The Nova Dream Sequence



In the late 70′s my friend played me an amazing album that his sister bought him in Germany. It was Kraftwerk. This changed my life forever. The sounds and sonics just took my little ears into outerspace. From then on, I started to seek out the electronic sound.

This journey took me to groups from all over the world. From London’s Depeche Mode to Belgium’s Trisome21 to Germany’s Stockhausen onto America’s Laurie Anderson sonic experiments. As I got deeper into these various bands, I started to gravitate toward groups that were more dance oriented. In 1985 I read an article in which Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk both ventured to Detroit, because they were fans of these cats Derrick May and Juan Atkins.

I checked out Juan Atkins and Derrick May’s No UFOs and soon to come Strings of Life. Needless to say, I was blown away! They were right here in the USA, my age and black! So I started collecting keyboards. Creating music with electronics.

Since that moment, I always wanted to do an instrumental techno album. The weird thing is I have done everything but. This journey finally lead me to making The Nova Dream Sequence. It is a series of songs that are interpretations of my dreams. Combining my love for Detroit, Philly and Europe, you will hear all of my influences. Groups like Jacobs Optical Stairway, 69 and 808 State (with Gerald) have really made an impact on my creative pallette.

So my “Interpretation” album was so much fun to make. Keeping the sensuality and sexiness I am known for and combining the aggressiveness of techno, this album brings the ‘SexyTech’ sound to you.

So start dreaming and enjoy the ride.
King Britt