TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos


TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos
Two generations of electronic dance music. A duo, yet both individuals. Their wide interest in music is the interface that brought them together. Highly inspired by each other, TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos follow their path with timeless tracks cutting a deep housy edge. While aiming at the dance floor TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos graze along the warm house/Detroit sound as well as the more dubby side of the musical spectrum. In November 2006 TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos released their first EP on the German label Compost. This remake of the Robert Armani classic “Circus Bells” became Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune on BBC radio and was praised by dj’s as diverse as Laurent Garnier, Peter Kruder, Sasse and King Britt. The great follow-up ‘Merging’, featuring legendary house vocalist Robert Owens, is scheduled for November 2007. Merging will also feature on Robert Owen’s upcoming album ‘Night Stories’. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos’ debut album is planned for 2008.

TJ Kong (aka Max 404)
TJ Kong is the alias of Dutch dance producer Erwin van Moll, better known as Max 404. Since 1992 he has released internationally acclaimed records on labels such as Eevo Lute, DJAX, United, Tom Middleton’s Universal Language, Lucid (label of the Amsterdam club Mazzo), Mo’ Wax and S.S.R. (Freezone). With over 35 releases and appearances Max 404 hits the scene for over one and a half decade. The Max 404 productions are as musically diverse as his own musical taste. He blends elements of house, breakbeats, dub, techno, disco and ambient music in an organic, unique sound. Max 404 remixed David Holmes, Kirk Degiorgio, Gerd (Sensurreal), Terrace (Acid junkies), Sonar Lodge and Rei Harakami. The influential U.K. mag Muzik after choosing his 1995 debut CD album ‘Love & Mathematics’ as Album of the Month: “This impossibly beautiful album offers 14 slices of emotive excellence”. The album is considered one of the peaks of European’s techno romantic wave. In 2003 a wave of new productions from Max 404. He recorded ‘Dirty Disco, vol.1’ for the ultra-hip ‘Eskimo’-label and did a 12” with fellow Eindhoven-based producer Sonar Lodge called ‘Celsius’, which included a remix by Domu. Max 404 started a new production duo Clashing Egos (together with his musical partner Jan Vanderlest, with whom he composed & produced records like ‘Warm – It’s in the music’, a summer hit in 2001 featuring U.K. singer Kirsty Hawkshaw and in 2003 the critically acclaimed ‘Jean Winner – Funky feet’ single on Eskimo. Their first Clashing Egos 12” ‘Love is the Word’ was released April 2003 on the Belgian label L.E.A. May 2004 their well-received debut album ‘Rubicon’ was released. A follow-up is planned for 2008. Max 404 is known for his beautifully crafted timbres and cadences and embraced by many for his passion, musicality and ability to blend diverse styles like house, garage, techno, disco, breaks and offbeats into an exciting yet accessible mixture.
With international live shows from Japan to London with live electronics or live band, Max 404 ensured international admiration yet again. The recent reblooming electronic music environment and the chemistry with Nuno dos Santos made Max 404 to making dance again. From here on he goes by the name of TJ Kong to clinch this matter.

Nuno dos Santos
From the new Dutch electronic music scene.
A dj, producer and graphic designer in optima forma. Releases on both Compost, Dirt Crew Recordings and Manual Music. Man behind the 360 nights at club 11, Amsterdam. With Patrice Bäumel. Founder of concept and design agency Kollektiv. Dos Santos’ passion for music and different styles keeps him going with subtlety and melancholy as foundation. Depth, dub, lowness, minimalism, tension and emotion. His sets vary from (deep)house to minimal & techno.