WEI –CHI is Raoul Walton´s vision of a new approach to urban soulful Computer Jazz” as he so lovingly calls the mixture of classic modal jazz with pop and techno elements, mixed thru the blender of high-power programmers and remixers with vocals by Merit Ostermann. If you turn the page you can check Raouls musical history and you´ll see that this man is more than far from being unproductive and in fact has always been busy as hell being among the most  important session musicians of Germany!!!

Raoul, a musician who has studied with legendaries such as  Barry Harris, writes songs the “classical” way, on a piano and with pen and paper. Arranged in a way that could be played by a traditional three-piece combo, with sequenced parts and a bunch of top producers weaving it for the clubs. This unique way of working created a sound is undeniably Wei-Chi !