Siri Svegler



Siri Svegler knows how to captivate the whole world with her charm. Her easiness, a proper sense of romance, Siri ́s lightly broken voice between soul and pop, made her to a little star. “Nowadays, people enjoy these voices, which own a timbre, located between clearly defined genres, because it reflects the internal insecurity of people.” – that ́s what the german newspaper Süddeutsche (SZ) wrote about Siri Svegler and some of her pop-soul collegues. Her debut album “Silent Viewer” (Compost) disposed of those barriers between contemporary pop and soul, a light breeze of folk and jazz in the music gave it the rest.
Anyway, her music is not just pure indie, pop or the sound highlighted as Sweden soul. When she grabs the acoustic guitar and starts singing at the latest, the world is amazed and in a good mood. Siri somehow has a certain sense, if you take a look at her lyrics, the sense for the beautiful incidental, something that can ́t be discovered or owned by anybody, which she also took as content for her theme song “Silent Viewer”. The native-born Swede with residence in Berlin has already proven that certain (subtle) something as actress in Hollywood blockbuster productions, by the way.
Who ever has seen her live performances, knows, which exceptional charm and charism she spreads. It makes no difference, if she plays with Seal (her patron at the VW Soundfoundation) or with DJs in hip underground clubs, Siri fascinates everywhere.

Siri Svegler live :
Siri Svegler: vocals, guitar Patrick Frankowski (u.a. Jimi Tenor): bass, bells, harmonium Stefan Machalitzky (u.a. Herbie Hancock, The Temptations): guitar, bass Frank White (u.a. Mocky, Brothers Keepers): keyboards Stefanie John : cello



Siri Svegler