Manuel Tur



Born and raised in the city of Essen/Germany – synonymous with urban boredom – Manuel is fascinated by electronic music and synthic sound creation at an early age and gets into DJing and producing his own music. Influenced by various style heads such as Ian Pooley, Sébastien Léger or Swag he continuously evolves his production skills and his experiences creating a versatile sound with combinations of tech, deep & funky house.
As a result Manuel releases his Debut EP “Caissa/Italo Fake” at the age of 16 on London-based label MadaMusic followed by projects with Sébastien Léger’s label Bits Music, Brickhouse Rec. from Germany or french Dynamic Recordings as well as his big release “Your Love” on Sweden’s Refune label under his “Arcade Mode” guise.
For 2006 the now 20 year old youngster has set various new releases and remixes for labels including Opaque Music, Florida-based Agave Records and his very own new imprint Smokestack Recordings, so watch out for this up & coming producer.

Discography (selected)

2011 Manuel Tur – Most Of This Moment (Freerange)
2010 Manuel Tur – Agrafena (Mild Pitch)
Manuel Tur – Beasts & The Birds (Delusions Of Grandeur)
2009 Manuel Tur – Will Be Mine (Freerange)
Manuel Tur – Golden Complextion (Freerange)
Manuel Tur – 0201 – LP (Freerange)
2008 Manuel Tur & Dplay – Deviate (Drumpoet Community)
Manuel Tur – Vabanque (Freerange)
2007 Manuel Tur – Acorado (Freerange)
Manuel Tur & Dplay – Portamento (Freerange)
Manuel Tur & Dplay – Rest Your Senses ( Drumpoet Community)
Manuel Tur & Dplay – Clock Shift EP (Compost Black Label)
2004 Manuel Tur – Gran Turismo (Cyclik)
2003 Manuel Tur – Bad Habits EP (Bits Music)
2002 Manuel Tur – Caissa / Italo Fake (Mada Music)

Remixography (selected)

2010 Shaboom – Totally (Shaboom Records)
Azari & III – Reckless (With Your Love) (Permanent Vacation)
Tim Toh – No Trace (Ornaments Music)
Solomun – Cloud Dancer (Diynamic)
2009 Langenberg – Times (Mild Pitch)
Ian Pooley – The Hippest Hip (Pooledmusic)
Dplay – Browse / Ribn Remix (Drumpoet Community)
2008 Kiloo & Phonique – The Passion / Manuel Tur & Dplay Remix (Ladies & Gentlemen)
Jay Shepheard – Pipes ‘N Sneakers / Manuel Tur & Dplay Remix (Compost Black Label)
Motorcitysoul – Hatohay / Manuel Tur & Dplay Remix (Simple)
Skylark – Too Much Information (Saved)
D’Julz – Sulo (Dessous Recordings)
The Timewriter – Handsome Machine (Plastic City)
Nick Holder – Time (NRK)
Moguai – Kick Out The Jams (iO Music)
Random Factor – Knockabout (2020Vision)
Tomoki & Nono – 3 Years (Four:Twenty)
Milton Jackson & Sei A – Jinzou (Urbantorque)
2007 And If feat. Alison Limerick – Lead You To Heaven (Rebirth)