Rey & Kjavik




Superb slow-mo house 2-tracker with a delicate deep summer vibe – lush and airy all over. Following up the
highly acclaimed Rey & Kjavik 12“ Black Label #86. Pure aesthetics!

Rey & Kjavik is the brainchild of Magnús Rey and Ísak Kjavik.
Two guys from the middle of fuckin’ nowhere, which choose to stay anonymous. The secret of a fluke
brought this two individual underground producer together. If you catch these crazy guys live, they let you be
hooked on their musical dopeness.
Watch out for the Rey & Kjavik EP´s on Kindisch (sublabel of Get Physical) and Compost Black Label, both
out now. A Nu- Disco remix for Storms Time To Burn on Ministry Of Sound UK, a Soundealers Remix on
King Street Sounds (New York) and their famous edits for Gotye, Tyga & Yazoo. More EP´s out soon on
Compost Black Label and King Street Sounds.
Keep the music in fore. Home is where the heart is beating.

Quotes about Compost Black Label #86:

Superbe release!! All my support, loved the mood here. / Agoria
Excellent. Love the production. / Abe Duque
Listen is the one for me! / Ewan Pearson
Very nice stuff!!! || Kasper Bjørke
Strong release, can´t wait to play it out. / Ben Mono
Listen is my pick. love it. / Karotte
Quirky and funky, just as Kraak and Smaak likes it! / Kraak & Smaak
nice release! All Alone is the one for me. / Jimpster
All alone is top tune ! Nice release all together… / Richard Dorfmeister
These guys releasing a lot of great stuff these days!!! / Phonique