Michael “Soulpatrol” Ruetten



The Soulpatrol Radioshow

Eclectic Gilles Peterson pretty much contributed to the status of non-commerical Frankfurt-based Radio X as German nodal point in the worldwide web. And they do deserve this praise, as can be heard every Thursday 8pm till 10pm when Michael Rütten invites to „The Soulpatrol Radioshow“ which had been referred to as „7200 sec. Freistil“ over four years ago. Ever since then „Soulpatrol“ has come a long way, quickly achieving a popularity all over the world and has succeeded in living up to the expectations of cencorious listeners. International DJs and producers of high rank are to be heard on a regular basis in an exclusive guest mixset : Jazzanova, Kruder & Dorfmeister, 4 Hero, Cinematic Orchestra, Rainer Trüby, King Britt, High Contrast, Earl Zinger, Bigga Brush of Rocker´s Hifi, Michael Reinboth, Thievery Corporation, Attica Blues, London Elektricity, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Pressure Drop, Nuspirit Helsinki, Kemistry & Storm, Patrick Forge or Terranova have all been to Michael`s radioshow among others.

Which is bullet-proof of no boundaries in the music selection , no genre-thinking. Diversity of style is the rallying cry, keeping it `soulpatrolful`. Be it classic Jazz, Soul or Funk, Hi-Tech Jazz to Drum& Bass, Downbeat and Offbeat till Beatbox, there ain´t no (musical) mountain high enough not to be reached by Michael Rütten and colleagues. People out of the Radio X catchment area and even many listeners in countries abroad are quite hot on „the Soulpatrol Radioshow“. So far one´s been able checking the show live via the link www.radiox.de/live or at 101.4fm. But as despite of these wired times there are people with no internet connection, Frankfurt-based friends of theirs had to have the Soulpatrol show taped. Soon these problems will be of the past as „The Soulpatrol Radioshow“ will be broadcast over radio stations in Istanbul –namely Radio Oxigen- and Portugal. Additionally Michael`s Inflight Entertainment Compost Show for Delta-Airlines Radio , SOULPATROL FLY SELECTION, will –literally- go on air for the very first time in May/June 2003 : Selected freestyle high in the sky, around the globe.

This is and will not be the only cooperation with Compost Records, pioneering German label of open-minded music based on mastermind Michael Reinboth. Michael Rütten had joined the Compost team in spring/summer of 2002 for an enticing and large tour through European clubs, promoting the 8th „Future Sound Of Jazz“ compilation. First track on the 8th volume of this wonderful series had been given birth to by the producer duo Soulpatrol which are in fact Michael Rütten and Soulspy aka Max Schneider. Watch out for their first album which will be released on Compost in 2004. Soulpatrol have manifested their good reputation with a number of superb releases of their own. Especially with the „Love EP 1“ on Infracom which had gone straight to the peak of German Club Charts DCC. Michael won´t turn his back on German freestyle label Infracom at all which he had compiled Volume 4 – 7 of the „Tribes (Of Da Undaground) / Soulsearching“ sampler for. There will still be remixes made such as the one for Cleveland Watkiss` „Torch Of Freedom“.

Soulpatrol have great production skills from which numerous collaborations with G-Stone, Schema, Spinning Wheel or Beau Monde can tell. Tracks such as „Release your mind“, „Love Variations“, „Future Sounds – Theme“ and remixes for Peter Kruder´s Peace Orchestra, The Dining Rooms from Milan or Tweet`s non-released bootleg „Ooops“ show the pretension of Michael´s own as well as Dj- and radioshow-selected music. These days Max Schneider and Michael Rütten are working on their debut album and on remixes for Ennio Morricone, Slope from Sonar Kollektiv and Fenetik`s Sidewinder. They´ve contributed to the Nippon Connection compilation with „Subway Episodes“. No miracle the British press is appointing Michael „the German Gilles Peterson“ considering his journalist background writing for „Jazzthing“ and „Groove Magazin“.His Dj-Charts, reviews and features have been and still are of enormous influence for the scene.

