, a sound that still can be considered as one of the blueprints for today´s electronic dance music: the bass drum & bass sound with repetitive synthesizer loops as still used in thousands of techno and house productions today.

The new sound of the Munich machine soon became mainstream, “Saturday Night Fever“ was the last call of the kitschy hedonistic Disco before New Wave . . . →

Compost Blacklabel Series 3 – compiled by Jay Shepheard

Artist: V.A.
Title: Compost Blacklabel Series Vol. 3 – compiled by Jay Shepheard
Cat No: CPT293-2 / CPT 293-3
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: The Blacklabel delivers once again! Proper deep and rolling vibes to hypnotize the dancefloor. Jimpster / Real quality house music! Ashley Beedle / A very good and serious challenger for the record of the year… DJ Yellow / It´s proper jacking house! Full support! Sasse / Congratulations… great show! DJ Hell

Info: Three years ago Compost Records was breaking new grounds with the formation of the Blacklabel Series. The aim was to put Compost back on the dancefloor map and into the cases of the worlds leading international DJs. The formula was easy: less jazz and soul – more house and tekky stuff. The outcome wasn’t the “typical” Compost sound anymore which people related with the Munich based label. This was bleepy and creepy, dark and pumping! Distinguishable by its artwork, colour and sound, the Blacklabel Series turned out to be the perfect imprint . . . →

Drumpoet Community 12

Artist : V.A.
Title: Drumpoet Community presents - Drumpoems Verse 1
Cat No: DPC 012-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Congratulation Guys!!!! Love it! and play constantly! Loco Dice / Drumpoetry! Gimme, gimme… Crowdpleaser / Its a big one no doubt – I need this release in my life Will Saul / I’m loving it! Drumpoet is “the shit” from Switzerland… super! DJ Naughty / Congratulations on the Drumpoet Label… jolly good! Todd Terje

Info: Welcome to ‘Drumpoems Verse 1’, a selection of tracks created by Zurich’s Drumpoet Community and compiled by label head-honchos Alex Dallas and Ron Shiller.  Drawing heavily on the Alpine backdrop of their home city and its relaxed vibe, the artists have assembled a selection of exclusive tracks and one-off edits to reflect the rhythm of Zurich and it’s cosmopolitan feel. Coming from the Compost stable and founded in 2005, the Drumpoet Community’s initial aim was to remusicalise the cold and sometimes boring schemes of clubland, bringing sunshine and emotion back to the dancefloor.  Essentially it’s music . . . →

Future Sounds Of Jazz 11

Artist: V.A.
Title: Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 11
Cat No: CPT 275-1 / CPT 275-2 / CPT 275-3
Format:  2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: A world without Compost – UNTHINKABLE! Maybe you the listener will not accept the `Future` word in the title as easier as others or that other word, `Jazz` sits along side it. Open your mind is all that Michael (Reinboth, CEO) is saying – embrace the age that we live in as well as respect the past. Paul Gamblin (DJ & Black&Blue Radio Show) / Just a so extraspheric and brilliant sonic mosaic in tones and tunes: for moments extremely humanoid and ready to be exported to planet X. Crystallic perfect jazz for a film of secret agents and affairs of sensual passion. Helene Ramos Galagarza

Info: “Call this what you want – but not Jazz. John Coltrane would turn over in his grave,“ some disappointed customer wrote on Amazon about the Future Sounds Of Jazz series, apparently unaware that the term is . . . →