The Johnwaynes path, a Portuguese duo connected to the electronic music, has been made of crossroads. Crossroads of styles, twisting between the acid house, the full-on orchestra, the disco funk and boogie and crossroads of nationalities, once their job have been appreciated and released in stops around the world. By invitation from the pop band Loto, in 2005 they get together to remix one of their tracks – Celebrate – and since then the boys haven’t stopped, always working under the same principle “produce, promote and play music with body and soul”.

In 2006, they sign with the Portuguese label Bloop:Rec and the first E.P. – Violeta – is released in May 2007. This release is accompanied by another original from the duo – Stand Alone – and a remix from the North American Lance Di Sardi (a.k.a Landshark). Yet in 2007, comes up the invitation to release another record. “Retoutch” with remixes by Llorca, David Duriez and Alex Parson made the British journalist refer them as “tecnotronic stylish house groves”, music to listen and dance.

Already in 2008, the adventure continues in Germanic lands to release by the prestige Compost Records through its sub-label Compost Black Label. The E.P. “Muzzle” stars the famous North American singer Hubert Tubbs and became an icon of this project. The best international artists refer the number 32 of the German label an “excellent work from a duo that you can’t lose sight of ”.  The “Seaside” E.P. (Compost Black Label #38), is equally recognized as one of the best releases of the last times, been only overstepped in the charts by the vibrating “Libertango” (Compost Black Label #47). This last one with a music video full of memories of the profound Argentina, origin of Tango and Astor Piazzola, composer of the original Libertango. Since then they are known as the boys that revolutionized the Libertango, music that reach the number 2 in the National Radio Antena 3 and deserved airplay on MTV Portugal.

After Germany follows the UK and is through Dissident Records, property of Andy Blake, that they release a one side maxi single, exclusively for vinyl collectors and limited to 200 copies (12”) worldwide.

2010 starts on the right foot, with several releases in prestige labels such as the Japanese Mule Musiq and Endless Flight, Groovement or the newest Sui Generiz, the Waynes keep on pushing to the top. In March 2010 they release the E.P. What is All About, recorded for Optimus Discos, where they keep the heart in the dance floor but explore the “emotional” dimension of five songs, sung by international voices. Siri Svegler, Yannah, Stee Downes and Lady Bird that also wrote the lyrics, helped the Portuguese duo to enrich their journeys of “colours, textures and sensations”.

The essence of the Waynes is made of spices and different flavours where they reveal their influences, passions and desires. When they act, whether in live or live/dj, they translate everything that goes in their soul, head and veins, in a vibrant, harmonious and coherent way. Their sets are universes of possibilities where the style barriers are constantly exceed and their catching energy is assured without taking the feet from the dance floor.