Elaste Vol. 4

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 4
Cat No: CPT 439-1/2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Welcome to the fourth chapter of the ELASTE series!

In this compilation I am progressing a style I am inaugurating: Vintage Futurism.
The best metaphor for this genre is Charanjit Singh’s 1982 album Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat in which he created a sound which mirrors, but more importantly pre-dates, the first acid house record by five years. It is no novelty record, but truly capturing the hypnotic potential of acid/house music. It became my key track for Elaste Volume 4.
Previous incarnations of Elaste have aimed to catch the spirit of the late 70’s Italian Cosmic Discotheque, a place where the history of DJing was rewritten within this microcosm. For this latest instalment I was most intrigued by weird of-the-time (or ‘out-of’ as the case turned out to be) electronic disco, a vast genre!
Bringing together those progressive avant-garde tracks that were expanding the genres . . . →

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Elaste 3

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 3
Cat No: CPT 347-1 / CPT 347-2 / CPT347-4
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: The best so far in the elaste-series! Incredibly spellbounding neodisco-grooves with excellent nods towards electro! Superb! Jukka Hannukainen aka DJ Flux / Huge classics!! Love as always Take A Chance! DJ Rocca / I love that oldscool sound! Magda Finally! I’ve been waiting for a new installment of this super compilation series since I got my hands on Elaste Vol. 2 compiled by Tom Wieland. Vol. 3. not only keeps up with the quality of the previous installments but also takes it into another direction. Well done! Bag Of Goodies

Info: Three years has gone by since the last Elaste compilation. In this time the virus of cosmic disco (or afrofunky as they say in Italy) has spread round the place – giving me lots of good feedback and fan-letters. Thank you! I have spent these three years looking for more avantgardistic, galactic sounding disco, proto-techno, electronic new wave, and cheesy slow motion pop… and I . . . →

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Elaste EP 2

Artist: Shriekback
Title:  My Spine Is The Bassline / Accretions
Cat No: CPT 259-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: After last years success of DJ Mooners critically acclaimed Cosmic Disco compilation we are willing to give you another round of rare 80s underground dance music. This EP is just a tastemaker to the forthcoming Elaste Vol. 2, compiled by two other maniac record nerds outta Munich: Michael Reinboth and Michael Heinkel. On this EP they turn he spotlight on a crazy underestimated band from the early 80s. unjustly forgotten by the majority. Shriekback was one of the most interesting, consistent and progressive UK new wave formations. Overall they released seven albums and dozens of 12inches,  some of them gained cult status. Englands music bible NME described Shriekback’s music in June ’83 as “England’s synthetic synergy with The Talking Heads”. An other accurate comparison was written in The . . . →

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Elaste 2 – compiled by Tom Wieland

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 2 – compiled by Tom Wieland
Cat No: CPT 280-1 / CPT 280-2 / CPT 280-3
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: In the beginning there was… the Munich Music Machine: when Giorgio Moroder entered the US billboard charts in 1977 with Donna Summers erotic epos titled, “I Feel Love”, a new music style was born. A combination of influences from Motown & Philly Soul to German Electronica & Kraut Rock Giorgio Moroder helped shape a new sound, a sound that still can be considered as one of the blueprints for today´s electronic dance music: the bass drum & bass sound with repetitive synthesizer loops as still used in thousands of techno and house productions today.

The new sound of the Munich machine soon became mainstream, “Saturday Night Fever“ was the last call of the kitschy hedonistic Disco before New Wave . . . →

Elaste 2 EP compiled by Tom Wieland

Artist: V.A.
Title: Que Tal America (Two Man Sound) / Glückskugel (Panoptikum) / Nepa Dance Dub (Tony Allen)
Cat No: CPT 266-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: Welcome to the 12” teaser of the second Elaste installment on Compost. Selector in charge is Mr. Tom Wieland of Les Gammas, 7Samurai & Panoptikum production fame who digged a little deeper in  his archives to unearth some lost soulful & spacey gems of the European dance underground of the early 80´s.

Elaste 1

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste Vol. 1
Cat No: CPT 239-1 / CPT 239-2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Quotes: Viva Elaste!! Gomma / I love it. Erobique / what a pleasure! Greg Wilson / love it !! Dr. Motte

Info: Italy, 1976: In a luxurious discotheque on the Italian Adriatic coast, every weekend two American DJs called Bob and Tom play records that are just making history in their hometown NYC at the legendary „Loft“. Bob and Tom are resident DJs at the „Baia Degli Angeli“, a gigantic club with various floors, fountains, swimming pools and lots of glitz of the Jet set. After the Baia closes due to a drug raid, Daniele Baldelli, inspired by the „Baia Sound“ starts DJing in a new club called „Cosmic“ in Lazise. Not only he´s beat-mixing Funk, Soul and early Disco – Baldelli´s sytle is unique: songs are mixed perfectly in a superslow tempo of 80-105 BPM. Cosmic is like a wild LSD trip: Afro mixed with German electronics, percussion solos, Bolero . . . →

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Elaste EP 1 – Slow Motion Disco, compiled by DJ Mooner

Artist: V.A.
Title: Elaste EP 1 – Slow Motion Disco, compiled by DJ Mooner
Cat No: CPT 230-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: This EP is absolute stunning. Can’t wait to hear the whole mix. Love International fits perfect in my sets. Bring it on! DJ Kaos / Damn!… when this stuff was made I wasn’t even born yet!!! Still, it sounds like it could have been made tomorrow… Please do keep nuggets like this coming… Teach!! Edo Salgado / Beautiful collection of groovy glam music. Disco is being for so long the most prolific inspiration on dance music, here it is another essential one…Rui Trintaeum

Info: It’s time for a new style in dance music, I think. Both minimal house and AC/DC riffs over Elektroclash beats make me leave parties. Since two years I slip back in time and get new inspiration from Italy´s 1970′s and 1980′s dance music separated from Italodisco: Afro Cosmic sound, also known as „Balearic“. Here is a preview EP of the forthcoming CD/2×12“ of original . . . →