As for Dj-sets, whereas „Soulpatrol Sessions“ in Frankfurt have gotten rare, Michael is quite busy spinning throughout Europe. In December 2002 his residency „Expensions“ started off in his favourite club, Trintaeum in Porto/Portugal. Invitations from Helsinki, Milan, Cologne, Cannes, Gent or Istanbul, Sets at Trüby`s „Rootdown“, the „G-Stone Sessions“ of Vienna or Gilles Peterson`s „That´s How It Is“ of London are regularly.


First musical experience: recording radioshows at the age of 6…listening to Beatles, Elvis Presley, Otis Redding and the record collection of my mother.

First dj-experiences: djing at my parents & friends parties at the age of 12 then listening to Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Santana, Doors, Isaac Hayes, Harold Melvin, O Jays, Marvin Gaye…. and later on visiting Soul/Funk clubs. Got finally caught by the Jazz & Soul thing, in the late 80s with the upcoming Acid Jazz movement and albums like Soul II Soul`s „Club Classics vol. 1“, Young Disciple`s “Road To Freedom” or Pharoah Sander`s „You´ve Got To Have Freedom“!

Releases : Compiling…
•”Tribes Of Da Undaground Vol. 4-strings & bass & things” (infracom 11/98)
•„Tribes Of Da Undaground Vol. 5 – the vocals & instrumentals“ (infracom 11/99)
•”Tribes Vol. 6 – Soulsearching” (infracom 02/01)
•”Tribes vol. 7 – Soulsearching 2″ (infracom 06/02)
• a md-infracom compilation for Japan (00)
• Michael Rütten spins the infracom masters (mix-cd for shadow records New York/USA/2001)
…in the pipeline: Soulsearching 3 for compost records…
• an exclusive mix for Gilles Peterson World:Wide radioshow July 2001 plus several mixes for
radioshows worldwide plus music for several trend- and fashionshows since 1993.
Own productions as Soulpatrol ……
1996 „Slo Groove-deep mix„ exclusive to Tribes Of Da Undaground Vol. 2 (infracom)
…and featured on many compilations…
1997 „Musica„ exclusive to Tribes Of Da Undaground Vol. 3 (infracom)
1997 Soul patrol EP feat. „Slow Groove & Musica“ (beau monde)
2000 „Release Your Mind“ for Club Bogaloo compilation (spinning wheel)
2000 „Love Variations pt.1“ for „Tribes Vol. 6-Soul searching“ (infracom)
2001 „Love ep 1“ (infracom) with rmxs by Charlie Dark & Fellmann & Louise
2001 “Theme-Future Sounds version” for Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 8 (compost cpt 102)
Soulpatrol Remixes/Variations…..
2002 Peace Orchestra “Henry-Soulpatrol remix” (g-stone) release June 02
2002 Tweet „Oops-Sexual Healing bootleg„ (unreleased)
2002 Cleveland Watkiss „Torch Of Freedom – Soulpatrol variations“ (infracom) October 02
2002 The Dining Rooms „La Citta Nuda – Soulpatrol`s Afrolicious remix„ (schema) spring 03
2002 The Dining Rooms / Soulpatrol „Visione„ (Schema album track) February 03
2003 Soulpatrol „Subway Episodes„ (poets club records/Nippon connection)
2003 Slope „Find Our Love„ remix (sonar kollektiv)
2003 Ennio Morricone „La Donna Invisibile„ remix (compost)
…debut album for compost records in 2004….remix for Sidewinder (Fenetik)…

Quotes :
Frankfurts Michael Rütten is quickly becoming one of the most respected German jazz figures around and you´ll soon know why. He´s just compiled and mixed an Infracom Records compilation for the American market, finished
a techno jazz remix for Kruder`s Peace Orchestra and will be signing an album deal with Compost for 2003. Damn. Don´t forget Mr. Rüttens cutting edge “Soulpatrol Radioshow”, soon syndicated in Portugal. Watch out GP.”
(Straight No Chaser/winter 2001)

With the sound of Soulpatrol…., one can say MUSIC IS THE HEALING FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE.“
- Jazz legend Albert Ayler „Jazz is the teacher. soul searching music. all across the boards“. – Michael Rütten