Worldless People



Worldless Productions are the producer-team Wolfgang Rüter, Lars Behrenroth and Ralph Boege from Hamburg. From there they launch their projects as for example Worldless People, a co-operation with DJ Daniel Magg from Constance, Germany. 26-year-old Daniel is DJ for about ten years now and for the past 3 years resident DJ at the Club Metro in Friedrichshafen, which is right next to the wonderful lake “Bodensee”. He mainly plays house music, but he always includes some of the latest leftfield off-beat tracks in his DJ-Sets.
One track of the 12” also features a co-operation with Hamburg based DJ and producer Lars “LB” Behrenroth of BOC-Productions, a friend of Daniel Magg; there are already further projects planned with him, as well as with other DJs and producers.

Musically, Worldless People are basically influenced by genres like House, Off-Beat, Jazz, Funk & Soul, which can partly be heard on this 12”. Due to Wolfgang’s fundamental musical education and Daniel’s club-experience, the tracks work at home and on the dancefloor.